Botched FFS – Redoing Facial feminization surgery


Redoing Facial Feminization Surgery

Undergoing any surgical procedure is a complex decision. Having to consider redoing facial feminization surgery is no different.

Unfortunately, cases of redoing FFS Surgery are still common due to a variety of circumstances, such as a lack of professional experience or poor aftercare. However, even with the best of FFS surgeons, there is a percentage who will have to redo their facial gender-affirming surgery.

What does redoing facial feminization surgery mean?

When we refer to redoing FFS, we’re talking about performing a second surgery to correct or improve the results of a previous FFS procedure.

Dissatisfied patients sometimes approach us after a feminizing procedure elsewhere. They normally want to make further changes to their facial appearance or rectify less-than-ideal results.

A successful facial gender affirming result is more likely if performed by a team with demonstrable experience in facial feminization, an indicator that your entire process has a better chance of being predictable, safe and with more precise results.


  • What does redoing facial feminization surgery mean?
  • When does FFS surgery need to be redone?
  • How can I avoid botched FFS?
  • Trust FT to re-do your facial feminising surgery

When does FFS surgery need to be redone?

There are a multitude of reasons why FFS Surgery might need redoing. Here we highlight the most common situations we have encountered in 13 years of facial feminisation experience.

Errors in prevention or treatment of known complications

Firstly, as is the case with all surgery, real risks and complications exist and may occur. It’s important for anyone considering this type of surgery to be fully aware of that and have read the informed consent documents which describe these in terms of percentages. Ask your surgeon about their prevention and action protocols in the event a specific risk or common complication were to arise. The answer will be a good indicator of their preparedness.

Unrealistic Expectations of FFS

Secondly, it’s important for anyone undergoing FFS to have realistic expectations. Principally about what can be achieved without putting your health at risk. Believing in results beyond what is a natural-looking version of yourself may lead to feeling deceived. If a patient has unrealistic expectations about the results of their surgery, they can sometimes be disappointed with the results to the extent that they are willing to undergo certain procedures again.

Impatience in waiting for definitive FFS results

It’s important to remember that the final results of FFS are not visible immediately. Patients are likely to notice some differences to their appearance straight away, but anyone that’s undergone this type of surgery should wait at least a year before assessing the final results.

Inevitably, even after a year, some patients will still be unsatisfied and opt to undergo surgery again.

Lack of proper assessment or technique

Of course, sometimes FFS surgery needs redoing because the procedure wasn’t performed correctly, or the procedures recommended were not the most appropriate for the patient in question.

It’s uncomfortable, but may ask yourself, “Do I need a redoing?” at many stages of healing. That’s a typical reaction as we begin to doubt ourselves. There are many things you may do before surgery to alleviate the feeling of insecurity with the evolving results.

As you will see below, Facialteam takes many precautions to help our patients minimize this worry after surgery.

How can I avoid botched FFS?

It’s important to reiterate that there is always risk involved with any surgical procedure. Ideally, you will be aware of the specific risks and complications from the beginning of the process.

Researching facial gender surgery is something you should do calmly and deliberately. Selecting the best facial feminization team has never been simple. Remember, choosing the right FFS clinic for you is one of the best ways to minimise the chance of complications that may lead to a redoing down the road.

Investigations into why patients choose a specific FFS surgeon reveal, surprisingly, that some patients don’t base this vital decision on the criteria of team experience, safety, effectiveness and predictability of results. Instead, the decision is often based on economic or geographic factors. Some may decide on the basis of a single recommendation from a friend, without consulting a provider’s full history.

Basing choice on incomplete criteria poses three significant risks:

  • Physical risks: Damage that can be irreversible (nerve injury, scars, skin defects, bone atrophy, poor tissue readaptation, etc). We unfortunately are contacted far too often by patients desperate to find solutions to the physical problems related to surgery.
  • Mental Health: If your expectations are not met, you may be left dissatisfied with the results. This can be very disruptive to your daily life as the life change in confidence and ability to integrate as yourself in society is not as you imagined. When seeking a redoing, you may suffer feelings of despair.
  • Financial problems: You’ve already made a significant investment for the initial surgery and suddenly are faced with further expenses in the hope that corrective treatments or redoing prove successful. It’s exasperating, yet there is no guarantee– they cannot promise perfect nor even satisfactory results.

So, before making a life-saving decision without sufficient contemplation, we recommend you take the time to research several different options. It’s a good idea to discuss FFS with your family. Also, get a second or even third opinion before mulling over the choices. Visit our blog for many more resources for facial feminisation research.

