FFS patient coordinators are your best ally

Our FFS patient coordinators are an integral part of your facial feminization journey and play a key role in our team of FFS Experts. They bring years of experience with hundreds of FFS patients as well as being highly trained in knowing how to look after you.

At the heart of making all the logistics as smooth as possible, they are the key touchpoint between you and the medical team. We’d like to delve into how amazing their service is, so read more below.

Who are the different FFS patient coordinators you’ll meet in Spain?

We have five FFS patient coordinators:  Isabel, Silvana, Beatriz and Patricia in Marbella and Cristina in Barcelona. They are all native Spaniards, so know lots about the local area. However, they were also selected for their capability in a fast-paced environment and language skills as we receive patients from around the world.

If you would like to hear more about them, see our YouTube Channel video about our coordinators.

In addition, a live interview with FFS patient coordinators, Isabel and Beatriz, will take place on Wednesday, March 30th at 16:00 CET. 

What are the roles of the different FFS patient coordinators?

First, we should explain that our patient relations staff are different from the FFS patient coordinators. To summarize, patient relations are the staff who you are in touch with before booking FFS surgery.  On the contrary, FFS patient coordinators are the people who are actually helping you arrange the specifics of your trip and are your first contact while in Spain for surgery, assisting with appointments, taxis, documents and more.

Within the FFS patient coordination team, there is the head manager and the admin assistant who help distribute all the tasks required to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible. The main role of your patient coordinator is to provide direct and efficient communication on everything related to your surgical visit.

What tasks do FFS patient coordinators take care of?

As mentioned, patient coordinators arrange a wide variety of services for patients. For example, the personalized patient welcome booklet with details of your own specific schedule of consultations, check ins, visits, and taxis.

Also, they make sure all the important information, such as consent forms and medication instruction, are in order. Yet most importantly, they are your go-to person when you need it most, 24-hours a day, as there is always a patient coordinator on call. So the tasks of the facial feminization patient coordinator are many and multiple, but the patient is always center stage.

What’s a typical surgical day for the FFS patient coordinator?

A typical surgical day of a FFS patient coordinator involves events at all stages of the FFS Surgery Journey.  

This includes hospital check-ins and check-outs, arranging taxi pickups and dropoffs, visiting operated patients, preoperative testing, preoperative consultations, postoperative consultations and, of course, communicating with patients who are planning their visit.

Patient coordinators go the extra mile, averaging around 5000 steps a day and up to 5 kilometers just around the hospital grounds! They’ve taken thousands of patient photos since 2010, forming an image bank of over 45.000 clinical photos.

You can count on your FFS patient coordinator to assist with almost anything that arises in a swift manner, part of our comprehensive care system that aims for patients to have a smooth and worry-free FFS journey.

Patient Relations Manager Lilia Koss, presentator of Lilia's Livestreams
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