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Lea T’s Journey: Redoing FFS Surgery & the Excellence of Facialteam

Leandra Medeiros Cerezo, known professionally as Lea T, is a beacon of inspiration in the fashion industry. Born in Brazil and raised in Italy, Lea T has transcended barriers as a transgender fashion model, establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with. Renowned as the muse of Riccardo Tisci, chief creative officer of British luxury brand Burberry, she has graced the runway for brands like Givenchy and Benetton, all while advocating for transgender rights in the LGBT community.

A Second Chance at Transformation

Her journey to Facialteam, like many others, began with a desire to correct a previous surgery performed elsewhere two years ago. This previous procedure involved the modification of the forehead, chin, and nose. However, the results did not live up to Lea’s expectations, primarily due to a visible scar resulting from the forehead modification.

Upon researching and meeting the Facialteam staff, she found a sense of assurance in the team’s professionalism, attentiveness, and deep understanding of the unique experiences and needs of transgender individuals.

“All the people that make up the team at Facialteam are very attentive, also respecting the rhythm that transgender people need, which is different from cisgender people, as their lives have a very different intensity,” Lea T shares.

Understanding the Individual Journey

Facialteam is not just a team of leading professionals in facial feminization surgery, but a group that recognizes the intense emotional journey associated with transitioning. It’s this compassionate approach and firm commitment to each individual’s well-being that make Facialteam a choice of those who know their worth.

Personalized Approach to Femininity

Another aspect that sets Facialteam apart is their personalized approach to femininity. The team’s willingness to sit down with patients and discuss individual interpretations of femininity fosters an environment that respects each person’s unique identity.

“I liked that a lot in Facialteam because we sat down together and there were no rules about what femininity was. They tell you what people normally ask for, but everyone decides for themselves,” explains Lea T.

Lea T’s Redoing FFS Procedures

Lea T opted to redo her previous forehead surgery and correct the visible hairline scar caused by it, with Facialteam’s Simultaneous Hair Transplant Technique (SHT). Also she wanted to review her previous chin recontouring, and enhance her facial femininity with a lip lift.

Facialteam’s mastery in these specialized procedures and redoing facial feminization surgery allowed for improved aesthetic results while minimizing visible scarring.

The Healing Environment

Beyond the surgery itself, the Facialteam experience extends to the beautiful surroundings of Marbella, Spain. For patients undergoing an intense physical and emotional transformation, the calming ambiance of the city, nestled between the mountains and the sea, provides an atmosphere conducive to healing and recovery.

“Being able to be in such a lovely city with the mountains and the village is like living a dream in many moments. The whole atmosphere is really beneficial for your recovery and for preparing for such an impactful trip,” Lea T says.

Lea T’s story is a testament to Facialteam’s commitment to high-quality medical care, individualized approach, and the unwavering support that helps people on their transformative journeys. It’s not merely about changing physical features; it’s about understanding and respecting each individual’s interpretation of their identity, and supporting them through their journey to become their true selves.