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Our Center

HC MARBELLA International Hospital

Facialteam works in participation with the prestigious HC MARBELLA INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL in Marbella (Costa del Sol, Spain).

This is an exclusive private hospital with more than 15 years of experience. The institution complies with the Andalusian Public Registry of Health Services and bears the seal of ISO quality and environmental certifications for the management, safety and social responsibility applicable to hospital services. The carefully selected personnel have received sensitivity training so you are sure to be treated with the warmth and respect deserved, up to the smallest detail.

The surroundings, only 200 meters from the sea, transmit a sense of calm and well-being that is essential for your recuperation. The hospital provides a safe, comfortable, healing and private environment for both inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures – an alternative to the traditional surgical experience.

HC Marbella International Hospital guarantees first class medical care in all specialties. The services include:

  • Clinical analysis
  • 24 hour medical assistance
  • Patient care
  • Consultations
  • Pharmacy
  • Day hospital
  • Oncology hospital
  • Ambulatory hospital
  • Medical hospitalization
  • Surgical hospitalization
  • Radiology
  • After care services
  • Department for reanimation
  • Department for diagnosis
  • Department for prevention

For more information: www.hcmarbella.com

Where are we?

The map below will help you get to Facialteam if you are driving or taking public transportation.  More directions on how to find Facialteam are available on Google Maps

FT Map at HC Hospital