The FACIALTEAM Foundation for transgender surgery

FACIALTEAM is making way for the FACIALTEAM Foundation, a project that allows us give back to the very community which has helped us to become world leaders in facial gender harmonization. Thanks to the trust of hundreds of patients from all over the world who share a common desire.

 At FACIALTEAM (, you will find a skilled team that believes in constant progress towards the integration of transgender people in society. For years, we have worked exclusively in Facial Surgery Gender Confirmation.

The primary purpose of the FACIALTEAM FOUNDATION ( is to assist transgender women with socio-economic constraints who wish to transition. The program will help them to obtain facial gender harmonization surgeries which not only changes these women’s lives, but also is widely reported to have saved their lives.


The main goals of the FACIALTEAM Foundation are

  1. Provide access to facial gender confirming surgery for transgender patients without sufficient financial resources. (We prefer not to use the term gender reassignment).
  2. Form collaborations with other charities and trans health-related associations with similar goals.
  3. Increase awareness of the trans community, encouraging tolerance, including building bridges with key corporate sponsors who support the normalization of trans employees in the workplace.

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Your contribution is essential to help us reach the most disadvantaged transgender women. With your monetary support you are sending a powerful message to the trans community.  Trans people suffer the highest levels of suicide rates than any other group in society, so with your help we can help them see that they matter, that they are not alone.

If you are already one of our generous donors, you form part of one of the first non-profit projects to help patients obtain facial gender harmonization surgery Since our face is like a “cover letter” in public, it´s important that people “register” us in the correct gender. This is why many seek facial gender confirmation surgery. There are millions of transgender people in the world who hide their true selves in fear of rejection, a reality due to society’s lack of understanding.

The FACIALTEAM FOUNDATION counts on a team of the most experienced professionals in facial transgender surgery today that is committed to finding sustainable solutions for each case. Contributions are employed to cover the costs of highly personalized programs for facial surgery, medical care and emotional support during the facial gender confirmation process.

We are proud to have changed the lives of many people since the facial feminization team began a decade ago. It has been an honor to take part in this process. There is no greater reward for our volunteer medical staff to hear the positive stories.

Collaborations with other charity entities such as Fundación Daniela in Spain ( or ATA Sylvia Rivera (Association of Transgender People in Andalusia) ( help us to identify those patients in greatest need.

The foundation begins the fundraising phase in 2017, with the commitment to inform all donors of the notable developments that your generous donation have made possible.

Thanks for joining us!!