dr Fermin Capitan

New Research & Development Department to modernize concepts of Facial Gender


FACIALTEAM promotes investigation to further innovation in the field of Facial Feminization Surgery


FACIALTEAM continues to decisively invest in research, training and development, three key points in building a solid company base of a medical and surgical nature.

Born of the need for new investigation on concepts of facial gender, the team announces the creation in 2015 of the Department of Research and Development, a project that will be spearheaded by Dr. Fermín Capitán Cañadas.

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Dr Raul J. Bellinga

Raúl Jiménez Bellinga MD, FEBOMS




Undoubtedly, the rhinoplasty is the apex procedure within the frame of facial aesthetics. A higher degree of specialization is now essential for any surgeon focused in Facial Feminization Surgery.

Rhinoplasty is Dr. Bellinga’s passion, performing more than 100 feminization/cosmetic rhinoplasties every year, being one of the most qualified surgeons performing feminization rhinoplasties in the world.

Dr. Bellinga is leading the Department of Facial Plastic Surgery in FACIALTEAM, performing feminization rhinoplasties, face &neck liftings, eyelid surgery, otoplasties, buccal fat pad removal and neck liposuctions.

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What is FFS surgery?

Who is FFS for?


FACIALTEAM explains what is ffs surgery, who is FFS for and what does FFS entail

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Capitán & Simon

Welcome to FACIALTEAM, World Leader in Facial Feminization Surgery


Our primary expertise is Facial Feminization Surgery.

Cofounded and directed by Dr. Luis Capitán (Spain) and Dr. Daniel Simon (Brazil), the team has treated more than 600 transgender patients since initiating the specialization in 2008 in Marbella (Spain).  In 2010 FACIALTEAM inaugurated a new facial feminization center in Sao Paulo (Brazil). The directors, both WPATH members, have been invited speakers on Facial Feminization Surgery at many scientific congresses, always seeking to implement technical advancements in the best interest of our patients.In addition, we offer educational seminars on FFS, conduct post-op visits as well as initial evaluations for Facial Feminization Surgery (free of charge) in the following locations: London, Eastbourne & Manchester, Brussells, Milan, Berlin and Barcelona among other international cities.Please visit the FACIALTEAM YouTube channel to view patient testimonials as well as 3-D Facial Feminization videos of surgical techniques :  FACIALTEAM: Facial Feminization Surgical Specialists on YouTube




The positive feed-back that has been received from our satisfied patients reinforces our belief in providing superior patient services and exceptional surgical results as seen in our Before & After Facial Feminization Gallery.

We believe that every intervention should be personalized according to the individual´s needs and objectives, within a logical and medical perspective.  After a personal Facial Feminization evaluation and series of assessments, the FACIALTEAM directors carefully consider the factors involved jointly with the patient´s realistic goals for facial feminization surgery.  Our FFS treatments are based on a combination of maxillofacial surgery (bone sculpture) and aesthetic surgery, with expert specialists in each area.


Total Support


We are proud of our experienced group of Facial Feminization professionals – nurses, coordinators and administrators – who are fully prepared to assist you in all aspects of your FACIALTEAM experience. We are available to our patients 24-hours a day after surgery! Please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions which help our patients prepare for a Typical Stay in Marbella with FACIALTEAM for facial feminization surgery.

It´s easy to feel like you are in touch with us, with chats available on Twitter, Facebook and Skype (facial.team) as well as Whatsapp for patients.

Don´t forget to visit our Facial Feminization Blog for current tips and keep up to date with us on our social networks & FFS newsletter .


More about us & FACIALTEAM

Clinical Research & Scientific Articles


  • New Research & Development Department to modernize concepts of Facial Gender

    New Research & Development Department to modernize concepts of Facial Gender

    In 2015, the Department of Research and Development is founded to modernize outdated concepts of facial gender and therefore encourage technical advancements in the field of FFS.

  • Facial Team leads research in Facial Gender Confirmation Techniques

    Facial Team leads research in Facial Gender Confirmation Techniques

    FFS – FACIAL TEAM: WORLD LEADER IN FACIAL FEMINIZATION. The united Facial Team centers guided an investigative training on current and new techniques for facial gender confirmation.

  • 3rd Transhealth Initiative Workshop

    3rd Transhealth Initiative Workshop

    Featuring guest Professor, Dr. Marci Bowers, MD/GYN. It is our pleasure to announce the 3rd TransHealth Initiative Workshop, hosted by Facial Team in Marbella.

  • Rhinoplasty. Live Surgery and Hands On Course

    Rhinoplasty. Live Surgery and Hands On Course

    A higher degree of specialization is now essential for any Craniofacial, ENT or Plastic surgeon who aims for excellence in their habitual practice.

