Patients' Voices

The Transformative Journey of Rebecca from Sweden with Facialteam

Rebecca, a 29-year-old woman from Öland, Sweden, graciously shared her transformative journey with us here at Facialteam. Being one of our patients, Rebecca chose to have facial surgery not just as a personal decision, but also as a means to boost her confidence and enhance her career opportunities. Her story is a testament to the quality care and profound effects that facial surgery can have on an individual’s life.

Rebecca’s surgical journey began due to her dissatisfaction with the shape of her nose. From an early age, she was conscious of her crooked and bumpy nose. Alongside this, she decided to have her chin fixed to improve symmetry, creating a more balanced facial structure. “I wanted facial surgery from an early age,” she explains, emphasizing the longstanding desire for change that ultimately led her to us.

The Healing Journey

Following her surgery, Rebecca observed immediate improvement. Initially, she experienced some bruising, which is a typical part of the healing process. However, this subsided quickly, leaving only a bit of swelling that was managed effectively with therapeutic massages.

Rebecca’s decision to undergo surgery was also influenced by her career aspirations. She struggled to secure stable employment, a challenge she attributes to a lack of confidence. She hoped that the surgery would not only improve her physical appearance but also boost her self-esteem and increase her chances of landing a good job.

The Facialteam Experience

Facialteam played a significant role in Rebecca’s journey. She first had a consultation in Stockholm, Sweden, where she met the team of doctors, patients, and personnel. She describes the encounter as ‘wonderful,’ with the exceptional results, professional expertise, and the congenial team leaving her without a doubt that she had made the right choice. “It was the only one for me”, she states, reflecting on her decision to trust us with her transformation.

During her time with us, Rebecca enjoyed the comfort and support of our team members, sessions, and even our food – which she highlights as “great food!” The environment fostered by Facialteam not only provided her with a successful surgical outcome but also enabled her to form lasting friendships. She fondly mentions the connections she made during her journey with us, proudly declaring them “friends for life.”

Upcoming Consultations in Stockholm

We are pleased to announce that our surgeons will be returning to Stockholm, Sweden for consultations on 19th September 2023. This is an excellent opportunity for patients from Scandinavia, like Rebecca, to take the first step on their transformative journey with Facialteam.

If you are interested in speaking with a surgeon during this event, please fill in the form below.

Conclusion: A Transformation Beyond the Physical

Rebecca’s story underscores the transformative power of facial surgery and the potential it holds to improve personal confidence and open up new life opportunities. It showcases the dedication of Facialteam to deliver patient-centric care and quality outcomes, making us proud to have been a part of her journey.