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Safe with Facialteam | Travel Tracker monitors 45+ countries

October 30, 2020
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Our COVID-Safe Protocol was implemented before reopening operations in June so travellers could feel safe with Facialteam. Since, we have been amazed at how many patients have come across oceans just for a consultation, not to mention surgery, in spite of the odds. This transitional period has been so positive, we’d like to share some of the insights. The data shows how effective prevention works as a protective shield for all of us.

Feeling safe with Facialteam

Don’t take our word for it. Listen in our patient’s accounts of their recent facial feminisation journeys during the pandemic. Also, how we are doing our best to take care of you in this brave, new world, so you may feel safe with Facialteam.


Was it a good time to come to Spain for FFS during covid? 

“This is a time for me to do my self care, not just physically but emotionally. To be able to recenter and to refocus on rooting yourself in your positivity in you and what self care means for you is a good thing and it’s a good time for that.” “My experience coming here during covid has been very worry-free…the whole team and HC Marbella Hospital has had very good protocols. I never felt at risk the entire time.”

Safe with Facialteam 100 patients100+ patients operated from 4 continents since July

Looking back on the recent months, which have been a challenge for everyone, we are encouraged by the positive statistics. Thanks to the continued trust of our patients, who never cease to amaze us.

“Speaking to the FT coordinators, I felt reassured. If I was going to be safe anywhere, I was going to be safe here. Once I’d met the doctors and had numerous covid tests, it wasn’t so much a worry. They are taking this seriously and making every effort to make sure it is as safe as possible at the moment.”

Safe with facialteam 55 consultations55+ consultations in Marbella during pandemic

Yet another surprise in statistics, given the increased availability of virtual consultations and amplified online services, was how many people have come to Marbella since July for an in-person consultation!

360 tests Safe with FacialteamMore than 360 covid tests…all negative

If you choose to travel to Marbella, it is with the assurance of an exhaustive COVID-Safe best practices protocol which has been in place for prevention and protection since June. The effectiveness is proven with this statistic:

Of 360 covid-19 tests made thus far, of both patients and staff, there has been a 0% incidence.

Our strict COVID-Safe protocol has helped to secure the safety of everyone involved. For example, all the patients are required to have 4 diagnostic tests:
    1. Antibody blood analysis in their country of origin
    2. Before surgery, a repeat blood analysis and PCR.
    3. Before leaving Spain, a final blood test for antibodies.

Anti-Covid Travel Watch Safe with FacialteamTravel Watch monitors 45+ countries

The FT Travel Watch is a monitoring service which compiles the fluctuating travel regulations and corresponding official sources for different countries on a regular basis. With the objective to inform patients with the greatest accuracy possible, as always, supporting our international patients from the very beginning of their journey.

This “Travel Watch” surveillance keeps us up to date on:
      • mobility restrictions between country borders
      • country status & quarantine requirements
      • the safest and most reasonable travel alternatives
      • estimated time-frames in which surgery may be carried out

Helping you navigate travel in times of covid. Keep up to date by reading our Covid-Safe Advisory periodic updates.  

Marissa’s story, FFS during COVID-19

Below, see Marissa’s story of making it from the USA to Spain during the pandemic.

FFS: Facial Feminization Surgery Whilst In A Pandemic from Marissa Farmer on Vimeo.