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FFS surgery reviews: I had facial feminization surgery

February 16, 2018
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Making a life changing decision, such as a surgical facial gender transition, is something that requires time and loads of information. At Facialteam, we always recommend to search FFS surgery reviews, to compare with colleagues and to ask for multiple evaluations so you may better weigh every factor essential to make a well-informed decision.

Luckily, nowadays more tools are available to aid in finding real FFS surgery reviews, honest opinions about feminization surgeons and true experiences of facial gender confirming surgery results.

FFS Surgery reviews and other tools to learn about facial gender

One of the most powerful platforms currently available for sharing information openly is Facebook. Facialteam handles an exclusive group  for patients (past and future) where everybody may share concerns, happy and sad moments of the process as well as ffs surgery reviews and photos.

Facialteam also publicly shares hundreds of ffs surgery reviews on youtube. In addition, it would be highly recommended to take a look at some well known forums and portals such as reddit or realself.

FFS Surgery reviews with Marina, FT psychologist

FFS Surgery reviews and testimonials

Facialteam also frequently receives written feedback from patients on a regular basis, since it is part of our protocol to conduct quality assurance periodically. Some people take advantage to mention some minor concerns, provide constructive criticism, but the majority are overwhelming letters of appreciation and heartfelt stories of how facial gender confirmation surgery has impacted their lives.

Below we share two such FFS surgery reviews by Australian transgender women in 2017.  Both insist on the need to ask for plenty of advice and take time to research as much information as possible:

“I found the process of deciding which surgeon(s) to go with for my FFS very daunting, as I’m sure most of us do. There was so much advice out there about who performed which procedures better, who was subtle and who wasn’t, and who could perform which techniques. It can become a bit of information overload, but I was determined to pick the best surgeons for me.”

She continues to explain how long was needed to gather enough information before making her final, very personal decision:

“I spent many months researching the techniques and discussing with other patients of various surgeons how their surgery went and what their thoughts were. Obviously, most people said their surgeon was “the best.” But there was one overriding theme when it came to discussing Facialteam: welcoming, friendly, comforting and incredibly good at what they do. Most other surgeons I researched had some downsides, whether it was the attitude of staff, or the skills of the surgeons, but I never found anything negative about Facialteam. So I continued to research them and went for a consultation when they visited Melbourne. When I met the team, I understood why they had such great reviews from their patients.”

They made me feel so comfortable, right from the beginning.

Many patients cite the quality results as one of the deciding factors, she explains:

“All of their results were exactly what I was after, natural. And their flexible treatment options adapted to the patient needs. We discussed what they thought were the masculine aspects of my face and the things they noted were exactly the things that I wanted changed. So after months of research and a great first consultation, I knew they were the team for me.”

However, the test of time reveals whether a patient is indeed more than just satisfied, but very happy with their decision as well as the final results:

“3 months on, I am so happy with the results. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin now, it has been everything I hoped it would be and, more importantly, everything the team said it would be. I can’t recommend Facialteam highly enough. They were fantastic to work with, the facilities were fantastic and the results were exactly what I wanted.”

Although it´s not easy to make time to provide a detailled FFS surgery review, many do send feedback over the years after their treatment.  “Writing is the least I can do after all the kindness and patience that everyone at Facialteam showed me while I was in their gentle loving care. I have been telling everyone I know about the wonderful experience I had in Spain and the incredible skills of the surgeons who performed my surgery. As you already know honey, my surgical and recovery experience with FT was completely painless with only very minor bruising and swelling and the only problem I had was my inability to eat rice because of the stitches in my mouth which meant that I never got to have those wonderful Spanish Paellas that I had my heart set on trying… My time spent in Marbella was more an exciting holiday experience than a surgical convalescence. I was as happy as a child opening her presents on Christmas morning the entire time I was there– 3  1/2 weeks. I wish I had stayed for 2 months or more,I loved the Costa Del Sol so much. I find myself often thinking of how glad I was to have chosen FT for my surgery when I chat with a Trans girlfriend here in Sydney who had the same surgery as me in another location. The difference between her surgery results, recovery, soft tissue disruption, nerve and bone aches and pains (even now almost 6 months after her surgery) are so vastly and profoundly different to the total absence of any of those issues that I have only days postop.”

“Love always to everyone at Facialteam for such a beautiful outcome for me.”