Facial feminization surgery


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Excellence in Facial Gender Surgery

After a decade in FFS Surgery and more than 1300 patients of all gender identities, our multidisciplinary team of facial feminisation experts–FFS surgeons  specialising in facial gender confirmation– offer highly predictable results. Our fFacial gender harmonization procedures are adapted to be as aggressive or subtle as required, while always staying within realistic and safe parameters.

Our priority is the continued development of the field of facial feminization surgery:

  • Iinnovating new surgical instruments and technologies for FFS surgery,
  • Ccollaborating on international scientific research and investigation and
  • Ttraining and& education for the next generation in the field of feminizing surgery.

Regardless of gender identity, our goal is for predictable, natural results for your most feminine look–without visible scars.

Facial feminization surgery or FFS is most frequently sought by TNBI individuals who identify as trans-feminine and wish to undergo a male to female medical transition. Many of these facial feminization patients affirm that it was an essential part of their transition, impacting their relationship with the outside world and with themselves, as you may view in the nearly 100 FFS Surgery video testimonials on our channel.

The goal of face feminization surgery is to “subtract” some of the masculinity from certain features, revealing the more feminine version that existed before the hormonal changes of puberty. Facial gender surgery accomplishes this by altering bony and soft tissue.

Examples of the feminising FFS procedures offered are forehead reconstruction, jaw reduction, chinplasty, upper lip lift, tracheal shave (thyroid cartilage reduction or Aadam’ s apple reduction), facial features harmonisation, forehead- nose transition, and cheek augmentation via facial lipofeminization (FLF or a type of fat grafting), rhinoplasty, and others. The specific surgeries recommended by the facial feminization surgeons will depend on each person’s unique facial harmony and needs. Remember, a face can be read as feminine even while having some typically masculine features, and many patients who seek FFS surgery prefer a more conservative approach.

Notes on facial feminization sSurgical pProceduress Notes: Hairline advancement (aka hairline lowering or scalp advancement for a shorter forehead) is only recommended in very specific cases, although feminization of the shape of the hairline can dramatically enhance the results of FFS surgery; this can be done with hair transplants, as in a forehead and orbital reconstruction via coronal approach with simultaneous hair transplants.. Also, our FFS surgeonswe do not normally employ chin implants. Soft tissue work, such as a neck lift, may or may not be performed simultaneously with FFS, depending on the surgical plan and the individual.

It is important to realize that the facial feminisation process beings long before a patient enters the operating room. Although clinical in nature, it is a journey that begins in the heart and mind when a person first considers face feminization surgery as a way to restore harmony between their outward appearance and their essential self.


Patient testimonials of face feminization surgery

Today’s best facial feminization surgeons are as artistic in their approach as they are scientific. The analysis that goes into developing the optimal plan for facial feminisation surgery is a critical part of the consultation and orientation process. The goal is to discuss the patient’s needs and expectations, provide a realistic assessment and detailed plan, and ensure that the patient feels completely comfortable with the entire process.

The hundreds of photos as well as, written and video -testimonials of from people who have experienced the FFS sSurgery process with FACIALTEAM are proof of the superior level of quality and the positive patient experience we provided. After ten years specializing in the field of facial gender confirmation, our FFS surgeons have earned a reputation for excellence in facial feminization results as well as the holistic services by a caring team at every step, before and after facial feminisation surgery.


How I chose the best FFS surgeons for me

How I chose the best FFS surgeons for me

November 15, 2019

“Hello, it’s me.”  That translates from the Spanish:  "Hola Soy Yo," the title of my personal blog.  I’m Franches, a former FACIALTEAM patient.  This is the second post of the guest column in which I am sharing my personal FFS journey. In this intimate edition, I explain how I decided upon who were the best FFS surgeons for me. In November of 2015, when I started hormone replacement therapy (HRT), I made an agreement with myself to look for ways to soften my face. In the first few months of 2016

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What comes first? An Adam’s apple reduction or voice feminization surgery?

October 30, 2019

Facial feminization patients often ask how long is best to wait to have voice feminization surgery after a trachea shave (also known as  Adam’s apple reduction surgery), and vice versa. Here, our experts give advice on the time to wait and the recommended sequence of these surgeries.   What should come first? The voice feminization surgery or the trachea shave? FACIALTEAM and Yeson Voice Center, as part of the TransHealth Initiative, have joined to establish a protocol and mutual philosophy

Top 3 criteria for my facial gender transition

Top 3 criteria for my facial gender transition

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“Hello, it’s me.”  That’s actually the name of my blog, only in Spanish:  Hola Soy Yo.  I’m Franches, a  FACIALTEAM patient.  In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing my personal FFS journey with you in this guest column. From the very beginning of course, discussing the primary criteria for my own facial gender transition. Deciding to go through surgery, especially the first surgery, was a difficult process for me. A good facial gender transition was the ultimate objective. However, the decision on

Training FFS Surgeons in facial gender at leading medical conference

Training FFS Surgeons in facial gender at leading medical conference

September 27, 2019

Training FFS Surgeons The key to moving forward in training FFS surgeons is in the slogan of the 88th annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS): #educate #collaborate #innovate For these same reasons, Dr. Capitán was honored to form part of the international faculty at this year's annual meeting of the ASPS in San Diego. As a professor involved in training FFS surgeons, he represented FACIALTEAM's passion to pioneer the field to an exclusive group of surgical residents as