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The Best Facial Feminization Consultation / Orientation Protocol

April 7, 2017

Every face is unique, so it’s surprising how many surgeons have treated facial feminization surgery as a “one size fits all” procedure

Fortunately, leaders in the field of FFS, including the surgical group at FACIALTEAM, have spent many years developing an individualized approach, beginning with a facial feminization consultation and orientation.  A more personalized assessment takes into account the patient’s unique facial harmony and features, thus providing natural-looking results that are more likely to meet or exceed the patient’s expectations.

The analysis that goes into developing the optimal plan for facial gender confirmation surgery is a critical part of the orientation process. The goal of a patient consultation and evaluation, of course, is to discuss the patient’s needs and expectations, provide a realistic assessment and detailed treatment plan, and ensure that the patient feels completely comfortable with how the entire process would be carried out should they decide to move forward with this major milestone.

A good orientation protocol should include: