Experts in Facial Feminization Surgery
Your Revelation Journey.
Facialteam's FFS patient Lea T posing to show the results after her facial feminization surgery redoing
Your Revelation Journey
Revealing Stories
Facial Feminization Surgery patient Corey Kempster smiling during a photoshoot for Facialteam after her FFS Surgery.
Facialteam's patient Lola Corona posing to show the results after her facial feminization surgery

Experts in Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

Facialteam’s philosophy on Facial Feminization Surgery is based on precision, predictability and natural results that reflect the most feminine version of you — without visible scars. The goal is to eliminate, to the utmost, the masculinizing changes that occur to the facial bones during puberty.

Each face is unique. Therefore, each procedure is personalized in order to achieve the maximum in feminine contours in your case. Facial gender-affirming surgery is not just employing the correct FFS techniques; it is analyzing facial harmony within the frame of gender traits and how specific facial features will affect your overall look.

We prioritize your safety, goals and satisfaction, which is why communication is key to our patient-clinic relationships. Also, it is why the development of FFS techniques and methods is a central pillar of our practice.

Our multidisciplinary approach to FFS trans patient care and services reflects the team’s commitment to you. With total respect for your gender identity, our detail-oriented care protocol attends specifically to your emotional and physical needs during the FFS process.

Facial feminization surgery

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Your Journey

Transitioning is an ongoing journey made more complex if surgery is involved. That’s why we have a total care approach to your FFS experience. We support you at each step because your health and well-being matter too. 

For this reason, our comprehensive care streamlines your FFS process with attention to detail at each stage: before, during and after surgery. We help with many aspects of your medical transition so you’ll have more time to focus on your personal facial feminization process without the worry of finding a relaxing place for recovery or do-it-yourself post-op care. 

You have likely asked yourself, “How do I find the right FFS surgeon? How should I prepare for my FFS Surgery? What happens after I get back home after surgery?”  We’ve gathered all information you need in a Facial Feminization roadmap, to understand what is involved in Your Journey with Facialteam.

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Facial Feminization Procedures

The procedures offered by our team aim to reduce salient masculine features to give your face a naturally feminine appearance. The outcomes achieved through FFS makes it an excellent choice for MTF members of the ffs trans community.

We personalize our recommendations for each person. Individualization includes getting to know surgeons, creating a plan to realize your goals and understanding your unique facial structure.

Understanding existing procedures and deciding what is right for you can be daunting. On our procedure pages we explain in detail which are the feminization procedures we can recommend, what their objectives are and what surgery consists of.

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Your Journey path

About us

Our Expertise

To date, our surgeons have performed over 6500 procedures on more than 2000 patients seeking facial feminization surgery. Since our first procedure in 2008 we have been improving our techniques, pioneering new technologies and developing our own state-of-the-art methods.

The quest for excellence has transformed Facialteam into a leading practice for facial gender-affirming care. We are a multifaceted team with one passion: to deliver the lasting, natural results you desire.

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Facialteam surgeon doctor Raul Bailon during FFS Surgery performing surgery on a MTF transgender patient to feminize the facial features.

Our Team

Facialteam’s exemplary patient care systems set the highest of standards for surgical clinics of any sector. Every member of staff serves an important role in the team approach to supporting you in the FFS process.

We are proud to offer the most feminizing results possible and VIP-style care thanks to our world-class professionals. Rest and recuperate with our team of dedicated FFS experts who put you, the patient, first.

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The entire team of Facialteam posing for a group photo, the team counts over 50 facial feminization surgery specialists.

Facialteam Marbella

Facialteam’s high quality service is thanks to the collaboration of the prestigious HC Marbella International Hospital (Costa del Sol, Spain), where personnel are trained to provide the warmth and respect all patients deserve.

Located only 200 meters from the sea near Puerto Banus, the calm gardens offer a sense of wellness that is essential for your recuperation. This hospital has created a tranquil environment that values your privacy for a more comfortable healing experience.

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Picture of Facialteam premises in Marbella. These are the consultation rooms of our FFS clinic where we offer free orientation talks with our FFS surgeons.

Facialteam Barcelona

Facialteam’s facilities in Barcelona, located in Sant Cugat del Vallès, which is easily accessible by car from the airport or from the train station.

Operations are performed at IM Clinic’s renowned hospital, a spacious and modern surgical facility equipped with the latest technologies, you will feel safe at this center where patient care protocols are a priority.

Dr. Gutierrez is the medical director of the Barcelona center and will always be one of the surgeons present in your surgery.

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Square image of the medical staff of Facialteam Barcelona in front of the clinic of Facialteam in Barcelona

What's happening?

International FFS Orientations

Visit to Melbourne — 26 November 2023

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International FFS Orientations

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International FFS Orientations

Visit to Sydney — 24 November 2023

Join Facialteam’s surgeons in Australia for a unique opportunity! Get firsthand insight into the process of Facial Feminisation Surgery – all at no cost. Our team will […]
Dr. Fermín Capitán and Anabel Sanchez form part of Facialteam's FFS Research and Development department, performing scientific research to improve transgender health care.

Research & Education

Our research & education team was born of our vision for a world with better trans health care services. Thanks to the scientific enquiry and investigation conducted by this team, we continue to pioneer transgender surgery methods, facial gender techniques and the FFS diagnostics for an ethical practice.

Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery (FGCS) has advanced considerably since its beginnings, thanks in part to our work to revolutionize the field, from R&D to training future generations of professionals.

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A computer simulation of facial feminization surgery, showing the potential results of FFS Surgery.
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Current concepts in gender affirming surgery for women in transition

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