Buccal fat removal Europe


Buccal fat pad removal


Bichat or Buccal fat pad is a fat deposit located in the thickness of both cheeks, right below the cheekbones and in intimate relationship with two muscles, the buccinator and masseter muscles, providing in some people a rounded and fuller face.

Through a very small incision (about 5 mm) located in the gum inside the mouth we can remove the buccal fat pad in a very safe way, leaving an invisible scar. The result starts to show up in 6 months, and the final result is visible after one year.

In the video below, Ariadna Arantes speaks about her Buccal Fat Pad removal surgery (Bichectomy) in Marbella, among others aspects of facial feminization. use settings to turn on the automatic translations to get a sense of her experience, since the original is only in Portuguese

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Ariadna Arantes
First trans contestant on Big Brother Brazil in 2011, model and travel blogger.