Patients' Voices

My Journey: From having FFS Surgery to Observing Surgeries at Facialteam

Hello, everyone! My name is Amelia, and today, I would like to share my journey with Facialteam, from being a patient to observing surgeries at their facility. The experience has been life-changing, and I hope my story can inspire others.

Being a Trans Medical Student in the UK

As a medical student in the UK, I have found that the experience is quite similar to being a trans person in any other professional field. Trans healthcare is still not taught as part of the core medical curriculum, so it remains a mystery to many people in the medical field. I am working with my university to change this because healthcare is crucial and should be part of education.

Having undergone facial feminization surgery (FFS) and working on my voice, I now pass pretty much perfectly. People assume that I am cisgender, which often leads to surprise when they learn about my trans history as an AMAB woman. I am proud of my experience as a patient and how it has given me insight into the field I am pursuing.

Family Support Throughout My Journey

My family, especially my mum, dad, and younger brother, have been incredibly supportive throughout my journey. When I first came out as nonbinary, then later as a trans woman, they wrapped around me like a cocoon of acceptance and love. Their support has been invaluable, and I am forever grateful.

My Experience at Facialteam

When I first visited Facialteam, I was struck by the amazing food and the welcoming atmosphere. The team made me feel like I was part of a family, and my patient coordinator, Sonja, was like an old friend.

Fast forward to the present time, I had the opportunity to observe surgeries at Facialteam for two days. What stood out to me the most was how small the face is and how easily visible everything is from a surgical perspective. The experience was incredibly educational and insightful.

Thoughts on the Current Trans Healthcare Climate

While I don’t follow politics as closely as I should, it is clear that the current climate is difficult for gender queer individuals in many places, including the UK. The NHS, being publicly funded, has been slow to embrace trans healthcare. However, there are organizations like Facialteam that are pushing for change and doing incredible work to help transgender people.

In conclusion, my journey with Facialteam has been nothing short of life-changing. I am grateful for the support I have received from my family and the team at Facialteam. As I continue my education and career in the medical field, I am committed to making a difference and improving trans healthcare for future generations.