  • Scientific Study published in leading surgical journal

    Scientific Study published in leading surgical journal

    In June 2014, a prestigious international journal published online a scientific report spearheaded by Dr. Capitán and Dr. Simon titled,  Facial Feminization Surgery: The Forehead. Surgical Techniques and Analysis of Results.    The article, now printed in the October 2014 edition of the Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, […]

  • Invited FFS speaker at 49th annual National Congress of Spanish Council of surgeons (SECPRE) June 2014

    Invited FFS speaker at 49th annual National Congress of Spanish Council of surgeons (SECPRE) June 2014

    Dr. Capitán of FACIAL TEAM is honored to be an invited speaker at the prestigous SECPRE conference which will be attended by more than 400 professionals worldwide in the surgical sector. See the program for the 49th Annual Conference of the Spanish and Portuguese Societies of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. In the words the […]

  • Guest speaker at the International Facial Makeover Congress. BRUSSELS. June 2014

    Guest speaker at the International Facial Makeover Congress. BRUSSELS. June 2014

    Dr. Capitán of FACIAL TEAM is very pleased to take part in a new multidisciplinary initiative, being one of the select invited speakers for the 1st Facial Makeover Meeting in June 2014. He will be presenting clinical studies of his work in facial feminization surgery. In the words of Professor Maurice Mommaerts, founder and chairman […]

  • FFS Results Analysis presented at WPATH Symposium Bangkok 2014

    FFS Results Analysis presented at WPATH Symposium Bangkok 2014

    He presented two abstracts on Facial Feminisation Surgery: Current techniques and an Analysis of patient results. Please ask for more information on the studies, which soon will be published in an international scientific journal. We were happy to be able to include very important meetings and encounters while in Thailand: Dr. Marci Bowers (moderator for […]

  • 21st ICOMS Invited Speaker -Barcelona 2013

    21st ICOMS Invited Speaker -Barcelona 2013

    Dr. Luis Capitán presented as an invited speaker at the 21st International Conference or Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Barcelona (ICOMS) last October 2013. FACIAL TEAM made it´s debut in this scientific community in Europe, speaking in summary from years of experience in facial feminisation surgery and the principal surgical techniques currently employed by the team. […]


  • Forehead reconstruction with immediate hairline redesign

    Forehead reconstruction with immediate hairline redesign

    FFS – Comprehensive No-scar approach to feminization Today, there is no doubt of the importance a global analysis of the upper third of the face (as a whole) when assessing the specific feminization needs of any patient. Within the upper third of the face, the two main elements to focus on are the forehead and the hairline. […]

  • Seeking perfection in hairline feminization

    Seeking perfection in hairline feminization

    Facial Feminisation Surgery. Changing Faces, Changing Lives. Dr. Simon and Dr. Capitán develop a new modified coronal approach for brow bossing feminisation, eliminating all visible scars. They explain how to obtain a better hairline without invasive procedures.

  • Innovative diagnostics in Facial Feminisation Surgery

    Innovative diagnostics in Facial Feminisation Surgery

    Novel techniques applied to facial feminization surgery for the first time by Drs. Captain and Simon of FACIAL TEAM will help us assess the actual format of your jawbone. With the three-dimensional model we can see first hand exactly what where to focus the bone sculpture, so that we may carry out a detailed virtual surgery before the intervention.

  • Not just any FFS Specialist:  A service necessary for survival.

    Not just any FFS Specialist: A service necessary for survival.

    FFS, or facial feminization surgery, is a medical solution of vital importance for many transgender women who wish to modify their facial features. Read here why it is important to opt for a feminization specialist when choosing your surgeon.

  • Facial bone surgery: Developments in Feminisation

    Facial bone surgery: Developments in Feminisation

    Bone sculpture, a fundamental technique in Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS), aims to refine features in accordance with modern standards of femininity. Find out how new concepts in bone sculpture can provide long lasting-results in facial surgery.

  • FFS Evaluation Process:  Key points to consider

    FFS Evaluation Process: Key points to consider

    A meticulous and personalised analysis of each individual face prior to treatment planning, based on the specific requirements of the particular visage to feminise instead of pre-established standards common in the field of FFS, is of fundamental importance in obtaining satisfactory results.

Our Techniques in 3D videos

3D-Lower Jaw Countouring

3D-Hairline Advancement

3D-Forehead Countouring

3D-Trachea Save

Virtual FFS

This innovative approach, applied for the first time by FACIALTEAM to the FFS consultation, will help patients to understand the changes which may be produced with bone sculpture

**Please note that virtual results have limitations and may differ from actual results

During your personal consultation with the surgeon, the virtual** FFS Specialist, Alexandra Hamer, will modify various photos right before your eyes so you may envision the potential results of your feminisation in different angles.

In addition to the digitalised results, Alexandra also provides her expert opinion, completely independent from the surgeons.

This comprehensive approach to the consultation gives patients a better perspective of their own treatment


The animation


  • Megan

    Amazing lifechanging! Coming to Marbella to have my FFS done was the best decisión I have ever made. The results are truly remarkable. I still have a massive smile on my face everytime I look in the mirror.

    All the FACIALTEAM were wonderful. I was guided all the way through the process, given advice and able to discuss exactly what my need were.

    The whole trip was organized very well and anytime I have a question, I always got an answer quickly. I still can´t believe that after the operation and in the days that followed I had practically no pain at all! I can´t recommend the FACIALTEAM high enough!


    3 months postop:

    “When I first thought of Spain as a surgical location my initial reaction was “what the?”. But what I learnt through my research of Facial Feminisation Surgery providers is that Spain is a beautiful country and with beautiful and caring people both inside and out.


    That also translates to a beautiful surgical result which was well beyond my expectations. FACIALTEAM are just that a team of caring and compassionate professionals who were there with me all the way from start and are still with me today. They are all the best in their field and collectively as far as am concerned and have found, they are the best FFS surgical team globally.

    HC Hospital is one of the nicest hospitals I’ve ever been to and all the staff spoke fluent English. The after care I received from Jenny at Jenny’s Nest was second to none.

