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We are always looking for ways to improve our patient’s overall experience. Our human resources are fundamental to making this happen, every day.

As we grow, new job opportunities or collaborative projects may arise for people that share the same passion we do.

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If you’re interested in joining our inclusive team, simply fill out the form below to upload your CV or send an email to [email protected].

We actively seek individuals dedicated to enhancing services for the trans community. Our hiring policy strictly prohibits discrimination based on any personal trait or preference.

We enthusiastically welcome applications from representatives of minority groups.

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For Professionals

If you are interested in improving the quality of life for patients in the process of affirming their gender identity, we encourage you to reach out to us. 

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Your dedication to the transgender community is kindly appreciated.

Public Relations

Public Relations is key to strengthening a community network that values authenticity and coherence in our mission.  For this purpose, we may occasionally consider collaborations with other businesses or creatives that align with our values.  

Send your polished proposal in Powerpoint format to the PR manager via email at [email protected]

Press Kit

Communication of the nuances in a sensitive manner is important to us, to raise awareness respectfully. For this reason, setting an example by using the correct terminology is primordial. The trans community promotes growth in the way we use gender in our writing and speech.  Facialteam insists on the use of the correct pronouns when interacting with or commenting on anyone in the trans community. It’s easy, just ask what they prefer and apologize if you make a mistake and move on.

If you are a journalist or other news outlet interested in speaking with us, please first consult these best practices to ensure you are up-to-date with the respectfully inclusive language when referencing trans, nonbinary, genderqueer or any gender-nonconforming people.

To request our Press Kit, contact [email protected]