Frontal picture taken from Lauren before surgery
Frontal picture taken from Lauren after surgery
Picture taken at a 45 degree angle from Lauren before surgery
Picture taken at a 45 degree angle of Lauren after surgery
Picture taken from the side of Lauren before surgery
Picture taken from the side of Lauren after surgery
This picture was taken 3 years after surgery.
Age 48
Country United States
This picture was taken 3 years after surgery.

“Drs. Capitan and Simon, and the rest of the Facialteam group, are truly exceptional. They are involved in advancing the science of facial feminization and practice on the cutting edge of practice. Their results are outstanding. Perhaps, however, even more important is the comprehensive and supportive care they and their staff provide before, during and after your surgery. They are truly world class.

Lauren’s Story

Several years ago, Lauren approached Facialteam to discuss the possibilities for facial feminization surgery with our team of surgeons. Lauren is a 48 year old patient who traveled from United States to have a consultation with our surgeons to evaluate her facial features and come up with the right selection of facial feminization procedures, completely personalized for Lauren. Based on her goals and the recommendations from our surgical team we came up with the following treatment plan:

As Lauren considered the area around her eyes had masculine traits and expressed her interest in a brow bone reduction, part of the process of feminizing the forehead region. Forehead feminization procedures at Facialteam aim to achieve a significant and specific change in the expression around the eyes, the ultimate goal of our FOREContour® method is to approximate the original contours and position of the facial bone and eyebrows, before hormones caused changes in puberty.

Shortly after her surgery, Lauren sent us a written testimonial to express how she experienced her journey with Facialteam. We love to hear from our patients and try to share all these lovely words with our audience as it can greatly help other patients that are considering facial feminization surgery as well.

We also invited Lauren for an interview to understand better how she experienced her surgery with Facialteam and how Facial Feminization Surgery changed her life.

Hearing these stories from our patients is emotional but really makes our work worth it!

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