Virtual FFS, a digital simulation


Virtual FFS

What is Virtual Facial Feminization Surgery (VFFS)?

By definition, Virtual FFS consists of digitally simulating specific facial photographs in order to approximate the results of certain FFS Surgery procedures. VFFS is an excellent tool that emulates the potential results of facial feminization procedures using clinical photographs.

Virtual feminisation can depict the differences between having a single procedure or a set of procedures, for example. The different gender-affirming procedures may be shown in progression in order to see how distinct combinations of surgical approaches may affect your individual facial features.

Note: As with all simulations, there is a degree of variability with respect to the actual results obtained with facial gender surgery. Also, the simulations are more representative of long-term results, about 1 year after surgery.

Two main benefits of Virtual FFS

Virtual facial feminization simulations provide two key advantages for the patient considering surgery.

1. Determine the essential procedures

Virtual FFS allows both the patient and surgeon to contemplate procedures that may be of marginal benefit. Virtual facial feminization’s greatest benefit is that it helps you to determine which combination of techniques will have the most impact. Thus, it is often fundamental to determining the optimal surgical plan for you.

Also, VFFS is a tool to help patients understand the changes that bone sculpture techniques can produce in facial gender affirmation surgery.  Likewise, sharing the virtual FFS results with family and partners helps them also see the potential impact of the surgery. With a “preview” of results in hand, we may alleviate some uncertainty about how you will look after surgery–to everyones relief!

2. Adjusting expectations

Many patients initiating their research in facial feminization are not yet aware of the ramifications and limits of facial feminisation surgery. Some have unrealistic expectations of how their features may change.  Others unconsciously believe that the surgery will solve all their life problems, which is impossible.

These erroneous ideas are often clarified when discussing your VFFS, which assists in establishing realistic expectations. This is important since many people are afraid of looking unnatural after cosmetic and plastic surgery.  However, Facial Feminisation Surgery has different objectives and approaches. VFFS helps to illustrate the distinction to people considering facial gender confirmation surgery.

Will I receive a virtual FFS simulation?

  • IN PERSON – Yes, all patients who come to Marbella or Barcelona for a free face-to-face consultation will receive a Virtual FFS, on-screen and/or via email as time and circumstances permit.


  • ONLINE ORIENTATION EVENTS – No, Online Orientation Events currently don’t include this service.


  • SKYPE APPOINTMENTS – No, Skype consultations currently don’t include this service.


Three steps of Facialteam’s Virtual FFS process

If you attend Facialteam´s in-person consultations (which include Virtual FFS), there are three basic steps in the process:

  1. A coordinator takes clinical photos onsite in our professional photo studio.
  1. Based on your facial characteristics and points discussed with the consulting surgeon, a virtual simulation will be created manually by a digital artist.
avoid facial feminization scars
  1. At the end of the in-person consultation, or in a separately organized consultation, you will have time to discuss the potential results based on the VFFS.

This comprehensive approach helps you gain perspective in order to decide among the different procedures.