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Facial Gender Surgery Training & Education | Facialteam 2021 Events

January 14, 2021
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Facial Gender Surgery Training and professional development events in 2021 are under way! Beginning with a switch to a digital platform for the Training Workshop in March, the team has recreated the 2nd annual event with an ample lineup of international speakers on a myriad of topics in trans-related healthcare.

Continuing Education in a new world

Facialteam’s Training & Education department, with superhuman effort, has been agile in adapting to the new world situation which makes presencial scientific and medical congresses near impossible.

Thanks to a rapid adaptation to an online ecosystem, our research and surgical team have presented and hosted a variety of professional networking and facial gender surgery training events online in the last year.

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, some events were cancelled or rescheduled. So it’s a pleasure to announce registration is now open!

Current Concepts in Gender Affirming Surgery for Women in Transition

Facial Gender Surgery Workshop

The first event of the year will take place webinar-style, with an intense 2-day program on March 11-12, 2021. This amplified version of the workshop will focus on three different fields: Transgender HealthGenital Surgery and Facial Surgery.  

Featuring 18 speakers from 7 different countries, participants will learn the most pressing debates in each area from leading experts in each area. The facial gender surgery training website, www.genderconfirmationsurgery.com, is up-to-date with the revamped Training Workshop program details.  If you are a health professional interested in transgender care, register today!

The inaugural 2019 Training Workshop

The first edition of this workshop, “Updates in Gender Confirmation Surgery,” took place in April 2019 in Marbella. Originally designed as a professional congress, this first encounter opened new pathways for collaborations in gender affirming healthcare.

We were honored to welcome internationally recognized experts such as Dr. Suporn and colleagues of Thailand at this launch of the Training Workshop.  See the summary video below:

To stay informed of all our future Training & Education events or see what we’ve done in the past, see our timeline here!

The FGCS Training Program 2019

At this point in time, it is not possible to confirm Facialteam’s facial gender surgery Training Program in Marbella yet.  Normally taking place in Autumn, the Facial Gender Surgery Training Program is a hands-on, experiencial course.

Understandably, this kind of practical education is complex and even more so when travel and group size restrictions still fluctuate due to covid. To have a peek into what the FFS Training program is about, watch the video below!

Accreditation & Endorsements

We are honored to count on the certification of several medical associations, such as Wpath’s Global Education Initiative (GEI), for continuing education credits. The appropriate diplomas are provided to authenticate the attendance of participants.

Sponsors of Facial Gender Surgery Training

The support of organizations and institutions of our educational efforts like our Facial Gender Surgery Training Workshop and the FGCS Training Program make these even greater opportunities in professional development. These are the providers of technology and innovative materials that help us advance the field. Thank you!