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Bensimon with Facialteam

TransHealth Initiative: Dr. Eric Bensimon of Montreal

February 6, 2018
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This workshop series  brings together health professionals in transgender care for a common purpose: advancements in healthcare to improve the quality of life of transgender patients seeking a surgical transition. Facialteam´s directing role aims to raise awareness about the latest approaches to facial feminization within the healthcare sector, therefore increasing visibility of the the needs of transgender women in particular, but also other gender diverse individuals.

History of the TransHealth Initiative

The initiative was proud to have organized two workshops in the inaugural year 2014: Firstly with cofounder of the initiative, Dr. Preecha of Thailand, along with representatives of the Okayama Gender Unit of Japan (focused on Gender Confirmation Surgery) and secondly with Dr. Esben Esther Benestad of Norway to discuss FFS Surgery in relation to sexology. Since, we have welcomed the workshops and observerships by many respected professionals in their corresponding fields, such as Dr. Marci Bowers (Gender Surgeon in California), HiloTherm engineers, Mectron medical instrument inventors, Dr. Stan Monstrey (Gender surgeon in Netherlands), Dr. Jens Berli of OHSU (Gender Surgeon Oregon) and most recently, Dr. Eric Bensimon (gender surgeon in Montreal).

Other TransHealth Initiative news

Coming soon:  Facial feminising webinars as well as onsite courses for medical students and others in transgender healthcare. Stay tuned!