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Lilia’s Livestreams 2021

November 18, 2021
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Lilia’s Livestreams in 2021! See schedules and 2020 recordings below–>

“I have been watching the videos interviews that Lilia Koss has been doing on Youtube and they have been so inspiring. My wife and I especially enjoyed the “One Couple’s Story” interview with D.M. Maynard. Thank you for doing these.” 

Lilia’s livestreams on current topics

“…genuinely, thank you. I want you to know that this video had a profound impact on me…” 

Lilia’s Youtube livestreams interviews and the Instagram “Tea Time” talks are bringing important issues to the table.  The creator, 9 years ago, of a now 3500 member peer group on Facebook was for two reasons: to build a space where we could all support one another and make researching gender affirming services simpler. These Lives events on social media are a way to communicate with our followers, bring professionals together and put a spotlight on all things gender affirming. 

What’s Upcoming on Lilia’s Livestreams?

So much appreciated, listening to your talk feels so uplifting. Thank you so much from Germany.” 

Two on the same day!Facialteam livestream Rhinoplasty

  • Wednesday, 24 November at 10:00 CET – We will speak with Dr. Raúl Bellinga, expert in nose feminization at Facialteam about feminizing rhinoplasties. Click here to activate your YouTube reminder!
  • Wednesday, 24 November at 16:00 CET – In this ninth episode by D.M. Maynard, an educator in New York for over thirty years, we will chat with Corinne Goodwin, Executive Director of @Eastern PA Trans Equity Project.
    Join us to learn how, despite being a busy spouse, father, woman, advocate, friend and business owner,  there are ways you can begin to raise your own voice in advocacy work. Set your reminder on our youtube channel! Set your reminder on our YouTube Channel here.
  • Wednesday, 15 December at 13:00 CET, Dr. Simon will explain what is JAWContour. Afterwards, we will go to Reddit for a Live AMA!

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Interviews with Opinion-leaders on Wednesdays

“Your interviews are doing a great part in clearing up things…Im really grateful for your content.” 

The first of Lilia’s Livestreams took place in mid-April 2020, when she finally gathered the courage to go live on Facebook. She has been working in the field of FFS Surgery since 2008, when she began as a patient coordinator. Since then, she has managed over 50 live events on a myriad of topics with opinion-leaders from around the world. Lilia says, “I’ve always felt like a patient advocate since my work is building relationships based on trust. Issues like trans healthcare access and patient care systems are part of an ethical foundation crucial to my job of interacting with the minority groups in the LGBTIQ+ community.” “I’ve been listening to the community for over a decade, watching how people have gradually become more proactive, connected with one another and hence better informed about all aspects of medical transition. Now I want to help both providers and the community have a voice on the themes that matter today, fostering a deeper understanding among us. And I like to say I’ve hijacked Facialteam’s platform to do this!”


“Great live video, I always appreciate these!”

Here you may review former Lilia’s Livestreams, listed below in reverse chronological order.


  • **Wednesday, 17 November at 16:00 CET** -A special zoominar “How to apply for FFS reimbursement in Sweden,” led by a former patient who speaks from experience with the Swedish public health system. Recording available soon on Youtube.


  • Oct. 20th –How do Simultaneous Hair Transplants (SHT) in facial feminization surgery benefit the final result?
    We spoke with hair transplant surgeon and dermatologist, Dr. Teresa Meyer, an expert in hairline feminization surgery. See the recording here 
  • October 17th – In this eighth episode with D. M. Maynard, we had a chat with Janna Barkin, advocate and author of He’s Always Been My Son: A Mother’s Story About Raising Her Transgender Son.  See it on our youtube channel!  D.M. Maynard’s Reflective Interview Series aims to educate on specific aspects of the journey some family members and teachers may experience alongside a trans or gender expansive individual.


  • Sept 13 – En español con Dr. Meyer sobre trasplantes capilares simultáneas.
  • Sept 29  – D. M. Maynard, an educator in New York for over thirty years, is back with her educational interview series. This 7th episode features partners of trans people, Denise and Paula, who will talk about the new online “The Partner Conference”, that will be celebrated in October.  Activate your reminder on YouTube!

July & August – summer hiatus


  • En español con Facialteam. Habla la coordinadora Beatriz con el cirujano, Dr. Bailón sobre la dinámica en equipo en Facebook. ¡Verlo ahora!
  • Featuring Leah, a trans women in the process of searching for the right center, we have a chat on Youtube! We’ll talk about the misinformation that makes it all the more complicated and Trans Pride of course!
  • Pride Month – The 6th episode of our family-oriented livestreamsReflective Conversations on Gender Transition: An Educational Interview Series with D. M. Maynard.” Titled, A Proud Father of a Trans Son this edition aims to educate and enable the audience to be aware of specific aspects of the journey some parents and family members may experience once they learn their family member needs to transition. This parent will discuss how he navigated the gender transition of his son, addressing the unknowns and grasping for the answers to his own questions. Hear how this all led to his advocacy work in the community as the parent of a trans son.


