Facial Feminization: Chin Feminization


Chin feminization surgery

The chin is a defining facial feature, and one which we often recommend as part of facial feminization.

Feminization of the chin can be combined with procedures that address the jaw, as well as liposuction.

What is Facial Feminization Surgery of the chin?

A key facial feature, the chin is an area that we may well recommend as part of your facial feminization surgery.

The various types of chin procedures can make changes to the height, width and projection of the chin to give the face a more typically feminine appearance.

Why is FT a pioneer in Facial Gender Affirming Surgery for the chin?

Facialteam is a leading expert in chin feminization, mainly because of its commitment to pioneering new surgical techniques and continually introducing cutting edge techniques that help improve the patient’s experience.

We know that every single face is different and that each patient has different hopes for the results of their FFS surgery. That’s why we offer personalised assessments with dedicated coordinators, and treat every case as entirely unique.

Gender differences of the chin

The male chin tends to be more square-shaped than the female chin, with more pronounced and defined transitions between the chin and mandibular body., In addition, there is usually greater bone volume and a more significant vertical dimension in masculine chins.

Gender does not necessarily determine the position of the chin, as retro-positioned and over-projected chins are found in all genders.

However, a well-defined, projected chin can improve the overall aesthetics of the jaw-chin region.
The transition between the lower jaw and chin is a key area that must also be dealt with in some facial feminization cases.

This area generally corresponds to the point where the mentonian nerves emerge, meaning it must be handled with great care.

Objectives of Chin Feminization Surgery

The features of the chin can be harmonized on several planes: width, height and projection, in order to achieve a more feminine look.

The changes will vary depending on the patient’s anatomical characteristics and the desired results.
With chin feminization surgery, we aim to give the face a more feminine appearance, whilst still making sure the patient looks natural and feels represented.

How is a Chin Feminization performed?

The type of technique used for a FFS chin reduction will depend on each patient’s features. For example, a sliding genioplasty sections the chin from front to back, separating the chin segment from the jaw.
By removing different segments, the surgeon can modify the height and width, obtaining the desired projection or regression. The segments are fixed by unnoticeable mini-plates and titanium screws. The incisions are closed with intraoral resorbable stitches.

All surgical techniques employed by Facialteam for the lower jaw and chin feminization use small incisions inside the mouth (invisible after the operation), assisted by field magnification (surgical loupes that improve the surgeon’s vision).

Osteotomies for chin feminization are executed using latest-generation ultrasound technology, which allows the surgeons to make highly precise bone cuts without damaging the adjacent tissue (nerves, blood vessels, muscles).

None of the techniques for chin feminization affect the teeth or how they meet (occlusion).

Post-op and Results: What to expect after a Chin Feminization

After FFS chin surgery, which is likely to be combined with other FFS procedures, patients are normally able to leave hospital after 1-2days.

Everyone is different, but most people will feel ready to return to a desk job within a few weeks. We recommend you wait six weeks before taking part in any intensive activities.

The results will be partly visible from day one, but things will continue to improve and settle for a year following the surgery. Swelling will take months to disappear completely, although not visibily noticeable to strangers.

In the meantime, the post-op department is always available to follow your evolution and assist you and answer any questions you might have. An assessment may be conducted 12 months after surgery.

Paired FFS procedures

We very often combine chin feminization with jaw feminization.

This is because many patients require changes to the whole bottom third of the face in order to achieve the more feminine appearance they’re aiming for.

On a practical level, addressing both the jaw and chin at the same time means that we can use the same incisions inside the mouth, which are later invisible post-surgery.

FFS and Aesthetic Procedures

Depending on your needs and goals, we may recommend that you also have liposuction in the area under the chin.

This removes excess fat and gives the chin better definition, making the overall result more aesthetically pleasing.

In some cases, especially in older patients, the soft tissue may be too slack to fully re-adapt to changes in the lower jaw and chin area. In these cases, surgical lifting of the soft tissues may be required.

This type of adjustment should not be done at the same time as the jaw and chin surgery, but several months later when the swelling from the surgery has subsided.


If you are interested in learning more about the lower jaw and chin recontouring tecnniques, please read our chapter on Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery in the most definitive book on transgender healthcare to date:

Facial Feminization Surgery: A Global Approach

By Luis Capitán and Daniel Simón

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