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Lilia’s Livestreams 2021 | Almost Weekly Wednesdays!

February 15, 2021
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Lilia’s Livestreams are happening in 2021 too! Schedules and past recordings below–>

Great live video, I always appreciate these!

Lilia’s livestreams on current topics

…genuinely, thank you. I want you to know that this video had a profound impact on me…

Also known as “Almost Weekly Wednesdays,” Lilia’s livestreams are bringing the important issues to the table.  I’m Lilia and my pronouns are she and hers. I created the 3000 member strong Facialteam Peer group on Facebook 8 years ago for two reasons: to create a space where we could all supports one another and also a venue that made researching gender affirming services simpler, since the information overload is overwhelming nowadays.

These Livestreams are a way to communicate our followers need, creating a beacon where all things gender affirming are given a more time and a more visible voice. 

What’s Upcoming on Lilia’s Livestreams?

 ? So much appreciated, listening to your talk feels so uplifting. Thank you so much from Germany.
    • 24 February 16:00 CET / 10:00AM EST – Reflective Conversations on Gender Transition: An Educational Interview Series with D. M. Maynard. To educate and enable the audience to be aware of specific aspects of the journey some parents and family members may experience once they learn their child/family member needs to transition. This parent advocate will discuss how she navigated the gender transition of her child as she was learning more about this topic, addressing the unknowns, and grasping for the answers to her own questions, as well as those of others, all at the same time.


To calculate your local time, we recommend using this time zone converter. Most streams become immediately public on our YouTube channel for viewing at your convenience. However, we do try to schedule so that we may connect with a variety of time zones too, but it’s not always possible!

Where are Lilia’s Livestreams?

Seeing people so passionate about their field, the people they affect and actually putting in the effort, people who seemingly care. That was more motivating than I had anticipated when I clicked this video.

Normally, Lilia’s livestreams takes place on YouTube, but occasionally on any of our other platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook or Reddit.

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Opinion-leader interviews on random Wednesdays

Lilia Livestream Facialteam, Weekly Wednesdays

The first of Lilia’s Livestreams took place in mid-April 2020, when she finally gathered the courage to go live on Facebook. She has been working in the field of FFS Surgery since 2008, when she began as a patient coordinator. Since then, she has managed over 40 live events on a myriad of topics with opinion-leaders from around the world.

Lilia says, “I’ve always felt like a patient advocate since my work is building relationships based on trust. Issues like trans healthcare access and patient care systems are part of an ethical foundation crucial to my job of interacting with the minority groups in the LGBTIQ+ community.”

“I’ve been listening to the community for over a decade, watching how people have gradually become more proactive, connected with one another and hence better informed about all aspects of medical transition. Now I want to help both providers and the community have a voice on the themes that matter today, fostering a deeper understanding among us.”

News & Updates on all topics trans

On Lilia’s Livestreams you’ll hear from and be able to propose questions in real time to experts and icons in different fields of trans healthcare and the community.

The top most popular live of all time was with Dr. William Powers, MD of USA, specialist in HRT in his first of two joint discussions with Facialteam in May 2020.


Here you may review former Lilia’s Livestreams, listed below in reverse chronological order.


  • 10th February  We contrast two generations of outstanding trans activists from two countries: On one hand, Dr. Jamison Green of the USA (Oregon), a pioneer in international trans rights for the last 30 years. On the other hand, Teddy Cook, a driving force since 2012 in advancing trans rights in Australia and beyond. Hear the reflections of two of the world’s most respected voices on how trans visibility has changed and how, unfortunately, it hasn’t, plus TGD healthcare, legal ID access and what they say to the trans exclusionary minority. Replay here!


  • 13 January ¡EN ESPAÑOL!Facial Feminization FAQ with patient coordinator, Beatriz, and Facialteam staff psychologist, Marina…we will address some of the most frequent questions they get from our patients. Ver la grabación aquí
  • 27 January with D. M. Maynard, author and educator helping the partners, parents and families navigate their own journeys as their loved one embarks on the exploration of gender identity. This first interview of a new reflective conversation series brings a couple from Canada, but will focus on the partner of the trans woman, talking about her own journey in parallel to her loved one in transition. Replay here

————-View Livestreams from 2020 here——————-

In conclusion, we look forward to connecting with you online soon. Here to hoping that technology works in our favor without delays or glitches. Please invite your friends to livestream with Facialteam and feel free to write us with any suggestions in the future!