Your Journey

Your Journey to FFS Surgery with Facialteam

Embarking on the transformative path of facial feminization surgery is a significant decision, filled with anticipation, questions, and emotions. At Facialteam, we recognize the weight of this journey and the importance of clarity and support.

Our mission is not just to provide world-class surgical expertise but also to guide, inform, and stand by you at every phase. From the initial consultations, through the intricate details of the surgery, to the post-operative care and beyond, we’re dedicated to ensuring that every patient feels understood, prepared, and confident.

This journey is as much about personal discovery as it is about physical transformation, and we’re honored to be your chosen partner. Dive in to get a comprehensive overview of what your journey with us will encompass.

Preparing for Your Journey

Embarking on the path of facial feminization is a significant decision, marking a bold step towards aligning your physical appearance with your true identity. As you prepare for this transformative journey with Facialteam, it’s essential to be well-informed and confident every step of the way.

The period before your arrival is a time for education, consultation, and thoughtful preparation. It’s a time to gather all the necessary information, understand the procedures, and set realistic expectations for the outcomes.

We are committed to providing you with all the resources, support, and guidance you need during this crucial phase.

Our dedicated team is here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and ensure that you are mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for the surgery.

Facialteam FFS patient Corey Kempster, transactivist and model, posing to show the results of her FFS surgery with Facialteam.

Educate yourself

Start by determining if FFS is the right choice for you. Delve into critical discussions about Gender Dysphoria and its connection to Facial Feminization. Hear firsthand from our past patients, such as Eunice, and learn about their life-changing experiences with us.

Revealing Eunice: The Complete FFS Journey Video Experience

In this intimate and groundbreaking documentary, we follow Eunice before, during, and after her life-changing surgery at our renowned Marbella, Spain clinic. Experience a complete Revelation Journey and the emotional and physical transformation as we dive deep into the world of FFS, addressing common fears and misconceptions.

Gain insight into the unwavering support system that Eunice and other transgender individuals rely on during this transformative chapter of their lives, highlighting the profound impact of compassionate care and authentic self-expression.

Choosing the Right FFS Surgeon

Understanding Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery is crucial. We’re here to help you find the best FFS surgeons tailored to your needs. With transparent information and heartfelt patient testimonials, we aim to make your decision-making process on choosing the right ffs surgeon as informed as possible.

Who Performs My Surgery At Facialteam?

“I feel the need to write to you due to a quite serious rumor going around online about Facialteam that is causing some concerns. The […]

Best FFS Surgeons: What to Know and Where to Go

To help you in your search for a gender-affirming team that meets your expectations, we have listed today’s best FFS clinics. We’ve selected the best known board certified maxillofacial and facial plastic surgeons in the world. 


Before diving into the transformative process, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive consultation. This session serves as an opportunity for you to discuss your goals, understand the procedures, and get a clear picture of the expected outcomes.

Although some clinics or surgeons charge a fee for a consultation, we always recommend to speak to several surgeons to identify who you feel most comfortable with. Consultations at Facialteam are always free and are offered both online and in-person in Barcelona or Marbella, Spain.

Whenever possible, we highly recommend visiting our center in Marbella or Barcelona in person for your consultation as it provides a complete preview of the Facialteam experience: 

  • A comprehensive 1-hour consultation with one of our FFS surgeons to discuss surgery details and address your questions.
  • Immediate quote delivery and consultation with a Patient Coordinator.
  • Firsthand experience in  HC International Marbella Hospital or IM Clinic in Barcelona, where Facialteam is located
  • High-quality images for your consultation captured in our in-house studio using professional-grade cameras, lighting, and backgrounds.
  • The opportunity to meet Facialteam’s staff in person before undergoing surgery.
  • When visiting our center in Marbella, a completely free, 1-nigh accommodation for you and a companion at La Villa Marbella.
  • A live Virtual Facial Feminization Surgery (VFFS) simulation by our VFFS expert, to see a realistic post-surgery facial outcome.
  • 3D CT-Scan for in-depth analysis of your facial bone structure, enabling more precise surgical recommendations.
  • Airport transfers to and from Málaga or Barcelona Airport.
  • The possibility of attending group sessions led by our Psychologist at La Villa Marbella, if available during your stay.

The entirety of this comprehensive package, if quantified, has an estimated worth of over 600 euros. Despite its immense value, we at Facialteam are pleased to offer it to our patients absolutely free. It’s our way of ensuring that you receive the best insight, experience, and care, even before you take the step towards transformation.

Exclusive Offer: Don’t Miss Out!

The value of our comprehensive consultation package speaks volumes, and we’re offering it to you absolutely free. With a combined worth of over 600 euros, the slots are in high demand. Act now, and ensure you’re ahead of the curve, getting the most detailed insights and unparalleled care before your transformative journey begins.

Before Arrival: Planning & Preparations

There’s a lot to consider before your surgery. From administrative tasks to health documentation and essential tests, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated coordinators are on hand to offer a personalized patient guide and a comprehensive schedule, ensuring you’re ready for the journey ahead.

Your journey with Facialteam begins long before the surgery. With our guidance and your determination, we’ll ensure you’re well-prepared for the transformative experience that awaits.

One of Facialteam's Operating Theaters in Facialteam Marbella.
One of Facialteams Operating Theaters in Marbella

Pre-Op Evaluation

Depending on when you arrive, you’ll embark on the preoperative FFS process. This includes health interviews, an electrocardiogram, clinical photo sessions, and 3D CT scans. This thorough evaluation ensures we’re fully aligned with your needs and concerns.

Day of the Surgery

Your big day is orchestrated to ensure utmost comfort and clarity. From admissions to post-surgery care, your dedicated patient coordinator will be by your side, guiding you and ensuring you’re well-informed every step of the way.

Recovery & Aftercare

Your well-being post-surgery is our priority. Benefit from our comprehensive care system, which includes psychological support and advanced treatments like hilotherapy and lymphatic drainage, all aimed at facilitating a swift and comfortable recovery.

Back Home: Post Operative Support & Care

Transitioning back home after your surgery with Facialteam marks the beginning of a new phase. While the surgical procedures are complete, our commitment to your recovery and well-being is unwavering.

Facial Feminization Surgeons Doctor Capitán, Doctor Simon and Doctor Bellinga performing feminization surgery on an FFS patient in Facialteam's Feminization Clinic in Marbella, Spain

Long-Term Support

Your post-operative journey is crucial, and we’re here to guide you through it. Our dedicated team, comprising esteemed surgeons, attentive coordinators, and a supportive psychologist, remains actively engaged. From scheduled follow-up visits to addressing any concerns that arise, we ensure you’re well-supported and informed.

Unique Offerings

Facialteam’s post-op care stands out due to our holistic and specialized team approach. Our post-operative department is a blend of expert surgeons specializing in Facial Feminization Surgery, dedicated coordinators who ensure a seamless post-operative experience, and a supportive care team that includes a nurse, clinical psychologist, and other specialists. 

This comprehensive and diverse team ensures that every aspect of your post-operative care is addressed, making your experience with Facialteam truly unparalleled.

Your Post-Op Guide

Knowledge aids recovery. We’ve crafted detailed post-operative instructions to guide you through the recovery process. These resources, both general and tailored to specific procedures, offer clarity on what to expect and how to navigate the post-surgery phase.

We value your insights. Through various channels, we gather feedback to continually refine our post-op care, ensuring we meet and exceed patient expectations.

Facialteam’s journey with you doesn’t conclude after the surgery. We remain a steadfast partner, ensuring your post-operative phase is as smooth and supported as the initial surgical experience.