Facial Lipofeminization


Facial Lipofeminization

Gender identity and facial expression are most notable in the eye and mouth areas.

Thanks to new Microfat grafting and Nanofat techniques, we can enhance your appearance with an ideal complement to your forehead reconstruction surgery and provide volume in areas that require some rejuvenation, maximizing the results of your FFS.

The Facial Lipofeminization (FLF) technique removes fat from a patient’s own body (usually from the abdomen, inner thigh or hips) and, after a purifying process, transfers it to the face to enhance and add volume to selected areas. Fat transfers are usually performed under general or local anesthesia and intravenous sedation, according to the amount of fat required and the patient’s needs.

In the case of aesthetic surgery, FLF has two different objectives in the aim to mimic feminine characteristics:

1. To increase the volume of facial regions such as the cheekbones, periorbital regions (around eye sockets), paranasal area (around nose) or lips (Microfat).

2. To improve the quality of the skin, thanks to the nourishing and restorative effect that fat transfer has on it (Nanofat).

After the lipofilling procedure is done, the fat undergoes a resorption process that continues for a few weeks, with a remnant of about 35-50% of the fat remaining. The main advantages of the fat transfer procedure are the amount of fat that can be harvested and an absence of rejection, since the tissue comes from the patient.