Facialteam’s Training & Education functions parallel to the Research & Development department with the common objective of innovating the field of gender-affirming surgery. The reach towards the development of medical standards in facial gender confirmation surgery (FGCS), or facial feminization surgery, forms the foundation of the team’s scientific activity.

Gender Affirming Surgery Training Workshops

General Information


Facialteam Research & Education

Aimed at

Specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery, reconstructive and plastic surgery, ENT surgeons, endocrinologists, psychiatrists and any healthcare professional with experience working in the field of gender identity.


Available on demand

Registration Fee

Visit to purchase your tickets.

220 EUR for professionals.
160 EUR for trainees and residents*.

* Verification is required and must be on record. Valid documentation: proof of payment of academic tuition, letter from residency supervisor or academic supervisor.