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Testimonials of FFS Surgery Patients | Bonitas Palabras

June 22, 2020
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What are the testimonials of FFS surgery patients? Beautiful words, or in Spanish, “bonitas palabras.”  Each woman’s journey is unique, but there are some themes that come up again and again in our interviews with patients over the months and years following their facial feminization surgery.

What does the hundreds of “bonitas palabras” signify for our team? When all the energy poured into quality care, service and outcomes translates into patient happiness.  This post is dedicated to our staff, whose dedication brings about such beautiful messages of appreciation.  Congratulations Facialteamers!

FFS saved my life

Not everyone feels the need to have surgery as part of their transition, and “passing” isn’t always a priority. FFS surgeons should not promise miracles, although facial feminization surgery can make that significant difference in one’s own perceived femininity–which is what really matters. For some women, the confidence they get from looking and feeling more feminine is priceless.  Many have said that it was a life-saving procedure for them.  View our testimonials of FFS patients in video here.

In her video testimonial, Emma from the UK says:

“This surgery has changed my life as much as any life can be changed. Nobody ever knows anymore, and that’s all you can ask for. I don’t have to explain it to anybody.”

Aeryn and Samy, both from the UK, explain how their FFS surgery has made such a difference in their confidence. Samy says:

“It’s even given me the strength and the belief that I can actually change my job.”

One of the most moving testimonials on the subject of confidence comes from Jessica, from the US:

“My life has definitely changed simply because I wasn’t able to actually transition, I didn’t have the confidence without the surgery. I was a panicky anxious mess any time I would try to present female, to be honest. Afterwards, it was easy, I didn’t even have to try, I just got read as female and that’s exactly what I needed. I know some people are different and they don’t mind that awkward phase, but that was really rough for me and the FFS got me through that.”

Testimonials of FFS Surgery Results

Facialteam is committed to the most natural results that work with the patient’s natural facial harmony. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in FFS surgery, as every woman is unique in her facial structure, proportions, and expectations. Facial Team honors this in each patient, revealing the more feminine face that was waiting to be discovered.

To this point, Alexis from the US shares:

“My greatest fear beforehand was changing my face. I loved my face, the natural face God gave me. When I look in the mirror, I still see me, I see my spirit.”

Breanna from the US is very pleased with the personalized treatment she received:

“The results have me ecstatic. I knew from the moment I started talking with them that they actually cared how happy I was at the end.”

Testimony on choosing an FFS surgeon

Jessica recounts that she had planned on visiting about 4 practices for consultations, but she knew her search was over after meeting with Facialteam:

“You guys were just what I was looking for. The communication was better, everyone was very passionate about their work.”

Breanna was initially disheartened by the plastic-looking results she saw from other surgeons in the United States and other countries:

“But then when I stumbled on Facial Team, everything seemed very natural.”

Keira from New Zealand recalls the moment she knew Facialteam was the right choice for her:

“The thing that really sticks out in my memory was my consultation with Dr. Capitan. They wanted to take my features that were there already and just feminize them or soften them, so I was still me, but just a more feminine version. And that really resonated with me.”

Allison compares the care she received with Facialteam to other experiences she’s had in healthcare:

“I’ve been to doctors’ offices through this whole process in the US and I have never reached a standard of care to that level where somebody is literally a phone call away because they actually care, not just because it’s their job. I would say that that is family.”

Finally, Emma sums it all up beautifully:

“If this is really what you want, this is the place to come. I know there’s a lot of people out there that can do this work. But there’s nobody like this team.”

ffs surgery testimonials2020 – Testimonials of FFS Surgery patients

08/01/2020 Germany

” Once again, many thanks to you for your great coordination and mental support.
I’m doing super well, I’ve been working for a week now and what I find quite amazing is that I’m even positively accepted with my new face without any problems. So people don’t even notice that I had an operation, they just compliment me all the time. Inside I have to smile about it more often 😉 Especially the men are beside themselves when they see me more than ever before ;-).

 A very nice hug back to Dr. Simon! I will never forget that Dr. Simon supported me mentally when I was so insecure before the operation and as a doctor he just listens, that is outstanding! I am so happy with the result, it looks beautiful. The chin and jaw are art, the jaw has become very feminine with my desired definition. And the chin is also top, from the front I have a very nice defined V-Line. And the eyes, what can I say, dreamlike. I have never felt more comfortable in my skin than now.

 The healing is progressing super fast, I only have slight swellings in my chin. I’m looking forward to paying a surprise visit this summer.”