At Facialteam, we offer clinical evaluations at no cost and with no obligation whatsoever. We understand that gender confirming surgery may actually be necessary for your survival, as dramatic as that may sound, it’s now a proven fact. Here is our research that proves the influence facial gender surgery has on your quality of life.

If you make an informed decision based on your priority criteria for your facial gender transition, the chances of ending up with a botched facial feminization surgery that needs to be redone will be far lower.

Trust FT to re-do your facial feminising surgery

The difficulty of the operation increases significantly when it’s redone a second or third time. The tissues react less predictably, there will be asymmetrical scarring or adhesions to manage and the redoing surgeon may encounter other unexpected circumstances which they should be prepared for.

Facialteam is expressly dedicated to Facial Feminization Surgery and has some of the most extensive international experience you can find. The team reports an impressive 3% incidence of minor complications, which is low for any surgical field.

Due to our reputation for quality and predictable results, our team receives a number of patients looking for their facial feminization surgery to be redone.

Some benefits of the redoing services we offer are:

Multidisciplinary team

Our Marbella office boasts a staff of more than 40 highly qualified professionals. They are all exclusively focused on our patients during the entire FFS process: orientation, preparation, surgery and follow up. The FT core values for gender affirming professionals guide us in understanding you, our patient.

Cutting-edge technology

To adjust the diagnosis to your personal situation, the planning stages and surgical techniques depend on the latest available technology:

  • 3D CT scan: to diagnose bone anomalies due to your previous surgery with the utmost precision.
  • 3D photo camera: to study the consequences of your previous surgery in detail using highly precise measurements.
  • 3D printer: to physically print a replica of your cranium. This makes it possible to plan the course of action and practice a simulation of techniques on the replica before the actual surgery.
  • Materials: the highest quality material is employed during our surgeries and spare no expense: titanium rigid fixation material (no sutures or wires), Endotine® for skin flap bone anchoring and to reposition the eyebrows, ultrasounds for osteotomies, customized Medpor® implants, when desirable, after 3D simulation.Virtual Facial Feminization Surgery (VFFS): this is a digital simulation of your photographic results with the best gender analysts. This can assist both the patient and surgeon when deciding whether to go ahead with procedures of marginal benefit. It also helps the establish realistic expectations. VFFS is highly realistic when done by experts who can accurately emulate the projected changes.
  • Piezosurgery®: to perform osteotomies with the highest precision, extra security and avoid trauma to surrounding soft tissue for easier healing.


We have had more than 1400 facial feminization cases. That makes Facialteam a world leader with extensive and proven experience that’s underpinned by articles and textbook chapters on facial gender confirming surgery (FGCS). Hundreds of our patients have written and recorded FFS testimonials of their facial gender surgery experience.

Orientation and diagnostic process

Each and every patient matters and is listened to. Your health and realistic goals are our main concern when carefully considering your case. An exhaustive evaluation is necessary to create a personalized treatment plan for FFS surgery.

We will never recommend a surgical procedure that we don’t think you will benefit from. And if we think that one of the procedures that you’ve asked for won’t benefit you, we’ll discuss its advantages and drawbacks.

This may involve several consultations via email, Skype and finally meeting in person to discover the best plan for you. This is why the consultations are free and the round trip Malaga airport taxi transfer is even included if you come to Marbella.

Predictable results

In addition to our diagnostic protocol (onsite visit, 3D photography, 3D CT scan, virtual surgery, etc.), we have spent the last ten years improving our surgical protocol, which is followed precisely with every patient.

This controlled environment means unforeseen circumstances are less likely to arise during the surgery and minimizes the possibility of post-op complications. One indication of this is that our reoperation rate is just 3 out of every 100 procedures.


Our operating rooms are equipped with a post-surgical reanimation unit, 12 hospital suites and a highly advanced post-op recovery protocol (hilotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage and a personal nurse).

Psychological care and individualized nursing

We at Facialteam know that the experience of returning to an operating room can produce anxiety.
To reduce the potential stress level, we have our own nurse on duty during the hospitalization and a specialized psychologist at your full disposal during each phase. A team of coordinators are also there for you 24-hours a day with close postoperative care.


Marbella (Spain), in the center of the Costa del Sol of Malaga, has an ideal climate and is an idyllic location where your only concern is your recovery.
If the results of your Facial Feminization Surgery aren’t what you imagined, the procedure didn’t meet your expectations or you develop health problems after the operation, take your time to get second opinions before taking the next step. We may help you determine if and when you should consider redoing your surgery.

FT will gladly provide advice and answer any questions you may have at any stage of the process.
We are listening.

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