Sarah C.

Frontal picture taken from Sarah C before surgery
Frontal picture taken from Sarah C after surgery
Picture taken at a 45 degree angle from Sarah C before surgery
Picture taken at a 45 degree angle of Sarah C after surgery
Picture taken from the side of Sarah C before surgery
Picture taken from the side of Sarah C after surgery
This picture was taken 1 year after surgery.
Sarah C.
Age 60
Country Australia
This picture was taken 1 year after surgery.

“I did a lot of research before I looked at Facialteam. I was hooked immediately when they told me that they would feminise my face without changing me. I only ever wanted to be a female me. This was exactly what they did. Now it has been almost two years and I have never been happier, they did an amazing job.”

Sarah C’s Story

Several years ago, Sarah C approached Facialteam to discuss the possibilities for facial feminization surgery with our team of surgeons. Sarah C is a 60 year old patient who traveled from Australia to have a consultation with our surgeons to evaluate her facial features and come up with the right selection of facial feminization procedures, completely personalized for Sarah C. Based on her goals and the recommendations from our surgical team we came up with the following treatment plan:

As Sarah C considered the area around her eyes had masculine traits and expressed her interest in a brow bone reduction, part of the process of feminizing the forehead region. Forehead feminization procedures at Facialteam aim to achieve a significant and specific change in the expression around the eyes, the ultimate goal of our FOREContour® method is to approximate the original contours and position of the facial bone and eyebrows, before hormones caused changes in puberty.

Feminization of the jaw was recommended to modify the size and shape of the mandibular body to have a more feminine appearance. The stereotypical female jaw exhibits a series of characteristics that commonly influence gender recognition, especially when combined with other social constructs associated with femininity, hence, this is a procedure that is often recommended for patients.

With chin feminization the height, width and projection of the chin can be harmonized, all of them give the face a more typically feminine appearance.

To emphasize the cheeks and make Sarah C’s eyes appear larger, a feminizing rhinoplasty was recommended. As the central feature of the face, a more feminine nose often is key for the global result of facial feminization surgery. Nose feminization is often combined with a forehead reconstruction to create a smooth transition from the brow bone to the nose.

Just like the majority of trans women who have been through puberty, Sarah C considered feminizing the area of the neck by reducing the size of Adam’s Apple. Our method TContour® allows us to achieve natural and safe results in trachea shaves, with a less visible Adam’s Apple as a result.

Longer, thinner upper lips with little visibility of the upper teeth are a typical masculine trait. To compliment the set of procedures, a feminizing lip lift was performed to give the red area of the lips more volume and projection.

Shortly after her surgery, Sarah C sent us a written testimonial to express how she experienced her journey with Facialteam.

We love to hear from our patients and try to share all these lovely words with our audience as it can greatly help other patients that are considering facial feminization surgery as well.

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