  • Teatime Takeover with Sarah O’Connell, who interviewed Lilia Koss in our private Facebook Peer Group.  We didn’t know what would happen, but it was informative and fun. Join our group here to see it, published May 26.
  • Dr. Juliá, cirujano especializado en feminización facial. Hablamos en directo en YouTube del camino de una paciente de afirmación de género facial. ¡Verlo aquí!
  • D. M. Maynard interviews Christine, the mother of Kyle, a trans person who transitioned as an adult. Listen to the insight of a mom as her son transitioned as well as her son’s viewpoint on our YouTube Channel


  • Teatime Takeover with Charlie Martin and Pari Roehi on Instagram spoke about the anti-trans bills and rising transphobia, particularly for young trans people in sport. Also, for Mental Health Month, sharing their experience of the psychological strains of transition.  Finally, celebrating the upcoming IDAHOBIT day in May!
  • D. M. Maynard interviewed a couple, Paula & Derek, spoke about the parallel journey of the partner, a trans man, as their loved one transitions and how that lead to becoming an ally and trans advocate of a non-profit in the US.


  • Ley trans estatal

    3 March – EN ESPAÑOL Mar Cambrollé nos ayudó organizar una conversación entre 2 activistas, descontruyendo la situación sobre La Ley Trans Estatal. Con representación de diversas perspectivas: chico trans y persona no-binarie. ¿Por qué necesita esta ley y por qué la igualdad humana sigue siendo un debate? Ver grabación aquí!

  • Dienstag, 23 März um 18 Uhr UTC+1 / 9 Uhr PST  **Deutschsprachiges Webinar mit besonderem Gast @PariRoehi**  Denken Sie über eine geschlechtsangleichende Operation im Gesicht nach und wissen nicht, wo Sie anfangen sollen?  
  • 25 March – It’s the second Teatime Takeover! Talking about very important things as usual, Sarah O’Connell hijacked FT’s Instagram for a LIVE interview with Charlie Martin. Sorry, no recording available but stay tuned for the next Teatime in April!
  • 31 March – Special for #TDOV2021 ! D. M. Maynard’s returned with her thoughtful monthly interview series on gender transition from family, educational and social perspectives with a nonbinary music therapist! The objective was to educate and enable the audience to be aware of the full experience of being a non-binary individual. Julie Lipson is a band member, grant writer and also an activist who works with the trans community via @innerrhythmsmusictherapy, weaving their own non-binary identity into their music for children and adults. They discussed gender transition with the help of music as well as their many advocacy efforts. Watch here! 


  • 24 February – Reflective Conversations on Gender Transition: An Educational Interview Series with D. M. Maynard. “A Mom’s Journey As Her Child Transitions.”  See replay here!
  • 18 February#TeaTimeTalk ! A new monthly LIVE series on our Instagram @facialteam. Fancy enjoying teatime with an international athlete and race car driver @gocharliem from the UK? She had a chat with @PariRoehi in Hollywood about their reflections during LGBT History Month and more.
  • 10 February  – We contrast two generations of outstanding trans activists from two countries: On one hand, Dr. Jamison Green of the USA (Oregon), a pioneer in international trans rights for the last 30 years. On the other hand, Teddy Cook, a driving force since 2012 in advancing trans rights in Australia and beyond. Hear the reflections of two of the world’s most respected voices on how trans visibility has changed and how, unfortunately, it hasn’t, plus TGD healthcare, legal ID access and what they say to the trans exclusionary minority. Replay here!


  • 13 January ¡EN ESPAÑOL!Facial Feminization FAQ with patient coordinator, Beatriz, and Facialteam staff psychologist, Marina…we will address some of the most frequent questions they get from our patients. Ver la grabación aquí
  • 27 January with D. M. Maynard, author and educator helping the partners, parents and families navigate their own journeys as their loved one embarks on the exploration of gender identity. This first interview of a new reflective conversation series brings a couple from Canada, but will focus on the partner of the trans woman, talking about her own journey in parallel to her loved one in transition. Replay here

————-View Livestreams from 2020 here——————- In conclusion, we look forward to connecting with you online soon. Here to hoping that technology works in our favor without delays or glitches. Please invite your friends to livestream with Facialteam and feel free to write us with any suggestions in the future!