Lip feminization surgery


FFS: Lip lift feminization

Lips with a natural tilt, length and fullness make for a more feminine appearance and smile.

At Facialteam, our lip feminization surgery can help you achieve just that.

What is Lip Feminization?

Lip feminization works in the entire area of the mouth with the aim for a more typically female appearance.

Depending on the facial area around the lips of the patient in question, we may recommend a FFS lip lift, a lip augmentation with lipofeminization (FLF), or both.

Why is FT a pioneer in Facial Gender Affirming Surgery for the lips?

Facialteam’s focus is on natural results. We want to avoid artificial or operated-looking outcomes.

This means hiding any scarring so, in the case of a lip lift, the specially designed and micro-sutured scar will be as fine as possible and mostly hidden in the nasal fold under the nose.

With over a decade of experience in lip feminization, we provide our patients with a comprehensive service that includes personalized post-op support.


  • What is Lip Feminization surgery?
  • Why is FT a pioneer in Facial Gender Affirming Surgery for the lips?
  • Gender of the lip area
  • What is a masculine lip?
  • What is a feminine lip?
  • Objectives of Lip Feminization
  • How is Lip Feminization performed?
  • Post op and results: What to expect after Lip Feminization
  • Liplift combined with other FFS procedures
  • Liplift and aesthetic surgery

Gender of the lip area

First, we should define what we mean by the lip area. This is actually the entire space from below the nose to the bottom lip and includes surrounding skin, the upper and lower lips, as well as the vermilion (or the inner lip that shows).

What is a masculine lip?

A greater distance between the nostrils and the border of the upper lip is typically a masculine trait. We also refer to this as the height or length of the upper lip.

Longer, thinner upper lips with little or no visibility of the upper teeth are typically masculine traits. Over time, the upper lip tends to sag and cover the upper teeth.

What is a feminine lip?

A youthful, feminine face is often characterized by a shorter distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip, with subtle visibility of the upper teeth when the face is relaxed.

It is considered to be more feminine when the red area of the lips have slightly more volume and projection, but this may vary from person to person.

Objectives of Lip Feminization

Lips play a central role in our lives. Even just subtle changes can have an overall significant impact.

What’s the function of the lips?

Feminine lips come into play when communicating beyond just speaking. They are the frame of your smile, which is one of the most important expressions in the non-verbal communication of humans. As lips are an integral part of your physical representation, it’s normal to desire more coherence with your gender identity. It’s not just about beauty though as our how we are gendered in public is fundamental to our self-esteem and for integrating in society.

Why feminize the lips?

Through lip feminization and other facial feminization procedures, we aim to minimise the masculinizing gender markers as well as enhance the more feminine traits. Other aspects, like addressing asymmetry, can also be improved.

Principally, the objective is to attain an outward appearance that others will more frequently perceive as female, reducing instances of misgendering. Seeing your facial features are more coherent with yourself may also help you feel more confident in day-to-day life.

How is a Lip Feminization performed?

There are two main procedures under the umbrella of lip feminization. Our specialists will assess each patient and, taking your own objectives in account, recommend the most suitable course of action.

Lip lift surgery

The upper lip lift procedure means that a specially-shaped segment of skin is removed from directly under the nose. The upper lip then becomes vertically shorter. For this reason, the surgical liplift is indicated to make a long, masculine lip more petite.

A liplift has the following advantages:

  • The lip is partially turned upwards, making the vermilion area more visible.
  • The resulting curvature increases the lip projection. The upper teeth are also exposed around 3 or 4 mm.
  • The incision is partially hidden in the nostrils.

Lip augmentation

If the lip is too thin or flat, we can inject a filler material during or after surgery to achieve fuller lips.

We prefer to use temporary fillers or fat grafts (from your own body) to increase the lip volume. The lipofiller will mainly be injected into the inner side of the lip, directly below the intra-oral mucosa where the skin is finer and the augmentation effect is more natural.

In the case of lipofilling, a small percentage of the fat grafts are reabsorbed by the body, but the majority will remain stable while maintaining your BMI.

If temporary lip fillers such as hyaluronic acid are used, they are reabsorbed slowly. For this reason, the treatment may need to be repeated approximately every six months.

Post op and results: What to expect after a Lip Feminization

The sutures used for a lip lift are self-absorbing, so there is no need for them to be removed.

You will notice the difference almost immediately, but it will take a while for your lips to settle down into their new position. Over the short term, it may seem like the lip is descending, but internal stitches help keep the lip in position.

Every patient is different, but within weeks after the surgery you should be able to return to your normal routines of eating, singing, etc.

As is the case with all our procedures, our final assessment will be after one year, when the final results of the surgery will become clear. Our post-op team will be on hand should you have any questions as you recover.

Liplift combined with other FFS procedures

Given our global approach to facial feminisation, we may recommend that you undergo a rhinoplasty as well as a liplift.

Facialteam normally takes advantage of the same small incision to perform both the liplift and a rhinoplasty in a simultaneous operation.

There are several benefits to this. Combining the procedures reduces the number of incisions (and scars), not to mention the number of visits with anesthesia. Joining these two feminising procedures together makes for an optimal mid-face feminising effect.

Liplift and aesthetic surgery

A liplift may also be combined with FLF, or facial lipofeminization if recommended by our specialists.

This is the transfer of your own purified bodily fat to the nasolabial area in order to add volume or reduce the visibility of wrinkles where needed around the mouth. This is a common way to improve the laugh lines and upper lip wrinkles which deepen with age.

Opting for this procedure enhances the liplift’s effects as well as rejuvenating the entire lip area. It’s a form of lipofilling or liposculpture.


If you are interested in learning more about the lip lift procedure, please read our scientific article titled:

Technical and Clinical Considerations for Facial Feminization Surgery With Rhinoplasty and Related Procedures.

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