Shortening midface


Midface repositioning

Midface repositioning may help optimize the final result of your FFS surgery.  Due to the aging process, it is common to see some volume loss and sagging of soft tissues, especially in the cheekbone area, resulting in a descension of the eyelid-cheek junction, midface ptosis (descended cheeks) and deeper nasolabial folds. By raising the lower cheek tissues to their original, higher position, we can enhance the central part of your face and shorten your lower eyelid to impart a more feminine and youthful appearance.


Midface repositioning is performed under general anesthesia through a small incision below the lower eyelashes (inconspicuous scar). A subperiosteal pocket (next to the cheekbone) is created until the midface soft tissues are mobilized and shifted into a more youthful and typically feminine position. The flap is firmly anchored to the orbital rim to avoid movement during healing. Some skin excess and fat pads may be removed if necessary during this surgery.

Every midface repositioning procedure is performed with Facial Lipofeminization to maximize the final result.