Facial gender confirmation surgery


Comprehensive care in facial gender confirmation

Complete Care System for facial gender confirmation patients

Facialteam aims to provide the most comprehensive care system possible during the entire facial gender confirmation process – before, during and long after.  In other words, your wellbeing matters to us at every stage: from the initial consultations to the many preparations and your long-term recuperation after facial feminisation surgery.

It’s inevitable that facial gender confirmation surgery is accompanied by varying degrees of anxiety and stress.  Apart from the worries related to a pending surgical intervention, there are the added pressures to organize your life during the convalescent period when you will be away from home or unable to attend to your normal routine or obligations.  Our Comprehensive Care Services are designed to help in these details surrounding your facial gender-affirming surgery.

Your facial gender confirmation surgery experience, conducive to healing at each stage, at all times.

The Comprehensive Care sections offers abundant information about what to expect in our facial feminization process. Furthermore, we have compiled advice to frequently asked questions about FFS Surgery to help you to feel as prepared as possible. For example, there is nutritional advice, information about accommodations, a section with many FAQ topics as well as details about the aftercare services. Come in, the journey begins…

Comprehensive Care Quick Links in facial gender confirmation

  • FFS Recovery Services:  Psychological Care, Support Group sessions, Lymphatic Massage, Acupuncture and Hilotherapy.
  • Wellbeing:  Taking care of your mind, body and soul. How you and family may prepare emotionally, what to expect to feel at an emotional level, plus tips for relaxation.
  • Comprehensive Care FAQ:  Among many other topics, answers to the most common questions about our postoperative services.
  • Psychological Therapy: Additional therapy with our professional psychologist for any family member involved in a gender transition, available by appointment. Fees may apply.

How do we support the facial gender confirmation patient?

On multiple levels, so your surgery experience and hence your recovery, becomes a positive moment in your life.  Have a quick glance in the video below: