voice feminisation by Dr. Casado

Voice Feminisation Book includes contribution by Facialteam

March 2, 2018
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In late February 2018, Dr. Carlos Casado announced the launch of his new e-book, titled “Voice Feminization: A Multidisciplinary Approach for Transgender Women.” The event, attended by many locals and medical colleagues, began with a distinguished introduction by the Marbella town mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.  The Managing Director of Quirón Salud Hospitals of Málaga and Marbella, cardiologist Dr. Tómas Urda Valcárcel, proudly presented the principal author for his other career achievements in the field of Ear-Nose-Throat Surgery.

Unique contribution to the field of voice feminisation

The publication is significant for highlighting the need for more research into voice feminisation, lacking in abundant academic literature. This is also the case with other transgender surgery topics, such as facial feminization surgery,  especially in the Spanish language.  Dr. Casado and co-author Dr. Enrique Maraví Aznar´s contribution to the field of healthcare for transgender women is also unique due to the audio files of actual case examples available online with the digital book.

Voice Feminisation Book

Voice Feminisation as one step in a Process.

The book includes more than just information on voice feminisation.  Chapters on gender affirming surgery, hormone therapy, gender identity therapy and, notably, the contribution by Facialteam on Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery.  With a global approach to transgender healthcare, this book points out the value of integrated services that assist trans* patients along their very individual journey:  As Dr. Casado stated at the event more than once, “Every patient is different”.

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