Leaders in Facial Feminization Surgery

Any expert will value the quality which makes a difference in the end result. However, a leader is committed to the continual pursuit of raising the bar for excellence, with drive and determination. 

  • Since our first procedure nearly 13 years ago in 2008, we have not ceased implementing state-of-the-art technology to improve techniques, even developing new methods of our own.
  • We listen and seek better ways to personalize our service in order to meet YOUR objectives, not anyone else’s. 
  • From the very first of more than 2000 patients who have chosen Facialteam to perform over 6500 procedures, our vision has been clear: precision, predictability and patient safety first for an overall positive experience. 

In summary, experience has taught us the importance of a quality we are proud of: the persistent curiosity to search for innovative ways to make your transition stress-free and natural. Our outstanding track record of patient feedback plus a dedication to FFS research and best practices in trans healthcare are just a few examples of the sincerity behind our work.


Facialteam has patented some of its unique methodologies which may be combined for your personalized facial feminization approach. These FFS approaches employ 3D diagnostics, specialized software and anatomically customized 3D templates in conjunction with ultrasonic technologies for more precise, controlled and therefore stable results.

Here are four examples of methods that have been meticulously developed based on years of experience, revolutionizing the field of facial gender surgery:


FOREContour® is our forehead reconstruction approach which includes various techniques to modify forehead ridges, brow prominence, and orbital bone excess. Harmony and a proper transition between facial features for your most naturally feminine result.


REVONose® is the ultimate in customized rhinoplasties that take advantage of the benefits of 3D cutting guides adapted to your anatomy.  One of the first methods in the world to employ ultrasonic instruments and include plasma therapy for controlled trauma in nose surgery.


JAWContour® permits our surgical team to provide greater predictability in jaw and chin surgical procedures. By reducing complication and associated risk rates significantly, we are able to obtain results down to the millimeter for maximum impact.


TContour® is Facialteam’s specially designed method for Adam’s apple reduction surgery, also known as a tracheal shave. The differentiating factors with Facialteam’s technique is in the hidden-scar approach, avoidance of adhesions and 3D diagnostics which permit performance with optimal safety and effectiveness.  

Leading Technology

Our main objective is to provide natural results and minimize recovery times. This requires best practices and identifying new technologies.

Embracing the latest technology offers better techniques for our patients. New technology and continual development have allowed us to achieve a 97% no-revision rate for our procedures. 

Our results demonstrate how advances in technology have allowed us to become leaders in Facial Feminization Surgery. 


We are pioneers in the advancement of facial gender confirmation surgery because our research is centered on new approaches that improve your healthcare. 

Advancements in scientific research have profound benefits for our patients. We conduct extensive research into aspects of Facial Feminization Surgery and share our results. 

We have 22 published articles in top medical journals, including Oxford’s Aesthetic Surgery journal. We collaborate with esteemed research institutions and hospitals such as Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, USA to improve transgender healthcare standards. 

Medical Practice

Our medical practice emphasizes best practices and Facial Feminization Research and Education. Our surgeons are board members of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESMM). 

WPATH is a professional organization that promotes evidence-based care, education, research, advocacy, public policy, and respect for transgender health. Our surgeons are currently rewriting the Surgery chapter of WPATH’s definitive best practice guide.

ESSM is the leading Scientific Society in Sexual Medicine. They, like us, are fully dedicated to new strategies concerning science and education in the field of sexual medicine. Our plastic surgeons co-authored their recommendations on transgender health best practices.

Training and Education

Facialteam noticed that despite many professionals offering treatments to feminize facial features, almost no training programs for facial feminization specialists existed to advance this technical aspect of gender confirmation surgery. 

We addressed this deficiency by establishing the first dedicated professional training fellowship for our field in 2018. The fellowship is a collaboration with esteemed medical institutions that include New York University (NYU) and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU).

Then, we welcomed 50 international surgeons to participate in the TransHealth Initiative Observerships (THI). A series of workshops by health professionals working to advance transgender healthcare. 

Quality Assurance

Our quest for excellence in everything we do has transformed Facialteam into a leading practice for facial gender-affirming care. We are a multifaceted team with a marked passion to deliver lasting, stable and natural results.  This means stopping to analyze patient feedback and statistics on every aspect of our services. For example, our postoperative and anniversary surveys help us ensure that we are meeting our patients’ needs with consistent satisfaction. We are proud to report that 96% of our patients are pleased with their results. The input that we receive from doctors and patients alike is crucial in improving our protocols.

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