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Official COVID-19 Advisory | FACIALTEAM

March 16, 2020

On March 11th the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the coronavirus outbreak had reached the level of a global pandemic, meaning cases had emerged in countries on all continents. This is our COVID Advisory, FACIALTEAM’s official response and recommendations, which will be updated periodically.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020:

COVID-19 Advisory UPDATE

Dear Patients,

National and international experts predict an estimated duration of 4 to 6 weeks to control the pandemic in our country. Therefore, as a preventative measure, FACIALTEAM has decided to prolong the cessation of all surgical activity and consultations in Marbella for the next 8 weeks, until May 11th.

We wish to transmit calm as your health and safety is a priority. Our coordinators have contacted all our patients via email, offering to help with rescheduling as well as any bureaucratic steps required due to changes in flights and lodging. We ask for your patience and comprehension as we attend to every patient with maximum possible efficiency.

With warm regards, we remain by your side.

Sunday, 16 March 2020:

Surgery cancellations for public safety | COVID Advisory

Due to the worldwide circumstances and in accordance with the decree of Spanish national authorities, FACIALTEAM has been forced to cancel all surgeries and non-essential personal consultations scheduled as of today, March 16th until April 13th, 2020.

Patients with surgical dates posterior to April 13th are unaffected at the moment.  However, in the unforeseeable event of further cancellations, notifications will made as far in advance as possible.  Keep in contact with our staff for updates, our coordinators remain at your service as always.

Our COVID Advisory upholds the governmental decree so society may be prepared

Our COVID advisory is based upon the Royal Decree 463/2020 of the Spanish government, which requires a series of extraordinary measures such as the home confinement of all residents, visitors and citizens to contain the spread of the virus. It also places private hospital structures at the service of the State in the event that their use is necessary for the care of infected patients. These are important preventative measures which aim to protect everyone– especially the infrastructure of our response systems and healthcare force, which will be increasingly demanded in the coming weeks. 

Due to restriction on all face-to-face contact, our virtual patient services are being bolstered as well as increased access to video consultations. Other important online resources will be planned in the coming weeks, so we encourage you to stay informed of our updates via our newsletter or official social media platforms.

Our COVID Advisory aims to minimize the economical ramifications involved

Although this decision is likely to cause mixed feelings, we trust that you understand the necessity given the complex world-wide crisis that affects everyone. Each patient has been personally contacted and we remain at your complete service to reschedule when there is absolute certainty that your safety and well-being are fully guaranteed. Also, to the greatest extent possible, we are working diligently to minimise the financial upheaval due to sudden changes in travel plans.

Indications of the global experts on containment

It’s especially important to care for those who have the responsibility to care for or attend to others. Remember these steps to #stopcoronavirus

  • Wash your hands with soap and water or using alcohol-based hand rub that kills viruses, before and after touching shared objects. #safehands
  • Maintain social distancing: Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone. Use gloves and masks as and when instructed by medical professionals. Home isolation is best.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth and practice heightened respiratory hygiene: Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze and sanitize afterwards.
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early: Call in advance. Follow the directions of your local health authority.

Reliable Resources to remain correctly informed

In summary, now it’s time to process the abundance of information related to the COVID Advisory.  You will have questions, so it’s advisable to send these enquiries directly to our team. Clarify everything and do not base decisions on word-of-mouth information from inexpert sources.

FACIALTEAM is following the official recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Our center is located within an ISO certified medical facility,  subject to strict hospital regulations which continues to place our and any remaining patient’s health and safety as the main priority. Click to download a PDF about how the ISO certification in Healthcare protects consumers.

Optimism & Hope: The underlying message of our COVID Advisory

FACIALTEAM’s directors wish to transmit optimism and hope. In difficult times it’s easy to lose perspective, but we must remember also the positive side that life offers us. Together we will overcome this crisis and hopefully in doing so, become stronger and more united for future generations. You may be sure that we will take this as an opportunity to improve all aspects, perfect our protocols and, when the time comes, welcome you to our center.

The primary message of our COVID Advisory is that we remain by your side.  

Communications & Human Resources

We believe it is important to explain exactly what we are doing as the situation around coronavirus continues to evolve. For this purpose, coordination and patient relations staff remain available during business hours as usual. All online communication platforms also remain fully operative meaning you should receive the same quality service as always.

Our employees are a valuable resource we wish to support during the quarantine period. To this end, we have offered all employees flexible work arrangements which accommodate personal circumstances, especially for those caring for minors or elders at home.

Sanitation & Hospital Protocols

The security of the few remaining patients and team members in Marbella remains a priority, which means respecting the highest standards of sterilization. For this reason, more rigorous protocols for sanitation have been implemented, in addition to the following:

  • Staff briefings and pandemic response teams for enhanced functional protocols and preparedness.
  • Augmented sterilizing and ventilation of public areas and work spaces 
  • Restriction of congresses, meetings and business travel during the government quarantine period. Adjustment of staff catering services in accordance with contamination prevention.
  • Deployment of precautions such as gloves, masks, hand sanitizing gel and disinfectant sprays for equipment.

After the COVID Advisory: Dr. Capitán’s message to the team

Finally, in conclusion, we share a message from FACIALTEAM cofounder and codirector, Dr. Luis Capitán:

“Sometimes, we can only see difficulty, fear and shadows. It’s human nature, as we have lived a blessed, unpreoccupied life and now we are faced with such uncertainty and profound social changes. But we have the chance now to reflect on the beauty of the mundane, of the routine.  Take advantage of this moment to grow in ways that normally we have no time for. See the opportunity beyond the current darkness of the times. Although it seems a distant impossibility, the shining light, blue skies and hope will eventually return. We will again smile and move forward together, doing better and become more united. Despite everything, we will continue to walk ahead.”

Given the circumstances in the global community, we extend wishes that all our followers and their families remain safe and healthy.

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