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International FFS Webinars connect patients

January 29, 2021
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International FFS Webinars are in development for your country!

Want to hear more insider information about FT, such as how we are keep working hard to move the FFS field forward, maintain your safety and are persistent in gaining patient rights to essential medical travel abroad?

The Australian Webinar

Yet another way we support you – In response to the global travel situation, Facialteam planned a live invite-only webinar on November 25th, 2020–exclusive for our Aussie and New Zealand patients with pending surgery.

Dr. Simon addressed all our patient’s concerns regarding border controls and more in an open Q&A session.

The USA & Canadian Webinar

In December, Dr. Daniel Simon provided a webinar to address concerns about travel from North America for FFS. Watch the replay.

US and Canadians patients are important to Facialteam. We are proud to announce, thanks to our Travel Monitoring team, that all our US patients pending surgery in January had their travel authorizations approved!

Facialteam staying connected to you

How else are we helping our patients? Coming soon, a webinar for our German speaking patients!

You are never alone, you are never just a number, you are safe with Facialteam. It’s easy to keep in touch with us in Marbella, where there is always an open door.


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