Virtual FFS

Virtual FFS stands for “virtual facial feminization surgery,” or VFFS, a term coined by gender analyst, Alexandra Hamer, founder of

Facialteam first started collaborating with Alexandra in 2011 and generated thousands of simulations helping patients to understand the obtainable results with facial feminization surgery.

By now, our Virtual FFS team consists of 3 specialists generating approximately 50 digital FFS simulations per month.

What is Virtual FFS?

Basically, VFFS is a high-definition 2D photographic simulation that approximates how you will look after specific surgical procedures.  

Constructed with clinical quality photos in digital image editing software, trained artists can create predictions in different angles.

These digitally edited two-dimensional photos do have their limitations. We may only attempt to illustrate the approximate effect of the procedures, although actual FFS results will vary.

What would I look like with FFS?

One of the most common fears of family members is that you are going to look like someone else after FFS. 

Although your post-op look will depend on many factors, facial gender surgery seeks to return to your skull the contours it had before puberty, as closely as possible. Human pre-adolescent skulls are similar to one another as the gender markers mostly develop due to the hormone activity that begins in our teens. 

So the effect does not eliminate your family resemblance but creates a more feminine version of yourself. Yet, how may you envision this?

As each person’s anatomy and goals are unique, Virtual FFS helps us to pre-visualize the prospective value of each FFS procedure you are considering. 

Benefits of a Virtual FFS

Precision is the key to demonstrating the possibilities for your facial transition. So, Virtual FFS allows you theoretically to compare the impact of a single or set of attributes. It will also be an interesting record for a baseline assessment of your results after surgery.

The before and after projections are one tool in assessing which techniques are the most and least effective at minimizing masculine traits. In addition, the Virtual FFS is a visual aid in establishing attainable objectives and realistic expectations of results.

Virtual FFS helps you be a better informed advocate on your transition journey. It addresses some finer aspects of researching facial gender confirming surgery.

  • Encourages you to communicate your objectives clearly, with graphic support and discuss if they are realistic with surgeons .
  • Helps you analyze the pros and cons of your desired level of subtle or dramatic change for more viable expectations, procedure by procedure.
  • Permits you, partners and family to contemplate the positive potential FFS can have, not only on your look, but also your confidence.

Virtual FFS at Facialteam

In our in-person consultations in Marbella and Barcelona, we include an analysis of the potential results with virtual simulations of you “before and after” facial feminization surgery. Currently, we only officially offer VFFS at in-office consultations as we require particular images with faultless lighting. 

Why have VFFS? We are mindful that transition operations are costly. For this reason, we wish to provide objective feedback with photographic support so you may make well-informed decisions regarding your surgical options. 

After all, creating an attainable plan is primordial. Here’s how it works:

  • First, a coordinator will take a series of clinical images in our professional photo studio. 
  • Then, a highly trained and experienced digital artist manually develops a quick draft of your Virtual FFS with these photos.
  • Finally, you typically will be able to discuss the VFFS as a conclusion to the consultation. Occasionally, this may not be possible, in which case the virtual images are sent via email. 

The aim is to offer valuable, personalized information regarding the FFS procedure choices you may be struggling to decide on. Ready to get started?

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A visit to Marbella or Barcelona for a consultation is an example of the effortless experience Facialteam creates for all patients. Your comprehensive care includes a round-trip airport transfer, a 3-D cranial CT scan and intensive consultation with an FFS expert. You can get to know our preferred hotel, hospital facilities and more.

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