Free Makeup Advice for all gender identities – Online!

Today’s blog features Jecca Blac, who we love! Their dedication to the TGNB and gender-nonconforming community inspires us.

Makeup is for anyone. That’s right folks! Anybody. It’s particularly helpful to cover some of the bruising and swelling after surgery.  This gender-free, vegan makeup brand began with the founder, Jessica Blackler, providing makeup lessons for trans women a few years ago, which sparked what has been built today: a company that visibilizes the grand diversity of gender identity.

Jecca Blac’s Free Makeup Advice

What is even more special about Jecca Blac?  Their expert makeup artists, of all gender identities and expressions, provide free makeup advice! Remember, it’s for ALL makeup wearers – regardless of how much or how little you know. However far you may be into your journey with makeup, whether just starting out or looking to freshen up your skills with up-to-date professional advice, Jecca Blac’s Makeup Help page is tailored to your specific request.

This increasingly popular service permits you to get the free makeup advice you seek from the comfort of your home.  Skip the visits to the makeup shop or beauty counter. This can be a daunting experience for many who are at the beginning of their journey with makeup or early in their gender exploration. Jecca Blac’s safe space approach is particularly helpful now due to lockdowns.  When face-to-face expert makeup help may be unavailable or difficult to access, here is an online solution.

Virtual Makeup help by Jecca Blac

The virtual makeup service is very quick and easy to use. It starts with sending a well-lit selfie or photo (see example below) and filling out a short form, where you can include as much information as you’d like so the Jecca Blac team have a clear idea of what your aim is with your makeup look and where you’d like to grow your skills.

It is easiest for the team to make an accurate colour match and to gain a clearer idea on areas of concern (for example, beard shadow) if you upload a photo taken in natural light which clearly shows your face, jaw and neck area. Once you’ve submitted a selfie with a description of your need, they’ll prepare personalized free makeup advice for your specific concerns within 24 hours.

Gender free makeup tips

Since the very beginning, Jecca Blac has sought to provide a service and products which are inclusive of all makeup wearers. A brand inspired by the trans community, the company remains active. Supporting trans women in prison, collaborating with LGBTIQ+ charities such as AKT Charity during Trans Awareness Week 2020 are just a sample of how Jecca Blac is behind the community. Most notably, in February 2020, the company launched its first ever Trans Festival in London.  Trans Festival is a brand new, annual event that recreates the same safe community environment that was so enjoyable at those original makeup lessons which spurred the development of Jecca Blac.

Their first product to launch was the Correct & Conceal Palette: a simple concealer duo created to effectively conceal the “5 o´clock shadow.” Since, Jecca Blac has grown into a collection of user-friendly solutions to every step of creating your unique makeup look.  This includes products for priming, contouring and adding a pop of colour to the eyes, lips and cheeks with a natural finish.

This Christmas, celebrate yourself with products created with YOU in mind. Want some inside knowledge from the Jecca Blac team? Learn how to choose and apply the right products, with tips tailored to you! Bespoke advice is yours with Jecca Blac’s free Makeup Assistance.

Get your free makeup advice from the Jecca Blac team and upload your photo here –

Also, see more about Jecca Blac in our livestream tutorials about makeup after FFS Surgery.

Patient Relations Manager Lilia Koss, presentator of Lilia's Livestreams
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