Cookies Policy

SICAP HEALTHCARE S.L.P., hereinafter Facialteam, provides this cookies policy to give you information about the use of cookies in this website, about their purpose and characteristics, and the procedures to accept, revoke, configure or delete them.

The term “terminal equipment” within this text refers to any device from which the user accesses the website, such as a computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.

Facialteam recommends reading this Cookies Policy carefully.

1.- What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are downloaded to the user’s terminal equipment and enable information to be stored and retrieved when the user surfs the internet. In general, this technology has very different purposes such as, for example, recognising the user, obtaining information about their browsing habits, or customising the content shown.

The specific uses the Facialteam makes of this technology are detailed in section 3.

2.- Types of cookies

Cookies can be classified according to the following criteria:

2.1. Classification of cookies according to the entity managing them

Own cookies: Those sent to the user’s terminal equipment from a device or domain managed by Facialteam and from which the service requested by the user is provided.
Third-party cookies: those sent to the user’s terminal equipment from a device or domain that is not managed by Facialteam, but rather by another entity, which treats the data obtained by the cookies.

2.2. Classification of cookies according to the period of time they remain active in the user’s terminal equipment

Session cookies: those that collect and store data when the user is accessing a website. They are usually used to store information that is only of interest for providing the service requested by the user on one single occasion (for example, list of products purchased) and are not stored when the session expires.
Persistent cookies: those that store information for a period of time specified by the person responsible for them and that can be accessed and processed during this period. This period varies according to the cookie, from several minutes to several years.

2.3. Classification of cookies according to their purpose

The most common cookies are detailed below.

Technical cookies: enable the user to browse the web page and use the different options and services it contains. They are necessary to provide the service or content requested by the user and are responsible for technical aspects such as identifying a session, accessing restricted sites, requesting inscription or participation in an event, performing the purchasing process of an order, enabling dynamic content, sharing content through social networking sites, etc.
Personalization or preference cookies: enable information to be remembered so that the user may access the website with characteristics that make each user’s experience different, such as the language, the appearance or content of the website depending on the type of browser used by the user, etc.
Analysis cookies: are used to create browser profiles and to determine the preferences of users in order to improve the products and services offered and the website itself.
Advertising cookies: enable us to manage the offer of the advertising space on the web page as efficiently as possible, adapting the ad content to the content of the service requested or the use you make of our web page.
Behavioural advertising cookies: store information about the behaviour of users obtained from the continued observation of their browsing habits. This enables specific profiles to be developed with advertisements adapted to the behaviour in question.

3.- What type of cookies does the Facialteam website use?

Below, the cookies are identified that are used by the Facialteam website, in addition to their purpose and characteristics.

Furthermore, users may consult the cookies used by this website in the cookies configuration panel, which can be accessed through the information banner that appears on entering the website for the first time, and by clicking the following link: Cookies configuration

*If you save your choice without having selected any cookie, it will be equivalent to the rejection of all cookies, except those strictly necessary.

4. Cookies updates

The list of cookies shall be updated as soon as possible as the services offered by the website change or evolve. However, occasionally during this update the list may not include all the cookies, although it will always refer to cookies with identical purposes to those shown in the list.

5. International data transfer

Facialteam informs you that the third-party cookies used in this website belong to entities located in the USA, a country that does not offer the same level of protection as that existing within the European Economic Area. Therefore, under art. 49.1 a) of the General Data Protection Regulations, through the banner and/or cookies configuration panel, we request and receive, if applicable, your explicit consent for the use of these cookies and the subsequent international transfer of data to this country.

The user may consult the communications and transfers to third countries that, where applicable, are made by the third parties identified in the Cookies Policy in their corresponding policies.

If you leave our website by following links to other websites not belonging to Facialteam, we shall not be held responsible for either the privacy policies of these third-party entities or the cookies that they may install in your terminal equipment.

7.- How to configure or delete cookies?

You may configure or delete cookies as described below. However, it is necessary to be aware that, if you block certain cookies, some features and content of the website may be affected.

7.1. Configuration of cookies via the cookies configuration panel of the Facialteam website

Users may configure the use of cookies that are not necessary for the basic functioning of this this website at any time via the cookies configuration panel, which can be accessed through the information banner that appears on entering the website for the first time, or by clicking here.

Both own and third-party cookies must be deleted directly via the cookies management options of the user’s browser, as explained in the following section.

7.2. Configuration and/or deletion of cookies via the browser

Cookies can be configured or deleted from your browser following the instructions and options provided by the browser.

Links are provided below of the main browsers and devices so that you may find information regarding how to configure or delete cookies using the browser. However, please bear in mind that these are given as guidance and may be subject to change at any time by these entities.

If you do not wish to be tracked by Google Analytics cookies, Google has developed an add-on to install in your browser that can be accessed at the following link:

8.- Accepting cookies

When entering this website for the first time, an information banner will appear informing you about the use of cookies, and on which you may accept all the cookies to continue browsing or access the cookies configuration panel to revoke or configure them to suit your preferences.

This website does not install cookies in the user’s terminal equipment until permission has been granted.

In the event of not accepting the installation of cookies or disabling them in the configuration, some services may not be available or accessible, and it may be impossible to fully exploit all the feature of this website.

9.- Changes and updates to the Cookies Policy

Since the information in this Cookies Policy may be modified or updated, we recommend reviewing it every time you access this website in order to be suitably informed about how and why we use cookies at all times.

10.- Additional information about data treatment

To obtain more information about how your information is treated, in particular about your rights and how to exercise them, please see the Privacy and Data Protection Policy of Facialteam.

To exercise your rights against the third parties identified in the list of cookies used by Facialteam, you should proceed according to their corresponding Privacy Policies.