Here’s 5+ ways to celebrate Pride 2023 every day 

Facialteam celebrates LGBTQIA+ Acceptance this Pride 2023 by first reflecting on our many collaborations which have connected communities and allies for the past ten years.

There is space for every gender identity, without taking away privilege from anyone. 

“Pride isn’t just an event, or a month, it’s representative of the LGBTQIA rights movement since the Stonewall uprising, which very much still affects everyone each day. While people may have already had facial gender affirming surgery, they still very much feel the effects of it years afterwards. I still do. While affirming healthcare like FFS may make us feel a little safer…each day can still be enormously stressful just existing in the world as a trans person.”

Sarah O’Connell, 2023.

Pride 2023 at Facialteam

At Facialteam, we believe it is our social responsibility as members of the professional and LGBTQIA+ communities to shed light on the issues that still permeate our society. In particular, we desire our trans and nonbinary citizens to feel welcome–regardless of gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation– all the time. 

This mission is essential for us because we understand the need of our patients to live their truth. Being ourselves openly increases our mental and physical well-being. Our business is built around PRIDE for everyone, all year long. Raising awareness is a crucial part of what we do.

We don’t only talk about the issues during Pride Month, a practice referred to as “rainbow capitalism.” Sarah O’Connell underlines how that type of commercial communication “when many are considering fleeing their state or country due to transphobic laws, seems to miss the point.”

5 Social Responsibility actions, not just during Pride Month

To contribute to the awareness of diversity, equity and inclusivity, we have proudly sponsored and worked alongside over 50 organizations on four continents to promote our community’s values. 

In addition, here are five ways to join us in our social media efforts and help us make a difference.  

  1. Give kudos to your favorite Facialteamer for wanting to learn more! Our Workplace Wellness training for staff has developed a 3-part series for our healthcare professionals. Among many other points, this educational workshop will highlight the importance of inclusive pronoun usage as well as the intersectionality behind the women’s and trans rights movements.
  2. Recommend our 11-year-old and growing Facebook community of trans individuals, which is moderated by Sarah O’ Connell and Lilia Koss, both long-standing community allies. The peer group connects members to a growing chosen family of allies, experts and trans people who share their experiences.
  3. Visit a Pride event! – Don’t miss the highlight of PRIDE, such as the fashion show by TransLingerie in Madrid and Trans Pride Brighton & Hove in the UK, both sponsored in part by Facialteam. This kind of collective collab stimulates conversations on how to make an effective statement against governments with anti-trans laws.
  4. Watch our Livestream series, Reflective Conversations on Gender Identity for Allies. In June our 20th episode of the LIVE series, hosted by D. M. Maynard, educator and author, shares her expertise of more than 30 years of expertise in workshops and through her books dedicated to the needs of our many allies: partners, parents, and families of trans individuals.
  5. Read about The Foundation by Facialteam, and stay tuned for more!

How science & training backs Pride 2023

Our Training & Education department works closely with surgeons worldwide to improve procedures and services that assist you in confirming your identity and becoming the person you need to be to feel comfortable in your skin. This is an ongoing project that never stops and is just one way we make inroads into the professional sector.

Keeping true to our values and community’s needs, our Research & Development team will soon be publishing our 25th peer-reviewed scientific publication.

We invest in the trans community by continually pushing forward advancements in trans healthcare and sharing our findings with the scientific and medical field, where many still have much to learn about inclusive care. 

Remembering Pride around the world

Specific Pride 2023 marches and celebrations will be taking place all over the planet throughout the summer. Spain is a beautiful country that is full of Pride and we would like to remember this statement of acceptance and inclusivity for World Pride from 2021. Whether you are celebrating in Brighton, Madrid, or Barcelona, we wish you great Pride from our family to yours. 

Facialteam wants to thank you and all of our patients for your unconditional solidarity in supporting all our efforts. Together we continue to show the world that we are people and deserve to live authentically without recourse. 

Pride is a vital call to action

“Pride 2023 is a vital call to action to contact MPs to protect the Equality Act so that the UK trans community isn’t pushed out of society and existence. I can’t think of anything more important to do during Pride Month, or indeed any other time. Lives really do depend on it as one of the rights that they are trying to take away is healthcare,” explains Sarah O’ Connell.

International Pride Day was born of the united voices of the feminist, black, antiwar and gay liberation movements for a common cause: social justice. Since, other dates have also been marked to raise awareness of the issues the trans community continues to face: Trans Day of Visibility in March, IDAHOBIT in May, Coming Out Day in October and Trans Day of Remembrance & Resilience in November.

What Facialteam LGBTQIA staff say

Do you remember this message written by one of our staff in 2021? We believe it stands valid today:

“It is encouraging to see the way many young people are viewing diversity, particularly when it comes to being more inclusive of gender identity and its intersection with minority status. What will this mean for the LGBTQIA+ family in the future?  Over the past decade, it has been a true privilege to see so many unique representations of what it means to be trans, nonbinary, or gender-nonconforming and we celebrate each and every one.  We see beauty in that there are an infinite number of possibilities. These initials or labels that confine us into a limited number of pronouns are just social constructs that impede the expression of the grand diversity and fluidity of gender identity as we grow and age. 

So this year, hope is renewed for more safe spaces where trans, gender-queer and intersex people are able to openly explore their identities outside the boundaries of a fixed and rigid gender binary, where the closet is just a place to hide our clothes, not our true selves. Hope is renewed for increased protections of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and intersex rights as well as an ever growing stronghold of gender affirming allies dedicated to making a difference.”

LGBT+ Pride is 52 years young

Sarah O’Connell explains why it is important to revisit the history of Pride: “Remembering Stonewall honours those no longer with us who risked their lives and freedom to fight for our rights. LGBT+ history isn’t taught in schools so it’s up to the community to keep that legacy alive.”

The annual commemoration of the uprisings at the Stonewall Inn in New York City fifty-two years ago in response to repeated violent police raids of LGBT+ bars. It was a community-led rebellion sparked on June 23rd, 1969, with 3 days of riots in which minority group trans women, such as Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, a latina and black woman, played central figures.

What occurred on Stonewall Day is remembered as a turning point for LGBTQIA acceptance around the world. Today, over half a century later, many say #itgetsbetter.  However, with debate on bathroom access, trans youth in sport and trans healthcare as well as government-backed LGBT-free zones happening today, it’s clear that there is still a way to go.

Facialteam asks you too to celebrate diversity and support the protection of the LGBTIQ community’s rights to social inclusion. This will only be possible with the outspoken voices of activist groups and support from many allies like us. 

Enjoy International Pride!

Patient Relations Manager Lilia Koss, presentator of Lilia's Livestreams
About the author

Hello world! I’m Lilia Koss and I use she, her, and they pronouns. What are yours? With a background in humanities and diverse professional experiences, I have been working with the Facialteam founders and directors since 2008. Involved from the ground up, so I’ve had hands in many pots: patient coordination, orientation events on 3 continents, social media, written and audiovisual content about our gender-affirming healthcare...but now life is more defined. Lately, I focus my energies on Public Relations, community management and live streaming to help raise the visibility of trans health. Life is pretty complete.