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Your facial gender affirming journey in 8 phases

January 15, 2021
Reading Time: 5 minutes

We feel so lucky to form part of the facial gender affirming journey of thousands of women around the world. Being a FFS surgery center is a privilege which does not escape Facialteam. That is why we put heart in soul in every detail.

Facial gender surgery is not just a cosmetic retouch to fight the effects of aging. We are constantly reminded by patients and their families, to our great pleasure, that really we are in the business of saving lives.

For this reason, our 8-phase facial gender surgery process has been curated to be a life-changing experience that, hopefully, will make you smile every time you are reminded of Marbella. Read more about it below!

Phase 1 – Information, lots of it

What’s FFS surgery like?  How much does facial gender surgery cost? I’m scared of the postoperative period.

So many other doubts arise when you start thinking about facial feminization surgery.

->Step 1: A consultation with the specialist is the first step in the process. And we like to be prepared for this consult and also know you are too.

From the beginning, we want to de things right. For this reason, we ask you to send your private data via a confidential form, in accordance with strict European data protection law. This way, you are already in direct contact with our coordinators who will give you personalized attention. You are unique after all!

Remember, all consultations F R E E: be it face-to-face, virtual or follow up. Every time. Yep, you read that right. No fee consultations, always.


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Phase 2 – Consultations. More than One!

->Step 2: Our “orientations” are actually a system to jump-start or complement your research when beginning the facial gender affirming journey. It’s not just a consultation, but also a review of your case and potentially a digital simulation of potential results, also referred to as a “virtual FFS.”

We call them “orientations” because the process aims to provide you with the essentials, including expert advice about FFS Surgery. Our patient relations coordinator will answer many logistical questions in advance and direct you to resources for the most frequently asked questions about facial gender affirming surgery.

Phase 3 – Consultations done. Now what?

facial gender affirming journey phase 3

->Step 3: After the meeting with the surgeon, be it in person or online, our patient relations team is available to answer your questions about the personalized written assessment, according to your needs, which you have now received by email. Now, the decisions require contemplation and you will want to speak with your family or partner. At this point, we guarantee that we will be by your side with additional no-cost consultations to discuss each and every detail.

Phase 4 – Surgical Plan & Date set!

facial gender affirming journey phase 4

->Step 4: There’s much to plan! Flights, blood tests, hotel and more. For this reason, you will receive personalized assistance and a guide from your patient coordinator–your new friend who is prepared to answer a million questions for you!

Phase 5 – Getting ready, get set, go!

Facial Gender Affirming Journey Phase 5

->Step 5: With PCR results in hand, now it’s time to fly! In the last 6 months, our Travel Tracking Monitor and Covid-Safe protocol has proven effective: with over 140 patients from nearly 50 countries, we have a 0% incidence of virus transmission to date (14 Jan 2021).

Worried about border control? If you are a non-eu citizen, our coordinators have helped you prepare the legal documents to request entry into Spain. As promised, we are by your side in all aspects, from the very beginning.

Phase 6 – It’s time for FFS surgery

facial gender affirming journey phase 6->Step 6: Imagine that you have just arrived in Marbella, finally ready for your imminent facial gender affirming surgery. You are calm because you know that Facialteam and @hotel_la_villa_marbella covid-safe protocols have been effective for hundreds of other patients from around the world.

Be it at the idyllic HC Hospital grounds or at our trusted accommodations in the historic old town, years of experience are behind us. From the very first step, the preventative measures have been prepared and explained in detail. Your security is also ours.

Phase 7 – First days of recovery

FFS support sessions

->Step 7: You’ve come out of the surgery and the sensation of the cooling mask comforts you while healing in the hospital. Those first days are not easy. The final step in the FFS process requires patience and our dedicated nurses are there to respond to your needs, no matter the time of day.

It’s a relief to know that a comprehensive care team is looking after you with scheduled lymphatic drainage massages, acupuncture, daily nurse checkups and group support sessions. You have grown to think of your coordinator as a friend who is there for any and all questions.

Phase 8 – Dedicated Postoperative Guidance

Facial gender affirming surgery phase 7

->Step 8: You’ve returned home, now what? We remain by your side of course! Both Sonja, our postoperative coordinator, and our psychologist, Marina, remain available to speak with you directly regarding any concern that may arise as you adapt over the year.

You are never alone, you are never just a number, you are safe with Facialteam. It’s easy to keep in touch with us in Marbella, where there is always an open door.