Before Arrival — Preparing for Your Journey

As you’re about to start Your Revelation Journey with Facialteam, it’s essential to be well-prepared, both mentally and physically. This phase is all about ensuring you’re set for the procedure, with all the necessary precautions and preparations in place. 

From key medical guidelines to personal care recommendations, our ‘Before Arrival’ section provides a comprehensive guide to help you navigate this crucial period with confidence and clarity. Let’s walk you through the steps to ensure a seamless experience leading up to your surgery.

Meet Your Patient Coordinators: Guiding You Every Step of the Way

Before you embark on your transformative journey with Facialteam, it’s essential to feel supported and informed. That’s where our dedicated team of patient coordinators comes in.

Carmen, Laura and Belén take care of everything before arrival, from planning your consultation to helping you book your trip.

Isabel, Bea, Patricia, Silvana, Cristina and Ana are here to ensure your experience from the initial arrival on, is seamless and comforting.

With a deep understanding of the intricacies of facial feminization surgery and the unique needs of each patient, our coordinators are your primary point of contact. They’ll assist you with scheduling, answer any questions you might have, and provide guidance on preparations leading up to your surgery. Their collective experience and genuine care ensure that every patient feels understood, prepared, and confident as they approach their surgery date.

Whether you’re seeking clarity on a specific procedure, need assistance with travel arrangements, or just want to discuss your hopes and concerns, our coordinators are just a call or email away. Their dedication goes beyond logistics; they’re here to offer emotional support, ensuring you feel valued and cared for at every step.

Remember, your journey with Facialteam begins long before you set foot in our facility. With our coordinators by your side, you’re in capable and caring hands, ensuring a smooth transition into the transformative experience that awaits you.

Planning & Preparing Your FFS Surgery

Every detail matters. From administrative tasks to health documentation, our dedicated coordinators ensure you’re well-prepared. We provide a customized patient guide, schedule, and support to ensure your journey is smooth from the start.

Your dedicated coordinator will inform you in the weeks prior to your surgery about required documentation and any other information that will help you come prepared for your surgery.

Key Preparations

As you approach your transformative journey with Facialteam, there are essential steps to ensure a smooth and successful procedure. Here are some crucial preparations to keep in mind:

  • Avoid laser or electrolysis hair removal on surgical areas for 3 weeks pre-surgery.
  • Refrain from smoking or using nicotine products 3 weeks before and after surgery to reduce infection risks and scarring.
  • If on anticoagulants or antiplatelet drugs (e.g., Sintrom, Aspirin, Warfarin), consult your doctor about pausing them before surgery.
  • Pause vitamin complexes 3 weeks before and 1 week after surgery to minimize bleeding risks.

For Hair Transplant Patients:

Stop using Regaine (oral and topical minoxidil) 14 days before surgery.

Additional Notes:

  • Are you diabetic? Inform us for specific guidelines.
  • On the surgery day, come without jewelry, make-up, nail polish, hair clips, or contact lenses. Remove piercings, earrings, and hair extensions (especially for forehead reconstruction).
  • Consider a professional dental cleaning 1-2 months before surgery if undergoing lower jaw or chin procedures to prevent infections.

Next Step: During Your Stay

As you complete the preparations for your transformative journey, rest assured that the support and guidance from Facialteam continue seamlessly into the next phase. Your arrival and stay with us are meticulously planned to ensure comfort, clarity, and a positive, enriching experience.

Seamless Transition

Transitioning from the preparation phase to your arrival and stay, expect a seamless experience with every detail taken care of. Our team is here to assist you, ensuring you feel welcomed, informed, and relaxed as you take this significant step.

Comprehensive Care During Your Stay

During your stay, experience the pinnacle of personalized care, advanced treatments, and unwavering support from our dedicated team. From the pre-operative assessments to the day of the surgery and the initial recovery period, we are with you at every step, ensuring your safety, comfort, and optimal results.

Your Journey Continues

Learn more about what to expect during your stay, the extensive care, and the advanced treatments you will receive, ensuring your surgical experience is smooth, successful, and aligned with your goals.