    The most powerful and poignant moment for me as two days post surgery and despite some bruising and swelling, I could finally see myself in the mirror as the woman who I am and I owe that to FACIALTEAM.

    Thank you FACIALTEAM you will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Des

    I first contacted the FACIALTEAM via email with some photo’s attached to an email. They then replied with their recommendations and a quote for the proposed procedures. I asked a couple of questions via email to which I always received a prompt response.


    I was fortunate that shortly after I had made the initial inquiry one of the surgeons was in my home town of Sydney Australia for a day of personal consultation. After a quick examination he confirm that their recommendation via email were correct. When then reviewed several other similar cases so I had some idea as to the expected results. I then had 1/2 an hour or so with a previous patient that I could ask questions as to her experiences, this was invaluable.

    My encounter with the FACIALTEAM started with a colleague of the team at Malaga airport arrival hall. I was then bought a coffee and what was about to happen over the next couple of days was explained to me. This made me very comfortable it also made me feel like part of the family. I was then transferred to my accommodation in Malaga. When I arrived I meet one of the previous patients and a patient that was going to have the procedure the day before me. This was invaluable to be able to quiz a patient that has just gone through what I was going to go through in the coming days.

    The following day I was escorted to High Care (HC) Hospital for all my pre-op tests. I then had the rest of the day to investigate my new surroundings in Malaga. I was again picked up and returned to HC hospital for my pre-op consultation. During this consultation it was explained in great depth as to what was going to happen tomorrow in surgery and the expected results.

    The following morning it was up early at about 7am and I was again picked up and taken to HC hospital. I was meet by Anna and taken to my room. Then it was time to get changed and off to the theatre. There I was meet by all the surgeons and the anesthetist, again what was about to happen to me was reviewed. I then walked into the theatre and it was lights out. I awoke some 4-5 hours later to people talking and the smiling face the surgeon ensuring me that all had gone very well and they were now doing the hair transplants. It was then another couple of hours that I was drifting in and out, before I was asked to get off the operating table and onto my own bed, I was then taken back to my room.

    Shortly after arriving back in my room the patient coordinator called to see how I was and if there was anything that I needed. An hour or so later the surgeon called in on his way home to check and ensure that I was okay. I was then given some dinner and it was light out again for the night.

    The following morning I was again visited by the several patient coordinators and all of the surgeons to check on my welfare. Some dressings and drains were removed. I was released from the hospital the following day after a full day of rest. All of the hospital staff were very considerate, caring and could communicate well in English, which was a relief.

    I then had several days to again investigate the Malaga area with my host and one of the other patients. I was taken sight seeing, walks along the beach, shopping and out for several meals. There was lots of talks and laughs during this time. Every day the duty patient coordinator contacted me on a phone supplied by The Team to ensure that all was good and that I had no questions. I usually missed their call as I was having such a good time, I always rang them back.

    A couple of days before I was due to go home 2 new girls arrived that were due to have surgery in the coming days. Where when I arrived I was the student I was now the teacher. They were questioning me as to my experiences and as to what they could expect. We shared several meals in the coming days and lots of interment moments which helped myself and the others with what we had just been trough or what were about to go through.

    It then came to the final day before I was due to fly home. I was again pick up and taken to HC hospital to have my stitches removed and my post-op consultation. This was personally a very emotional time for me. Where the new me was going to be relieved.


    All of the staff were extremely supportive and comforting during this time. I was then shown all of the pre and post scans so I could see exactly what had been done. Then it was time for the good by’s. There was lots of tears (on both sides) as I felt like I was part of the family and I was leaving forever.


    It has now been several months since I have returned home and I still receive frequent messages from The Team inquiring as to my well being. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of the FACIALTEAM and their support colleagues to any prospective patient. You can contact me through The Team if you require any further information or have any questions.

    Luv always Des.

  • Debra

    I just felt i would like to put a few words together about my FACIALTEAM experience.

    After most of my life living a secret occasional fem life I decided I had enough and over a year ago transitioned to a full time existence


    I accompanied a friend to an apprasial with Dr Simon here in Melbourne and after seeing the results of their procedures and the very natural look was also given a consultation.


    I was very apprehensive when I arrived in Marbella but after my pre op consultation with the doctors I was overwhelmed with their enthusiasm and warmth they displayed.

    I stayed with Jenny (The Hidden Woman) who was a big support for me traveling alone and there i made friends with some lovely girls.

    Having never been to hospital at that time I was really impressed with the HC facility and the care provided. The whole FACIALTEAM was so professional and warm and I am very happy with my look and the extra confidence it gives me in public.

    Once again with many fond memories from my stay in Marbella thanks to the doctors and the team for helping me be myself in my new life.

    Debra Green
    Melbourne 15-5-15

  • Merryn

    If I stop and consciously try and compare where my self-perception is now to this time last year, I do now sense some changes in my thinking, behaviour, communication and interaction with people – but it definitely takes time and it’s an extremely subtle process.

    However, in the final analysis, if I was forced to select one key element which has had the most seeming impact then it would most definitely be FFS. AFTER 1.5 YEAR: FFS had always by No1 priority as and when I transitioned.

    By the time I did, the techniques had matured and advanced during the twenty years I had been aware of it and there were several global practitioners now practising. I was obviously keen to try and discover who was the best and spent quite a while researching the situation.

