What’s the best facial feminization consultation protocol?

Every face is unique, so it’s logical to conclude that facial gender confirming surgery is not “one size fits all.”  FGCS is a personalized combination of procedures adapted to be as aggressive or subtle as the case demands. In this article we talk about what to look for in good facial feminization consultation protocol.  A thorough evaluation is fundamental in determining the right course of action for you, so read on.

Why good FFS evaluation protocol is key

The best facial feminization results begin with an exhaustive orientation and facial feminization evaluation protocol. This is your time to get to know the medical team and see how they can help you.

You should never feel pressured or obligated during the consultation. If you are uncomfortable with any aspect of the orientation, it would be wise to keep looking until you find a team that puts you completely at ease. After all, this is much more than just a cosmetic “nip and tuck.”

Facialteam has spent many years developing an individualized approach, beginning with a facial feminization consultation and orientation.  A more personalized assessment takes into account the patient’s unique facial harmony and features, thus providing natural-looking results that are more likely to meet or exceed the patient’s expectations.

What is in a good facial feminization consultation?

The analysis that goes into developing the optimal plan for facial gender confirmation surgery is a critical part of the orientation process. One of the goals of a patient consultation and evaluation is to discuss the patient’s needs and expectations. This will help the team create a realistic assessment and detailed treatment plan.

Ultimately, the patient needs to feel completely comfortable with how the entire FFS process will unfold should they decide to move forward with this major milestone.

Typical aspects of a facial feminisation orientation:

  • A one-on-one consultations with a FFS surgeon
  • Information about the hospital facilities
  • Documentation about post-operative care, recovery times, follow-up visits, common complications, contingency plans and preventative/emergency protocols upon request.
  • Plenty of time to ensure all of the patient’s questions are answered
  • Cost estimate or quote as a reference when making your decision

However, the ideal situation is to be able to visit the surgical team directly for an in-person facial feminization consultation. This allows for a more accurate assessment of facial structure, greater access to imaging technology and a more personable atmosphere for the patient.

Best facial feminization consultations include:

  • A clinical photographic and 3-D Camera session which may be used during the initial consultation, any additional consultations, and in the patient’s pre-surgical records if they decide to move forward with the treatment.
  • Three-dimensional CT scans of the cranium, allowing for visualization of key facial structures such as the forehead, brow ridge, and jaw.
  • Lengthy analysis with several expert surgeons.
  • A detailed simulation (virtual FFS) of the patient’s expected results with an experienced facial gender expert.

Taking time for face-to-face FFS consultations

We know you have to come from afar. You are both nervous and excited about the meetings with FFS surgeons.  As a courtesy, we don’t want you to worry any more than you have to. For this reason, all visitors for a Marbella consultation can count on a ROUND-TRIP Airport taxi transfer and 3-D CT scan at NO COST. That’s just a hint of how we care for facial feminisation patients here at Facialteam.

Also, we think facial gender affirming surgery deserves to be considered as a specialist field that forms part of essential medical services for trans women who desire a surgical transition, not just one more “aesthetic treatment” at the end of a long list.  For us, facial gender confirmation is not strictly cosmetic surgery, but a functional surgery that saves lives. So a face-to-face meeting in Spain or one of our international events is ideal.

Facialteam believes that by working as a team permits a higher level of excellence. A presencial facial feminising evaluation permits you to meet the appropriate surgeons who are hyper-specialize in one aspect of the anatomy. Ultimately, the patient benefits from a group of closely integrated professionals united in seeking the best results for you.

Video-consultations for FFS evaluation

Sometimes it isn’t possible to meet with the surgeons in person for a consultation. This is especially true today when more and more patients are making the decision to have their FFS surgery abroad. In this case, a facial feminization consultation on Skype may be necessary in order to evaluate the patient’s unique situation and desired results.

While a video facial feminization consultation is somewhat more limited than an in-person visit, a highly qualified facial feminization expert can still make a skilled analysis of the patient’s facial features and propose an appropriate treatment plan. To get the most out of your facial feminization consultation, it is recommended that you:

  • Make an appointment and connect with us (e.g. Skype call with webcam)
  • Prepare a list of questions/concerns in advance
  • Have someone help you take pictures to send to the doctor: front view, profile, and ¾ view of the face, with a neutral expression, moderate lighting and without glasses or heavy makeup.

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