The Research and Development Department at FACIALTEAM is a pioneer worldwide in the field of Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery, laying the foundations in the transgender health discipline. It is the company’s driving force behind the development of new complementary treatments and improvements in facial feminization surgical techniques and approaches, part of our continuous effort to offer our patients the very best service. The goals of the R&D Department are:

  • To develop less invasive surgical approaches
  • To establish protocols for facial feminization surgical procedures
  • To create new diagnostic support tools
  • To implement complementary treatments for facial feminization techniques (associated aesthetic procedures, MICROFEMINIZATION®)
  • To develop new techniques to improve the postoperative experience
  • To develop and implement prospective outcome studies for FFS and FGCS
  • To organize training and teaching events to ensure the efficient dissemination of modern FFS and FGCS concepts

At this time, the R&D Department has a staff of three, and its budget has doubled since it was created in 2015. Heading the Department is Dr. Fermín Capitán Cañadas, Doctor in Biomedicine. Dr. Anabel Sánchez García, also Doctor in Biomedicine, is FACIALTEAM’s scientific adviser and writer. Caroline Sumner, the media archivist, is the most recent addition to the team. Her invaluable work includes cataloguing an image database comprising more than 30,000 images. This documentary collection, which is made up of preoperative, surgical, postoperative, radiological and CT scan images from FFS patients, is one of the largest photographic collections devoted exclusively to transgender patients in the world.

The team collaborates closely with national and international universities and centers with the goal of sharing know-how and experience and, as a result, obtaining innovative quality tools that can be applied to our treatments and, thus, improve the quality of life for our patients.