    It didn’t take too long to find consistently positive references to FACIALTEAM and it was a nice surprise to find a European clinic at the top of the tree when I’d expected either America or Thailand.


    I watched some YouTube videos made by FACIALTEAM patients and I very much liked what I saw and heard. Instead of merely being cosmetic surgery there was something far deeper and intentioned in relation to the FACIALTEAM ethos and approach.


    In the end I was very positive about my choice and had no doubts or second thoughts about trusting my forehead reconstruction, brow re-shaping, rhinoplasty, facelift and lip lift surgery to FACIALTEAM and this was underlined and verified by the results which for the most part emerged after 2-4 weeks.

    I returned 6 months later for chin refinement and upper blephorplasty and am currently contemplating one or two other procedures.


    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending FACIALTEAM if you are seriously considering FFS.”

  • Laviny

    Estou muito satisfeita com a atençao, responsabilidade e profissionalismo da equipe da FACIALTEAM e hospital em geral.

    Pontualidade, esclarecimento atençao e prestatividade, são umas de tantas caracterististicas oferecidas pela equipe.

    Os resultados estou vendo a cada dia que se passa e estou gostando muito.

    Obrigada FACIALTEAM por tudo.

  • Samy

    From first contact to surgery the FACIALTEAM are amazing! I was put at ease by everyone and that made the whole process feel special and personal.
    The Hospital and staff were amazing and so friendly. The whole procedure was explained well and they were quick to answer any questions or doubts I had.

    With their attention to detail and to the patients needs I am so glad I went with FACIALTEAM.

  • Rebecca

    We would like you to please give thanks to the Dr’s for their time and efforts thus far. I appreciate all that has been given into this evaluation and quote for me as well as what specifically the Dr’s are also doing for the struggles I have and the other girls just like me.

    Honestly these men are life savers and “saints” for us. Who knew there was such a saint named Dr. Daniel Simon and Dr. Luis M. Capitán.

  • Lara

    I am really happy that swelling and bruising goes away that fast. I am near three weeks post surgery. And every day Iike my face a little bit more

    Thank you, I love you work!
    Lara Nov.11:

    War toll einen der drei Ärzte wieder zu sehen, die mein Leben so unglaublich verbessert haben. Mein Gesicht hat sich extrem zum positiven verändert seit März.

    Thank you Facial Team for enable me to live as the person I am! The diffetence between March and today is incredible.

  • Hannah

    22 hrs I have just returned from My FFS surgery, healing going well. The amazing outcome is that people just ask , what happened, have you had an accident or something? not one person has challenged my womanhood, and those I have told are amazed. Such a good result FACIALTEAM. Thanks to the surgeons Dr Luis Capitan, Dr Daniel Simon, Dr Raul Bellinga and Dr Merlot and all their teams my life changing experience has already commenced.

    The after care from the staff at High Care Hospital and the FACIALTEAM is immense, nothing is to much to do/change/organise and the warm and loving sanctuary at Jenny’s nest just tops it all.

    I have returned knowing I will not be challenged in who I am anymore, with such confidence, I even challenged the border security when the bio recognition scanner did not let me through, told them just what they could do with that!

  • Evelin

    Working with Facial Team was very nice. As we know, plastic surgery could be stressful or at least could… Because the FACIALTEAM surprised me in everything…


    I felt home, they are very well prepared in all ways, always concerned with their patients well being. Well, I felt like a queen! Impossible not to make friendships… The whole team always had a smile on their faces, kindness, politeness…


    It is impossible not to realize that they are there to make a dream come true. I can say that they were my … and today I fell as a new person, very happy with the results, loving my new face but mainly, loving having the opportunity to meet with this group of people because without them , everything would be different… I thank all the care from the bottom of my heart all the laughs!! Also I thank them for the wonderful moments we had together! It was my first surgery that felt like vacations! hahahah..

    Well, if you also have the dream of feeling well with yourself, stronger, more confident e fell yourself a woman, do not loose time, do not play with your face, I am sure that just as me, you won’t regret having surgery with them.


    I will be back soon to give you all a kiss! I was a pleasure meeting you all!!




    Bom Trabalhar com a FACIALTEAM foi muito prazeroso, como sabemos uma cirurgia plástica pode ser um pouco estressante ou pelo menos era… Justamente “era”, a equipe FACIALTEAM me surpreendeu em tudo…

    Me senti em casa, muito bem preparados em todos os sentidos, preocupados com o bem estar de seus pacientes, bom me senti uma Rainha… Impossível não fazer amizades… Todos sempre com um bello sorriso no rosto, gentileza, educação, é impossível não perceber que eles estão ali pra realizar seus sonhos da melhor maneira possível…

    Pois é… podemos dizer que encontrei minha fada madrinha, hoje me sinto uma nova pessoa, muito feliz com os resultados, amando meu rosto novo mas principalmente em haver conhecido a equipe Facial Team pois sem eles tudo seria diferente… Agradeço do fundo do coração por todo carinho, brincadeiras, risos e por todos momentos maravilhosos que tivemos juntos… Minha primeira cirurgia com clima de férias hahaha…

    Bom se você também tem o sonho de sentir se bem, mais forte, mais confiante e sentir se finalmente mulher, não perca tempo, com rosto não se brinca, tenho certeza que você assim como eu não vai se arrepender…

    FACIALTEAM excelência do inizio ao fim… e em breve estou de volta pra dar um beijo e todos vocês… um prazer conhecer vocês…



  • Danielle

    The surgery you performed on me was a long time coming and was well worth the wait. I can also talk with authority now as I have had the surgery myself and not just talking from experience of working with girls from around the world and seeing the surgeries being performed.

