The Foundation

Welcome to The Foundation, by Facialteam.

We are proud to announce a significant step forward in our ongoing journey to foster inclusivity, empathy, and acceptance. Building on the principles that form the backbone of Facialteam – empathy, diversity, inclusiveness, freedom, dignity, education, gender equality, and respect – we’re embarking on an ambitious new endeavor. This endeavor is none other than our newly launched foundation: The Foundation, by Facialteam.

The Foundation is an expression of our commitment to the cause of gender diverse people, particularly those from the trans and nonbinary community. It’s a manifestation of our belief that change begins with understanding, and understanding begins with conversation and education. It’s an embodiment of our dedication to not just discuss, but actively work towards a world where everyone, regardless of their gender identity, is treated with dignity, respect, and fairness.

Empowering Community-Driven Initiatives

We recognize the boundless potential within the trans and nonbinary community and understand that, often, the best solutions come from those who’ve lived the challenges firsthand. That’s where The Foundation steps in: with a commitment to support and champion grassroots initiatives emerging directly from the community, many of which are eagerly awaiting crowdfunding or public subsidies to come to life.

Support Our Vision

Your Contribution

Every contribution, no matter its size, has the power to make a significant difference. Whether you choose to donate once or regularly, you have the flexibility to select the frequency and amount that feels right for you. Remember, there’s no such thing as a “small” donation—each contribution propels us closer to our goals. And if you opt for a recurring donation, rest assured that you can modify or cancel it at any time. Your support fuels the change we wish to see, and every bit counts.

Donation Receipts

For each donation, an immediate receipt is issued. Plus, at the end of each fiscal year, we’ll send you a consolidated receipt reflecting all your contributions throughout the year, which may be used for tax declaration purposes. As tax benefits for charitable contributions vary internationally, we recommend donors consult local tax regulations to understand the applicability of such benefits for donations to a foundation based in Spain.

The Grassroots Impact Program

Share Your Vision with Us

Submit your idea to the Grassroots Impact Program. We foster projects that are initiated and led by the LGBTQIA+ community itself. Briefly describe your project and provide your contact details; our team will review your submission and get in touch. We’re eager to collaborate and support initiatives that bring impactful change!

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Former Facialteam patient and professional race driver Charlie Martin

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Our Vision

Our foundation envisions the empowerment of the trans and nonbinary community, as well as all gender-diverse people, as a means toward social acceptance. We firmly believe in gender equality, inclusiveness, and respect for human dignity.

It is our aim to make this vision a reality, to strive for a world where everyone is respected and celebrated for who they are.

Former Facialteam patient and collaborator Corey Kempster

Our Purpose

Our mission is to raise awareness of the challenges the transgender community faces. We focus on contributing to education and information by supporting grassroots efforts from this community that foster dialogue. By doing so, we hope to make a substantial, positive difference in the lives of the people we serve.



The world evolves in spaces of dialogue, built by all shapes and colors.


See and let yourself be seen. Speak and listen in a place where every word counts.


Let us all feel heard and understood as we acknowledge and cherish our differences. Building the bridge of understanding is our most beautiful endeavor. Join us and share your truth. Become a part of this achievement.