International FFS Orientations

The primary aim of our orientation process is to educate. Our goal is to inform so you may gain clarity of the entire FFS process, both in general and as it may apply in your personal case.  

Our international events touch upon various countries in several continents around the world each year. They focus on one particular region at a time so we are able to provide the most personalized information possible. This way, we may adapt any services to suit you best, with people who speak your language or translators and country-specific details, when required. 

Unfortunately, we cannot make it to every city, which is why online events and videoconsultations are also in high demand.

Facialteam's group of Expert Facial Feminization Surgeons

International Orientations Events

Our presencial FFS orientations abroad will usually include the following:

  1. Discuss logistical aspects with a patient coordinator
  2. High definition clinical quality photoshoot for your records 
  3. Meet one of our FFS specialist surgeons
  4. Join in the peer support group on-site for a special community connection

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Facialteam Facial Feminization Surgeons during Online Consultations with ffs patients

Online FFS Orientations

On the other hand, Online FFS orientations include a video consultation. They provide the benefits of a personalized evaluation with a facial feminization expert and guidance by our coordinators of the many facets of your facial gender journey.  

However, in-person aspects such as a photo session and peer group are adjusted to online channels.

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