    You have given me life and encouragement and there are really no words to describe my feelings for what you have done. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you.

    My forehead looks wonderful as does my nose and chin. SO please tell Dr. Thiago thank you as well.Also choose your doctors with a lot of careful planning as we have with FACIALTEAM. Myself, GSTG Health Care, Transgender Counseling and
    Resource Group Highly recommends Dr. Daniel Simon and Dr. Luis Capitán
    with FACIALTEAM as they are on the cutting edge and what we consider to
    be the very “Best Surgeons” for Facial Feminization in the world!

    For myself, Transgender Counseling and Resource Group, GSTG Health Care, and
    to so many others the very best surgeon’s for FFS anywhere in the world is…… FACIALTEAM

  • Andrea

    Muy feliz de mi nueva vida, recordando mucho al gran doctor Simon y a Capitan.. los dos son increíbles

    ya que ayer 17 cumplí 1 año de la operación mas importante de mi vida. Todo gracias a ustedes.

    No tengo ningun problema en que me contacten otras pacientes y estoy dispuesta a conversar con ellas.

    Respecto a femivoz, es increible, muy recomendable y beneficioso..
    ademas que Mariela es increible. En la pagina de femivoz esta publicada
    mi experiencia.

  • Viviane

    I went back to the community to talk about my surgery: it was a dream come true! Although I am still resting, I love my forehead!


    The postop was super quiet, but I was a little stressed due to the anesthesia that gets to your head, but now “I”m back to normal” and I”m thrilled! So the difference in the pictures is even more surprising.

    I’m happy and I recommend Dr. Daniel to the ones who want and can afford… It’s worth millions!

    I’m going to now have GRS, since with my face I”m 100% satisfied. Kiss

  • C.J. from U.K.

    Dear FACIALTEAM staff, as far as I am concerned the results have been amazing and much better than I ever would have expected.

  • Elaine

    I am a transgendered woman who has lived as female since 1995. I have had a number of plastic surgery procedures over the years: Nose, Tummy Tuck and my Boobs but my problem was I just could not pass 100% as a woman, a problem a lot of women like myself have– its awful looking in the mirror and seeing a male face looking back I started reading about Facial Feminisation surgery on the Internet and looking at the procedures that could be done and the after results of women who had FFS done.

    I knew I needed this surgery but who and where could I have it done ?? I started doing my research in depth and found a Doctor called Dr Daniel Simon in Spain. I emailed the clinic and got an fast and professional response asking me to send them my Pictures.

    I was informed and please to here that they could help me. I booked my flight and hotel, all with the help of the Clinic, and from the moment I arrived in Marbella to the moment I left I was treated with respect and great care. This Clinic, in a word, is fantastic.  It´s so professional, second to none in my book. The surgery was done and I can only say my life has changed, I pass now in the street.


    No longer do I receive funny looks “is it or isn”t a woman??” kind of thing. I would strongly recommend FFS in Spain. I am now a happy contented woman, the thing in my life I have always wished for and it was Dr Simon and Dr Captain in Marbella who made my wish come true.


    Thank you again, you are both great guys. You really do change lives and I will be forever grateful to the team for every thing you did for me in Spain.  I have never been as happy in my life than I am at present.

  • Monica from Spain

    My name is Mónica and I have been interested in having facial feminization surgery for a long time.


    I did not know where to go and I was even thinking to go to the USA, but searching on the internet I found Dr. Capitán and Dr. Simon. I got in touch with them and from the very beginning I felt that they cared about me.


    I scheduled my first appointment and they answered all my doubts, so I decided to have my surgery done with them. The result is perfect. I felt in good hands and when I arrived in Marbella, I always had a patient coordinator to whom I could call at any time for any doubt. The day of the surgery was perfect and when the surgery was finished I did not feel pain; that was really important for me.

    Now, seven months after surgery, my face is the same but more feminine. I no longer have the “masculine look” and I feel more self confident. What a pleasure to go around without sunglasses. The scar is invisible and that is only achievable when the surgeons are very good.


    This is my experience. Sometimes we think that we can find the best in other countries but it is not true. Here, in my opinion, we have the best doctors to help us to become happier and to face the world with looks in relation to our female mind.


    Many thanks Dr. Luis Capitán and Dr. Daniel Simon!

  • Nadia from Spain

    The attention I received was great. I arrived with so many fears and doubts but the doctors helped me resolve these with no problem. The expectations were realistic and the results were as hoped: to be able to pass unperceived in society and more importantly, to be able to see the face I have always wanted, natural looking.


    Up to today, now a year later, my face has been feminized and this has helped my self-esteem in overcoming fears that used to make me feel so horrible, especially feeling judged unfairly by others.


    I just want to say THANK YOU for being such a great humane team, for the attention received by Dr. Simon and Dr. Capitán, their sensitivity and vast knowlege in the field of FFS. Most importantly, for making my dream a reality. I will never forget you. Thanks so much to everyone at FACIALTEAM.

  • Marina

    Ana was lovely and chatty.  A nice hospital nurse took me through (for preops) after a short wait.. she spoke less english than the previous nurses.. but we managed to talk to each other!


