Facialteam Barcelona

Facialteam is pleased to offer the option of FFS Surgery in Barcelona thanks to a collaboration with IM Clinic. In addition to our home base at the HC Marbella International Hospital, you may now consider this attractive location in Catalonia, Spain.

IM Clinic is a prestigious surgical center with a dedicated Gender Unit experienced in welcoming trans and non-binary patients who seek gender affirming medical services.

This second center in Spain endows Facialteam with greater flexibility and alternatives based on patient preferences and convenience in scheduling.

Choosing between our center in Marbella or Barcelona will not be easy, as they share an equal commitment to top level care and services.

Each offers opportunities unique to the location, but are united in the philosophy, mission and values which characterize Facialteam. 

Although Facialteam’s center in Barcelona has opened more recently, the experience is similar in all the aspects that matter: procedures, technology, equipment, complementary (postop) services and the quality surgical results you expect from Facialteam. 

In fact, it’s even possible to add additional surgeries in Barcelona, such as those related to rejuvenation, a facelift or a neck lift for example.

If you want to consider the possibility of other types of body surgery during your visit, we can recommend specialists that also operate in the IM Clinic.

FFS Consultation in Barcelona

Consultations are held at Facialteam’s facilities in Barcelona, located in Sant Cugat del Vallès, which is easily accessible by car from the airport or from the train station. 

In-person consultations in Barcelona include: 

  • craniofacial records, including an intraoral scan if necessary and a craniofacial CT scan;
  • facial analysis and procedures discussion;
  • consultation with the team of facial and hair transplant specialists;
  • a Virtual FFS Simulation by our expert facial gender analyst.

Preoperative Services

Our total care approach to care services means that you will be briefed on the preoperative process by a patient coordinator.  We are here to help you prepare for every stage, starting with any tests or reports required. 

In addition, for anyone who requires counseling support, video sessions with our psychologist are available, both before and after surgery. 

Covid prevention protocol requires an antigen test prior to surgery, the test will be performed at our clinic.

Other necessary preoperative tests are performed at IM Clinic on the same day of the surgery.