Aid for Ukrainian Trans Refugees & Surgeons

Many special needs and minority groups, such as trans refugees, are now in extremely vulnerable circumstances due to the violent invasion of Ukraine. 

Civilian medical services suffer indeterminate delays as the healthcare system attempts to manage shortages of staff, equipment and materials, often in temporary installations as hospitals have been damaged by Russian attacks. 

For this reason, Facialteam is pleased to play a part in providing essential materials for Ukrainian surgeons as well as donations for associations helping trans refugees. We urge other companies and institutions to also contribute in any way possible.

“This generation is witnessing an unprecedented conflict in Europe. The shock to humanity is tremendous and drives us to lend a hand in any way possible.” Dr. Capitán, March 2022

Facialteam helps Ukrainian Surgeons 

Dr. Capitán, co-founder and co-director of Facialteam, received a call for humanitarian assistance for Ukraine in March. He immediately contacted a long-time collaborator and developer of medical products, Gerhard Hipp, CEO of Anton Hipp

Both clearly understood the priority of helping surgical colleagues in Ukraine and any other that may be necessary in the future. 
Thanks to the efficiency of Kimberly Shadle, Fundación IAOMS and Dr. Simonas Grybauskas, one today’s most respected maxillofacial experts, a shipment of surgical supplies for Ukrainian surgeons was quickly arranged.

Urgent Materials sent for Ukrainian Surgeries

Various European Maxillofacial Surgery societies have mobilized aid in order to meet the urgent demand in facial traumatology for people affected by the conflict in the Ukraine.

These provisions of medical and surgical equipment for Ukrainian surgeons at military hospitals were rapidly coordinated thanks to the special initiative of the International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (IAOMS) and the Lithuanian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 

Facialteam and Anton Hipp have specifically prepared facial osteosynthesis materials for fracture reconstruction and treatment such as miniplates, micro screws and devices crucial for the treatment of facial trauma.

Dr. Capitán recognizes the outpouring of volunteerism: “Thanks to so many people who, in moments of great adversity like this, are an example of humanity and solidarity. Despite the violence Europe is experiencing, key values ​​for progress prevail. Thanks to all of you.”

Coordination of the aid is not a simple affair, due to rerouting between Germany and Lithuania and with Ukrainian borders tightly monitored.  

The main destination of the shipment is the Myron Uhryn Charity Foundation in Lviv, which helps to distribute the much-needed material among the military hospitals. 

Facialteam Donations for Trans Refugees

In addition, Facialteam is supporting trans refugees and other gender queer or nonbinary people seeking assistance in Ukraine through several charities dedicated to the community.  

INSIGHT has opened two shelters specifically for trans people in Ukraine as well as delivering assistance to people trapped at home or elsewhere in war zones. In addition, they work with the LGBTIQ+ rights organization ACCEPT in Romania, one of the few safe spaces where trans refugees from Ukraine are welcome. 

On the other hand, in Poland, TransFuzja, has also helped to create a shelter where TGNB individuals are able to seek refuge. Thanks to the support of the LGBT network in Poland, LAMBDA, they provide help for queer people fleeing Ukraine with the following assistance:

  • Connect refugees with home hosts in Poland
  • Offer group therapy, psychological care or legal advice in Ukrainian 
  • Provide a warm and safe place to get oriented
  • Direct how to get medical care to continue the transition process
  • In emergencies, collect refugees from the border

Facialteam supports several humanitarian organizations with corporate social responsibility actions during these times, we highly stimulate donations to;

Resources for nonbinary, queer, and trans Refugees

There are many organizations coordinating assistance for Ukrainian refugees, but not all are focused on the unique needs of the LGBTIQA+ community, especially those who are unable to flee. 

Nonbinary and trans-Ukrainians may be turned back at the Ukrainian border.  They are denied seeking asylum despite having legal documentation and are subject to body searches by soldiers who determine if they are eligible to exit. 
Some gender non-conforming and trans refugees in Ukraine remain trapped in areas of difficult access. Others are less likely to be placed in welcoming homes and are confronted with discrimination in shelters.

Facialteam & Collaborators in Solidarity

Not only has Facialteam stepped out in solidarity with our fellow Ukrainians.  Many of our close colleagues and staff are also assisting in important ways.

Our collaborating hospital, HC Marbella International, has made it possible for a family doctor and mother of a 7-year-old, to relocate and find work in the Costa del sol.

Speaker and author, D. M. Maynard, has donated a portion of the proceeds from a training workshop in Marbella for the solidarity projects mentioned in benefit of Ukrainians.

In addition, several Facialteam employees are taking a very active and personal role, housing refugee families in three cities.  We commend their generosity in opening their homes.

How can I help trans refugees?

The situation is grave for all people living in war zones, who are forced to depend on the good will of individuals or charity organizations. 

Members of the trans community, already at risk of social exclusion, have unique obstacles in times of violent conflict. The article below by the Guardian, proves this and that every small act of solidarity matters.

The nonprofits serving the LGBT community provide diverse ways to volunteer and contribute to the cause. 

If you would also like help nonbinary and trans refugees seeking asylum in Europe you can always reach out to the associations we have shared in this post.

In partnership and in appreciation of:

Patient Relations Manager Lilia Koss, presentator of Lilia's Livestreams
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