    On meetings: “a very dashing Dr Daniel Simon, who is lovely. We then went up to their main consulting offices and met Dr Kai, who is quite possibley the most suave surgeon you could ever imagine (and I”ve met a few in my line of work!).. but again… very nice.  Also present was Louise, his patient manager… who was as glamorous as he was sauve – and also very straight talking, which very assuring.” “…and they have wifi internet in the hospital!”

  • Candance

    En resumo minha visita en Marbella como un cambio de vida, agora mismo nao tinho mas medio de sair na rua, esto muito feliz e agradeço a toda equipe da FACIALTEAM. Obrigada! “os responsaveis por mdar a minha vida! pra muito melhor! muito obrigada”


  • Kate

    FACIALTEAM are brilliant surgeons and the standard or care is very high. I am delighted with the results of my surgery.

    Dr. Daniel Simon and Dr. Luis Capitán and Dr. Kai have made my dreams come true.
    Thank you and thank you to Lilia and Ana of the FACIALTEAM who were so kind and attentive at all times.


  • From Denmark

    Highly scpecialized specialist who give you a realistic idea of what to expect. Friendly staff.

  • Marta

    My name is Marta and in February I decided to have FFS with FACIALTEAM. On March 22nd, I had a trachea shave and rhinoplasty in the USP Hospital of Marbella.

    Everything went well

    The doctor´s visited me the day after surgery to see how I was, inform me of how the surgery went, and to release me from the hospital since everything was normal.

    I stayed in a nearby apartment-hotel, which was reserved for me by FACIALTEAM, having been able to take advantage of the seasonal offer “9 free nights” included with my surgery.

    It was best to stay in an apartment, since it allowed me to relax better. Everyday, Ana called me to see how I was and if I needed anything. After 8 days, the sutures and the nasal splint were removed. I liked what I saw in that moment, although still swollen and bruised.

    It´s now been 20 days since my surgery and I no longer have any noticable bruising and the swelling has reduced considerably.

    Thank You´s….:

    • to Lilia for her patience in organizing dates and the hotels
    • to Ana for her support, before and after the surgery
    • to the surgeons for their eagerness to inform and explain, giving me assurance, and of course for the results.
    • especially to my mother, without her support and strength I wouldn´t be where I am today. Thank you Mom, I love you.


  • Phoebe

    3 Months postop: Yes I have to say I am feeling very happy at the moment, which is testimony to the great work you do. Regarding my treatment I am generally very happy with how things are settling down. I am happy with the way my scars are healing/disappearing from my lip lift and tracheal shave and happy with the hair growth I am seeing from my implants. The scar from the hairline incision seems to be healing well although I do feel some very small bumps and wonder sometimes if I have ‘ingrowing hair’ or something, but whenever I ask a friend or relative to inspect they cannot see so it’s nothing too concerning I think. I do massage my hairline often.

    I was a little shocked initially when the initial scabbing and hair fell out from the transplants to see that my hairline at the temples had been moved further back than I expected, I presume because of the skin removed to facilitate the operation. I was told that my hairline would be moved back because of the type of surgery I was having and I suppose I would have been a little shocked in any case, but as I appear to have good hair growth now that feeling of shock has subsided.


    I am regaining sensation in my forehead (and can make most expressions now ) and in the top of my head but not fully, although I realise this takes several months.


    Sending my heartfelt feelings of joy to you all at FACIALTEAM & wishing you happiness and success.

  • Malin

    It is six months after surgery now. What a wonderful team FACIALTEAM is!

    They made me feel very comfortable and in very capable hands, all the way from the very first consultation to follow-up meetings months afterward.I started to live full-time as a woman immediately after my surgery.

    Yes, there were bruises and some swelling, but they went away after three to four months. And there is make-up out there to cover the bruises, I learnt, so it was not a huge problem to me. So, what has the FFS meant to me? My purpose with doing a FFS was to become more “passable” when I walk down a street.

    But eventually I have learned that there is another – more important – aspect as well, and that is that the FFS has made it easier for my friends to accept me in my new role as a woman. And not only accept, but also receive me heartbreakingly welcoming. And since friends are the most important you have in life that has become the most gratifying result of the FFS to me.

    In conclusion – I can strongly recommend having a FFS done by FACIALTEAM, especially if you want to become more confidentas a woman and successful with your transition. But have realistic expectations when it comes to the bruising and swelling – some of it will sit there for a number of months.

  • keira

    The assessment was free and informative and also a great feature they have is Alex from Virtual ffs sits in and can show you the proposed changes in real time which is amazing.

    I was considering other surgeons but in the end my gut was saying FACIALTEAM. So I saw them again 3 months later to make sure I was happy before making my final decision to go with them.

    FACIALTEAM are very professional but are so warm and friendly at the same time. They made sure I was happy for the two weeks I needed to be here and even gave me a Spanish mobile so I could contact them as and when I needed. This didn’t happen.

    Another person who was hugely important to my stay in Marbella is Jenny Bowman of the Hidden Woman.

    Even though I couldn’t stay with her at Jenny’s Nest as she was already full with other patients, she still found time to spend with me getting me out of my apartment and enjoying my time here rather than locked away in my apartment.

    I even felt confident enough to go out with black eyes and no make up.


