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Redoing Facial Feminization Surgery

Deciding to make changes to your appearance with Facial Feminization Surgery is an enormous responsibility of considerable complexity, as is any surgery. This becomes evident when confronted with the need for a redoing of FFS surgery. A successful facial gender affirming result is more likely if performed by a team with extensive experience in facial feminization to ensure that the entire process is predictable, safe and precise.  The difficulty of the operation increases exponentially when redoing a second or third time.

Investigations into why patients choose to have their FFS with a specific surgeon reveal, surprisingly, that some patients do not base this decision on the criteria of team experience, safety, effectiveness and real results. Instead, the decision is based on economic or geographic factors. Some may prioritise on the basis of a few recommendations from friends, without consulting a providers full history.

The first decision –choosing the responsible surgeon and team– is critical. Basing choice only on price poses three significant risks:

  • Physical risk: damage that can be irreversible (nerve injury, scars, skin defects, bone atrophy, bad consolidation, etc.);
  • Personal risk: if the patient’s expectations are not met, the patient is left dissatisfied with the results. This can be very disruptive to the daily life of a patient who was expecting a life change: being able to assimilate into society as a woman;
  • Financial risk: if the result of the surgery is poor, not only will the patient have to handle the first expenditure, but also all the costs associated with redoing the first surgery without guarantee of success as no corrective surgery can promise satisfactory results.

In every case, we recommend getting a second opinion. At FACIALTEAM, the clinical evaluation is always at no cost and with no obligation whatsoever.

FACIALTEAM is expressly dedicated to Facial Feminization Surgery and has the most extensive international experience you can find with only a 3% incidence of only minor complications, low for any surgical field. Due to a reputation for quality and predictability, the team receives an increasing number of revision surgery patients looking for a redoing of facial feminization surgery.

Some benefits of the Re-doing services offered by FACIALTEAM are:

  • Our team: our Marbella office boasts a staff of more than 40 highly qualified professionals, all exclusively focused on our patients during the entire FFS process: preparation, surgery and monitoring.
  • Cutting-edge technology: to adjust the diagnosis to your reality (learn more about the technology).
    1. 3D CT scan: to diagnose bone problems present in your previous surgery with the utmost precision;
    2. 3D photo camera: to study the consequences of your previous surgery in detail using highly precise measurements;
    3. 3D printer: to physically print a replica of your cranium, making it possible to plan the course of action and practice the surgery on the replica before the real surgery;
    4. Materials: unlike most centers, we use the highest quality material during our surgeries and spare no expense: titanium rigid fixation material (no sutures or wires), Endotine® for skin flap bone anchoring and to reposition the eyebrows, ultrasounds for osteotomies, standard and customized Medpor® implants after 3D simulation;
    5. Virtual Facial Feminization Surgery: virtual simulation of your results with the best expert in the world, Alexandra Hamer. VFFS is a powerful tool that makes it possible to simulate the potential results of facial feminization procedures on photographs of the patient. It helps establish the feminization potential for any given procedure or set of procedures, it can assist both the patient and surgeon when deciding whether to go ahead with procedures of marginal benefit, and it helps the patient maintain realistic expectations. VFFS is highly realistic when done by experts in facial gender who can accurately simulate the expected facial changes after the bone structure has been modified;
    6. Piezosurgery®: to perform osteotomies with the highest precision and extra security.
  • Experience: more than 1200 facial feminization cases, making FACIALTEAM a world leader with extensive and proven experience that is underpinned scientifically by articles and textbook chapters on FFS.
  • Orientation and diagnostic process: each and every patient matters and is listened to. Your health and realistic goals are our main concern when carefully considering your case. An exhaustive evaluation is necessary in order to fashion a personalized treatment plan for FFS surgery that will meet your needs. We will never recommend a surgical procedure that is not indicated in your case in our estimation. And if we think that one of the procedures that you’ve asked for won’t benefit you, we’ll discuss its advantages and disadvantages. This may mean several consultations via email, Skype and finally meeting in person to discover the best plan for you. This is why the consultation is free and the round trip Malaga airport taxi transfer is even included if you come to Marbella.
  • Predictability of the results: in addition to the diagnostic protocol (onsite visit, 3D photography, 3D CT scan, virtual surgery, etc.), we have spent the last ten years continuously improving our surgical protocol, which is repeated with each patient with extreme precision. This guarantees that there are no surprises during the surgery and minimizes the possibility of postoperative complications. One indication of this is the fact that our reoperation rate is 3 out of every 100 procedures.
  • Facilities: our operating rooms are equipped with a post-surgical reanimation unit, 12 hospital suites and a highly advanced postoperative recovery protocol (hilotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage and a personal nurse).
  • Psychological attention and individualized nursing: we at FACIALTEAM know that the experience of returning to an operating room can produce serious anxiety. To reduce the potential stress level, we have a hospital nurse available during the admission process and a specialized psychologist at your full disposal during each phase.
  • Setting: Marbella (Spain), the center of the Costa del Sol, with an ideal climate and idyllic location where your only concern is your recovery.

If, unfortunately, the results of your Facial Feminization Surgery are not what you expected, the procedure didn’t meet your expectations or you developed some health problems after the operation, take your time to get several third opinions. At FACIALTEAM, we’ll gladly provide advice and answer any questions you may have. We are listening.

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