09/01/2020 England, UK

” Laura, thank you for all your help since I got in touch with Facialteam. I really appreciate how clear, communicative, and friendly you have been. “

14/01/2020 parent from Canada

” Hi Carmen

She moved in with us and is recovering well from the operation, being totally spoilt by my wife. Her spirits are high…
Carmen we would like to thank you for your hospitality and support from the first contact till the end. Your presence and warmth were very reassuring to us and helped us overcome the anxiety we were feeling throughout the process.
Likewise, Isabel you provided cheerful support during the crucial operation period and also helped us relax at the point of maximum concern.
On behalf of my wife and my daughter, we would like to thank you, your colleagues and the medical team for caring, a job well done and for making us feel you were on our side at all times.”

26/01/2020 Australia

” Thank you so much for everything Silvana, you have been absolutely wonderful throughout this whole process. I can’t thank you and everyone at FacialTeam enough, I am so thrilled with the results already and I am one very large step further through my transition and closer to where I want to be. “

29/01/2020 Holland

” I would like to thank everyone whom guided and stood by me throughout this grand adventure, from my Coordinator Beatriz, all of the Doctors and nursing service to Jose the Maître d’hôtel at Guadalpin Banus. It’s been an amazing experience and I can’t thank you all enough for making it unforgettable. “

10/02/2020 Ireland

” Hi Carmen,
Thank you so much for coordinating the trip. Facial Team, the organised transport and La Villa were fantastic. Everyone was so helpful and hospitable ??
Thanks so much”

14/02/2020 United Kingdom

” Just want to feed back after my surgery and stay with facial team 26 June.  All I can say is my stay was first class and support during stay in hospital and in hotel.  Staff from doctors, nurses and housekeeping were friendly and caring. My life since surgery has changed so much and confidence has improved. I am never miss gendered and has helped me get on with my life.
I can’t thank the team enough you have change my life.
Thank you”

17/02/2020 United Kingdon

” I wholeheartedly recommend Facialteam for FFS.
At the consultation the surgeon was demonstrably more interested in helping me make the right choices for me, even advising against one procedure I had been considering. I consulted several surgeons but finally chose Facialteam because I felt most confident with them. I was not let down. Clearly the team are specialist world leaders in the field of FFS but it was the warm caring nature of the surgeons, nurses and staff that really made the whole experience for me.
Aftercare was very comprehensive including complimentary therapies and the opportunity to discuss fears, concerns and shared experience with other patients. I would most definitely go to them again if I required further surgery.
All in all, a wonderful experience. I was in the safest of hands throughout my trip to Marbella and thank each one of the team for their outstanding service.”

19/02/2020 USA

” Hi Isabel,

It’s been about a month so I wanted to give you an update.
It took 3 weeks until I could see myself again but I’m very happy with the results! I’m attaching a picture I took last night. I still have some swelling around my eyes and mainly my jaw but even with that I’m finally comfortable with how I look for the first time in my life.
Thank you again for everything! “

2019 Testimonial Archive

18/11/2019 from Myanmar

” Word cant express enough how much I am happy to have you as my coordinator and to have such amazing results even in one week.
God sent me to FT to have flawless surgery.
Thank you for all assistance and support sister. I love you.
A kiss and a hug…”

18/11/2019 Ireland

” It is now almost 1.5 years since and I am just emailing to say a huge thanks to the doctors for the excellent quality of the work. I am no longer recognized as transgender and it has vastly improved my life quality. Please pass on my deepest thanks to them, and to all the facial team.

I have had many surgeries and met far more doctors, and facial team are head and shoulders above every other doctor I have met. And not just the doctors, also the patient coordinators, every member of your team has my thanks. The scientific / objective approach to the surgery and the incredible patient support is simply beyond comparison with any other doctor I have met. (And I’m not one to give out undeserved praise – lol).
If you ever need a recommendation (I know you already have thousands- lol), I would gladly do it.
Thank you “

02/12/2019 Australia

” I was very, very impressed with the care and attention from all the staff at FacialTeam. I found everyone to be very helpful and welcoming. Keep it up! “

16/12/2019 Australia

” Thank you so much for sending the collage through. It is very much appreciated and the collage is a wonderful way to see the changes. I love the forehead, orbitals and bridge of the nose already…and I’m looking forward to the nose and chin swelling to go down. I can’t believe it is 3 months already, and considering what I had done the recovery is miraculous, although  I have no surgery benchmark to compare it to.
Thanks again to you and all at the Facialteam?.

 Wishing you a Merry  Christmas.”

19/12/2019 Canada

“My mother and I would like to thank you again for all of your help and kindness throughout the planning of my surgery and my recovery. We had the best possible experiences as patient and caregiver and the personal attention and kindness that you and your colleagues show to your patients is deeply appreciated and made my facial feminization surgery easy and comfortable.
We hope that you have a wonderful holiday, and a Happy New Year!
Warmest regards”

19/12/2019 New Zealand

“Thank you so much!  You’ve been such a lovely person to have contact with throughout this whole process. I’d been looking forward to it for so long it’s crazy I’m now on the other side of it. So pain free and I felt so well looked after.
Have a great holiday xxx “