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Facial Feminization Surgery Before and After

With over 100 published examples of facial feminization surgery, before and after, Facialteam’s photos have helped show the importance of these procedures in the lives of many people. In particular, the value for trans women.

The FFS Surgery Gallery built here is thanks to our many patients from around the world. They’ve agreed to share their facial gender affirming results for the benefit of others considering the potential of facial gender confirming surgery. Thank YOU!

FFS Surgery: As Unique As You Are

Here in our FFS surgery before and after gallery, you’ll see facial feminization results along with a description of the procedures that each patient underwent.

We hope these images serve as a realistic, truthful indicator of the potential of facial gender surgery, in the event you’re considering FFS. But remember, deciding on the specific procedures you need is something that should be discussed in a consultation with an experienced FFS surgery specialist.

For most patients, the goal is natural facial feminization results that mean they can say, “I’m me.” However, what it takes to get to that point will be different for everyone.

Each person’s face is just as unique as their needs, goals, and motivations for seeking facial feminization surgery. Read what Franches, a former FT patient, has to say about choosing the right procedures for herself.

A True Insight Into FFS Results

The aim of our FFS before and after gallery is to present clinical style comparisons of photos taken before and after facial feminization surgery.

We’ve avoided digital alteration, artificial overexposure and excessive makeup where circumstances allowed. The images are intended to show the most realistic representation possible.

As you can see, there are a variety of ages, ethnicities and different levels of aggressiveness in the procedures undergone. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in these images, please reach out to us for more information.

Getting the Most Out of Our Before and After Gallery

Past patients have found this gallery to be extremely helpful in deciding whether FFS surgery is the right thing for them.

To get a real insight into the possibilities, click on any patient’s photo to pull up their clinical photos taken before and after FFS. Drag the slider bar to switch between pre-surgery photos and the patient’s facial feminization results.

More than one hundred patients have volunteered to share their before and after FFS images here. We encourage you to take a look at as many of them as you can. Also, hear what a former patient, Franches, has to say on her guest blog about using surgeons’ websites for facial gender surgery research.

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Some kind words from happy FFS patients. Visit our blog for more written testimonials.

These testimonial videos let you hear all about past patients’ experiences straight from the source, at a time when the experience was still fresh in their memory. We strongly believe in the power of video to help you decide whether FFS surgery is right for you.

Malin (perfil)
It didn’t take too long to find consistently positive references to Facialteam and it was a nice surprise to find a European clinic at the top of the tree when I’d expected either America or Thailand.


FFS Trans Testimonial - Malin for Facialteam
The results are truly remarkable. I still have a massive smile on my face every time I look in the mirror. From the start, I was guided all the way through the process, given advice and able to discuss exactly what my needs were. Facialteam are caring and compassionate professionals who were there with me all the way and are still with me today. As far as I am concerned, they are the best FFS surgical team globally.


FFS Trans Testimonial - Megan for Facialteam
I’m very happy to have performed FFS surgery, I wish you guys all the best. I’m sure your union is already a success and for sure you guys will have a bright future. You were always clear and honest with me. You guys are a team score of 10, caring always.


FFS Trans Testimonial - Megan for Facialteam
I enjoyed the whole process, there’s nothing to worry about. Would do it all again if needed. Daniel and Luis are superstars, gracias and obrigado amigos.


FFS Trans Testimonial - Emma for Facialteam
I am extremely grateful, my heart full of appreciation each and every day for Facialteam and its doctors for my surgery and all of their patience throughout the entire process! I give Facialteam and the doctors a big 10 for talent, surgical expertise, patience, results, everything.


FFS Trans Testimonial - Ashley for Facialteam
I was surprised that I wasn’t more black and blue for the presentation in London (only 10 days postop). Most people refused to believe I had undergone such extensive surgery so recently! There has been no discoloration visible since I left and the swelling in the nose and chin has been dropping very fast!


FFS Trans Testimonial - Kaylee for Facialteam
The assessment was free and informative. Also, a great feature they offer is Alex from Virtual FFS, who sits in the consultation and then shows you the proposed changes in real time, which is amazing.


FFS Trans Testimonial - Keira for Facialteam
Drs. Capitan and Simon, and the rest of the Facialteam group, are truly exceptional. They are involved in advancing the science of facial feminization and practice on the cutting edge of practice. Their results are outstanding. Perhaps, however, even more important is the comprehensive and supportive care they and their staff provide before, during and after your surgery. They are truly world class.


FFS Trans Testimonial - Lauren for Facialteam
I just wanted to say that I’m so happy with everything you guys have done for me. I feel so good about myself, and I feel very beautiful. You have made my life so much better.

Lise Marie

FFS Trans Testimonial - Lise Marie for Facialteam
[My photos] are fabulous and a huge credit to FT. Also my dentist was impressed how little scarring there was in my mouth. Generally people are completely amazed (and relieved).

Tea Uglow

(Photo Credit: Chris Phillips)

Tea Uglow ffs surgery testimony
What a wonderful team Facialteam is! They made me feel very comfortable and in very capable hands, all the way from the very first consultation to follow-up meetings months afterward. I can strongly recommend having a FFS done by Facialteam, especially if you want to become more confident as a woman and successful with your transition.


FFS Trans Testimonial - Malin for Facialteam