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Social responsibility covid-19 face shields

1000 face shields to save lives in Andalusia | Solidarity in Social responsibility COVID-19

April 1, 2020
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Social responsibility and COVID-19

Normally, Ortoplus laboratories create customised 3D surgical models and osteotomy templates for our facial feminisation surgeries–but now, in a partnership of solidarity with Facialteam, more than 1000 protective facial visors will be manufactured this week for healthcare workers in Andalusia.

Facialteam co-CEO, Dr. Daniel Simon, explains,

“Ortoplus is a dental technology group in Malaga (Spain) whose high-quality products permit the milimetrical precision that many of Facialteam’S facial feminization patients benefit from.”

At this moment, the largest 3D printers in Europe have been volunteered by Ortoplus in Malaga to manufacture urgently needed materials for the Andalusian Health System. An amazing social responsibility response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The fabrication of more face shields will continue according to the growing demand of those hospitals and health clinics in greatest need.

Corporate Social responsibility & COVID-19

Facialteam takes corporate social responsibility seriously. Our directors comment:

“This is one way we can contribute to preventing the spread of coronavirus: where it is most needed here, by supporting OrtoPlus in its production of the vital protective gear for our healthcare workers.”

Ortoplus worked alongside the Andalusian healthcare administration and the University of Málaga to develop the project for the 3D printing of respirators, now in high demand. It’s operations are now functioning at full capacity to make masks, face-screens, respirators and other items urgently needed to protect healthcare providers and prevent the propagation of COVID-19.

Facialteam encourages other entities to think of what they can do to contribute to COVID-19 social responsibility initiatives around the world. 

More social responsibility COVID-19 projects are necessary

Ortoplus is an example of how a national-level collaboration between the private and public sectors was able to implement rapid solutions to the lack of medical equipment during the crisis.

The protoypes being created on seven of the largest 3D printers in Europe were designed by a multidisciplinary team of health workers, scientists and engineers volunteered by the Spanish Ministry of Health.  More volunteer and innovative solutions like this are still needed as the pandemic expands.

social responsibility Covid-19 Ortoplus Lab

How a 3D printer is saving lives: A social responsibility COVID-19 response

Ortoplus normally is Facialteam’s exclusive provider of the patented maxillofacial surgery guides employed in jaw and chin recontouring, coupled with ultrasonic technology to minimize soft-tissue trauma.
Dr. Luis Capitán, Facialteam co-CEO explains,

“These templates are essential for security and exactness in a procedure where visibility is limited due to the intraoral approach to limit visible exterior scarring.”

However, now Ortoplus lends its experts in CAD/CAM software to the COVID-19 response, plus it’s laboratory with the highest production capacity and advanced technology for large-format 3D printing in Europe.

The production process is actually simple. Once the digital designes are prepared, the 3D printer first processes the mount of the protective shield. Then, a transparent PVC screen is fixed to this base. Once complete, these facial shields are disinfected before sending for use by healthcare workers. The facial shields are employed for similar functions as masks in the healthcare setting.


Social Responsibility action – not just during a pandemic 
In times of a global emergency, the sense of urgency makes institutions and business work together to find mutual solutions. However small the contributions may be– they are important–as we are all connected. Today, tomorrow and always.

Perhaps our efforts inspire others to do what they can now too. Hopefully, these acts of empathy and humanity are remembered in the future. Ideally, the concept of social responsibility becomes more integrated into the core values of all individuals, businesses and institutions for a healthier planet. Now and always.

Many people across the globe have contacted Facialteam expressing their interest in collaborating in support of the fight against COVID-19 in Spain.  Unfortunately, material donations for use in the public sector must comply with sanitation regulations for safety, ratified design and prior desinfectation.

Facialteam has offered to serve as an intermediary for any person or entity interested in contributing to the face shield project, in order to ensure donations are made in a safe and correct manner.  For details or to make a donation, please email socialresponsability@facialteam.eu