    Some results you will notice straight away such as your forehead. It’s amazing to see it so nice, smooth and totally spherically on all planes.


    So here we are present day returning to London as a new woman, feeling great and ready to take on the world and a career change. I was confident before my FFS but I’m going to own it now.

    Finally I would like to say there is no right or wrong way for one to transition, as in order of surgeries. We all need to do what is right for us. Some will do FFS first, I have also met people who had SRS first. But of key importance to social integration and acceptance, in my view, is through our facial features which identify our gender at a glance.

    Which is why FFS is so important to us, thank you FACIALTEAM!
    This is my story of transition and I hope it can help others and give them confidence to do what I have done.

    Live the dream, don’t just dream it.

  • Cindii

    Yes its a long way to go but these guys are in my opinion the best at what they do. I am just on 3 weeks post op after frontal bone contouring and some work they did on a protruding frontal thickening on the left frontal hemisphere (skull injury from a car accident) that I have lived with since I was 17. I also had an upper and lower blepharoplasty repairing the loose soft tissue around my eyes, an upper lip lift and dermal hair transplant all in the same session.

    I am recovering really well and am continually amazed at the results and quick reduction in swelling. Even some of the feeling has returned sooner then I expected.

    The team were great and super friendly and supportive. I stayed with Jenny who has an apartment in old Marbella near Orange Square and she can offer you the same service. The apartment is great and in an awesome location about 15 minutes taxi ride to High Care Hospital which has the nicest hospital grounds I have ever seen.

    Overall my whole experience here has been second to none and I know I made the right choice for me and I want to pass on this information to you on our growing list of great surgery options.

    While I was here I got to meet Dr Preecha who was visiting from Thailand to see how they do things here. Earlier this year the team presented their world leading techniques at the WPATH Symposium in Bangkok, Thailand as well as have conducted similar free seminars in the UK at Sparkle – The National Transgender Celebration and the Transliving Mag Int Eastbourne events as well for Acceptess Transgenres in AIDES – Paris 8. The teams aim is to raise global awareness of standards of treatment and care for transgender patients seeking Facial Feminisation Surgery.


    video On facebook here 

    NOTE: Due to privacy policy, this video is only available to FacialTeam followers on Facebook.

  • Alice

    Weeks after surgery:
    My swelling continues to go down and feeling is returning to my nose and bottom lip so all is progressing well. I have been walking around in Paris feeling very confident and I like seeing my new face when I catch my reflection in the shop mirrors.

    It is also lovely being called ‘Madame’ all the time.

    Months after surgery:
    You inevitably judge the success of an operation like this in the way other people react to you and the doctors appear to have struck the right balance between feminization and retaining the character of my face. ​…​
    1-year postop Skype consultation:
    Seeing you again reminded us once more of the genuine enthusiasm you both have for your work and the dedication you show to your patients. You’re also great ambassadors for the kind nature we have experienced from the Spanish people wherever we travelled.

  • Kay B.

    I was surprised that I wasnt more black and blue for the presentation in London (only 10 days postop).. most people refused to believe I had undergone such extensive surgery so recently!

    There has been no discoloration visible since I left and the swelling in the nose and chin has been dropping very fast! The talk about transgender identities at the conference was packed- more attendees than any other talk at the conference, with very good feedback.

    There were people who broke down (emotionally) in front of some of the exhibits and we have photographs of others who were praying — so very powerful stuff.

    Thank you again for your amazing compassion and attention. x K

  • Emma

    Huge difference. Today I went shopping without any makeup and still no one knew I was born male, all thanks to FFS.

    I just did what i had to do to survive.

    Nothing but nice things to say about these guys, the results were better than expected. Went from a guy to passing as a female, that’s all I ever wanted. I enjoyed the whole process, there’s nothing to worry about. Would do it all again if needed.

    Daniel and Luis are superstars, gracias and obrigado amigos.

    For references, contact via FACEBOOK



    Una diferencia enorme. Hoy fui de compras sin maquillarme y aún así nadie sabía que nací hombre, gracias a la cirugía de feminización facial.

    Solo hice lo que tenía que hacer para sobrevivir.

    No tengo más que cosas buenas decir de FACIALTEAM, los resultados salieron mejor que imaginé.

    Me he convertido de un hombre a una mujer, lo que deseaba. Disfruté del proceso, no me preocupé en ningún momento y volvería hacerlo con ellos.

    Daniel y Luis son mis héroes, “thank you and obrigado my friends”.

  • Christina

    I just wanted to say one more thank you to everyone at Facial Team for such a magical experience xoxo

    I can’t imagine it having been any better and would give you all 5***** and 10/10! I was very sad to be saying goodbye to everyone and really felt it on Thursday morning when I got up to see Dr Kaye, walking out of Skol and down the high street for the last time.

    It has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I have only happy memories of Marbella.


    I’m sure we will all meet again in the future before too long, I can’t resist coming back at some point – this time I will remember to bring a 1/2 empty suitcase though as it only juuust closed with all the clothes I’ve bought 😉



    Solo quisiera decir GRACIAS una última vez para todos de FACIAL TEAM para una experiencia mágica. Besos y abrazos. No puedo imaginarlo mejor, os doy 5 estrellas y una nota 10 de 10.

    Sentí triste despedirme de todos, especialmente el último día cuando fui para la consulta final con Dr. Kaye, andando por la avenida principal.

