Facial Surgery for Transgender Patients. Luis Capitán, Daniel Simon, Fermín Capitán-Cañadas. In: Cecile Unger, ed. Comprehensive Care of the Transgender Patient. Philadelphia, USA: Elsevier • In Press

This chapter describes the main procedures, techniques, goals and considerations that comprise Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery, as well as the perioperative considerations, postoperative care and management of complications.

Facial Feminization Surgery: A Global Approach. Luis Capitán, Daniel Simon. In: Christopher Salgado, Stan Monstrey, Miroslav Djordjevic, eds. Gender Affirmation: Medical and Surgical Perspectives. New York, NY: Thieme Medical Publisher, Inc. • Nov 2016

The rapidly evolving field of transgender health and the need for well-educated providers caring for transgender and gender nonconforming persons provided the impetus for this book. As an ever-growing number of health care providers incorporate transgender care into their practices, it is imperative that we ensure appropriate training as well as high-quality evidence-based tools to guide their management. It is our goal with the publication of this chapter to contribute to this fund of knowledge.

The opening chapter by Luis Capitán and Daniel Simon, Facial Feminization Surgery: A Global Approach, begins this extensive and comprehensive overview of transgender healthcare. The book also speaks about other surgeries common to the transgender patient, such as voice, breast surgery, vaginoplasty, falloplasty as well as other medical treatments involving hormones, adolescents, mental and sexual health, and issues of gender identity.

Técnicas y procedimientos de modificación del óvalo facial. Luis Capitán, Adaia Valls, Carlos Mezquida. In: Jose López Cedrún, ed. Atlas de Procedimientos y Técnicas Quirúrgicas. SECOM (Sociedad Española de Cirugía Oral y Maxilofacial) • In Press

The surgical techniques to recontour and reconstruct the frontonasoorbital complex and recontour the jaw and chin are described step by step, as are secondary procedures in facial feminization, including surgical techniques to redefine the hairline, lip lifts and thyroid cartilage reduction.

Intervenciones quirúrgicas: la Cirugía de Feminización Facial. Luis Capitán, Daniel Simon. In: Mariela Astudillo, ed. La feminización de la voz de la mujer transexual. Almería, España: Editorial Círculo Rojo • May 2016

A complete guide for both patients and therapists that explains all the stages involved in the patient’s transformation, from diagnosis to new surgical feminization techniques, and reviews the anatomy and physiology of the voice and the theoretical bases of the Astudillo Method.