    Ha sido una de las experiencias más impactantes de mi vida y solo tengo memorias felices de Marbella.


    Sin duda nos encontramos de nuevo en el futuro, no puedo resistir volver–esta vez llevaré la maleta media vacia porque apenas cierre con toda la ropa que he comprado!

  • Miriam

    I´m so happy with the results, thank you! It gives you a large confidence boost, I feel. Things just seem easier.

    I didn´t have high expectations, I didn´t want to feel it wasn´t enough, but I´m so glad I did it.


    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to come with you on the consutation days. Its been amazing speaking to people, sharing my story of what its like in Marbella.

  • Alessandra

    My name is Alessandra, from Italy. I underwent to bimaxillary orthognatic surgery, chinplasty and lower jaw recontouring.

    I want to say that my experience was wonderful: perfect organization and, thanks to Lilia, a careful assistance from the arrival to the departure! She gave me a Clinic mobile phone and she was always available at my needs, both with suggestion and support.


    I found in Dr. Simon a very empathetic and understanding surgeon, as well as technical and aesthetically qualified and accomplished. Immediatly I felt to be on the same wavelenght with both the doctors of the Clinic, Dr. Simon and Dr. Captain, and it’s very important to find the right feeling and self confidence in a major surgery like this.


    The USP hospital it’s a very modern medical facility, with the best level of assistance. Finally it’s worth to say that Marbella it’a a very famous and nice tourist resort, very beautiful in every season. So I’m very proud to recommend this Clinic to all the person that wish to have an excellent surgery, understanding surgeon in the process to find the most suitable procedure, and, not to mention, at the fair price!”



  • Ema

    Hello .. My name is Ema Sofia. I had facial feminization surgery with FACIALTEAM on September 28, 2010.

    And I’m very happy, not only with the results, but also with empathy and extreme degree of humanity that the whole multidisciplinary team has shown me.


    It was an adventure from Portugal, alone, travelling 850 km in search of a dream, a goal to feel good about myself. I was nervous because I did not know what I would find, I felt alone in this process that is a radical transformation in how we present ourselves to the world.

    But I felt calm because the contacts made previously offered me comfort and a great organization demonstrated by Dr Daniel and Ana González. I must say that I never felt alone in those 11 days I spent in Marbella. I was facilitated a phone with all the contacts of the team … I had pre and post operative, almost every day and the soothing voice of Ana whenever I needed something.

    The surgery, which lasted seven hours, could have left great pain or discomfort, but the joy was so great that all the fear and anguish dissipated.

    I spent two days at the USP Hospital de Marbella, and I lacked nothing. Attentive staff and a well equipped suite. What pleased me a lot and helped me with a quick recovery was the mask used during hospitalization.


    Everything went so well that two days after discharge from hospital I went to drive my car to the hotel without any problem, even Dr. Luis was concerned about this show of my attitude.


    After 5 days postoperatively, I was able to chew food with some discomfort, but it slowly went to it´s site. I will never forget this team because they attended the rebirth …

    I went to my family after those 11 days and I know they shared my joy with me. It pained me to leave, say goodbye to them, but that”s life, they did their part and I had to embrace my new life with a high well-being and self-esteem that I never had in 37 years.

    I waited almost three months to feel prepared to write this testimony. Thank you, Dr. Daniel Simon, Dr. Louis Capitan, Dr. Kaye, Ana González, nurse Milagros, and the entire multidisciplinary staff that welcomed me.


    A kiss. Figueira da Foz, 15 December 17.12.2010


  • Andressa

    I am very happy to have performed surgery ffs facial, I wish you guys all the best.I”m sure your union and Dr. Capitan is already a success and for sure you guys will have a bright future.


    You were always clear and honest with me.


    Anna, I have a very sweet spot, Lilia although I didn´t have the pleasure of knowing her in person, for sure the best person. You guys are a team score of 10, caring always. Count on me to collaborate with the growth of FACIALTEAM .. also wanted to say that in Italy all my friends know me as andressa barbie




    Queria so dizer que estou muito feliz em ter realizado a cirurgia ffs com vcs da facial team.Desejo a vcs tudo de bom,tenho certeza que a uniao sua e do dr capitan è ja um sucesso e vcs vao ter com certeza um futuro brilhante sendo



    sempre claro e honestos como foram comigo,


    ana è uma pessoa muito doce pontual e disponivel , lilia nao tive o prazer de conhecer de pessoa mais com certeza vcs sao uma equipe nota 10. beijao carinhoso conte comigo sempre para colaborar com o crescimento de FACIALTEAM fiquem com deus andressa obs..queria tambem dizer que na italia todas as minhas amigas me conhecem como andressa barbie no caso o sr ouvir falar da barbie sou eu:-)


If you would like an appointment for a video conference with Dr. Capitán or Dr. Simon, please read the instructions regarding the photos and details we require in advance and fill the form.






Our doctors travel frequently to many cities worldwide, providing seminars and free private consultations, by appointment. If you have a group in your area, contact us to see if a local consultation may be organised.


During your 30 – 40 minute meeting, the doctors will discuss your case at length and address any doubts in detail. We offer our honest opinion, from a clinical and aesthetic perspective. However, the patient´s requirements and objectives are also a very important consideration.


Don´t forget to bring a list of questions with you!



We welcome you to meet our surgeons and staff in Marbella, Spain and see the installations any time of year. 

Please contact us to make an appointment.