International FFS Surgery Orientations


Schedule Subject to change. See COVID-Safe Protocol here.

FACIALTEAM offers three meeting options to advance your facial feminisation research: Marbella consultations, video consultations and our international orientations around the globe. These meetings are primordial to your facial gender research. We encourage open, 2-way communication between the patient and the surgeon, key in your decision-making process. For this reason, all our consultations are complete cost-free.

Interested in speaking with us at an International FFS Surgery Orientation?  See the request form below:

 Upcoming International FFS Surgery Orientations 

See the 2020 International FFS Surgery Orientations Schedule below. Due to the global situation, some events have been converted to an ONLINE platform.

FACIALTEAM’s annual international FFS Surgery orientations touch upon 4 different continents around the world each year.  Normally 1-2 day events, they are helpful to people considering facial feminization surgery gain clarity on the treatment options as well as provide tools in their research on the what FFS surgery entails:

Meet the FFS expert
Orientations include detailed 30-minute informative sessions with an FFS surgeon.  In some cases, group seminars are also provided.

Photo Shoot
The clinical-style “preop” photos are taken onsite, precisely according to the specifications for a Virtual FFS digital simulation.  These photos are also valuable for your historical records as well as assessments with other specialists.

Peer Support Group
Benefit from the group support of other attendees researching facial feminisation as well as some former patients available to relate their own personal experiences.  Some stay the day, share opinions and even make new friends.  “It was the first time I met people in the trans community and that was important for me. I’d recommend the orientations to anyone”.

Patient Coordination
Take advantage to get answers to all your queries about logistics, travel etc. with a patient relations coordinator who is there to help.

Depending on the location, there may be representatives from your local trans community association or other services such as makeup/style advisors, microfeminization specialists and hair removal providers to ensure a more complete informational experience.

30 October 2020

Barcelona, Spain

Location: Hotel Primera Primero

Due to the current worldwide situation spaces are very limited.
All consultations are cost-free but advanced registration is required.

Benefit from a personal consultation with a FT surgeon, discuss the details of your virtual simulation and speak with our coordinator about the full FFS surgery experience.

Please request your appointment by email

20 & 23 November 2020

Virtual Australia Consultations

Location: Online

FREE OF CHARGE but registration is required. Space is limited!
What are the benefits of attending?

–Digital simulations of photos offered (ask for instructions).

–Our patient relations coordinator takes the opportunity to ensure all your questions about travelling for FFS surgery are addressed.

–30-minute personal consultation with a team surgeon and receive same-day quote

–The Reservations coordinator will be in contact to answer logistical details by email the same day.


Please fill the form and select “International Orientation

If the schedule is full, please contact us for alternative options.


10 September 2020

Virtual UK Consultations

Location: Online

Due to Covid-19, we have introduced an online orientation event exclusive for the UK and the region.

Our surgeons volunteer their time for these orientations, providing personalised information on facial gender affirming treatment. This private Skype meeting will be a great opportunity to meet the surgeon, the coordinator and get a general overview about FFS online.

22 July 2020*

Montreal, Canada

Location: Online

The virtual orientations format recreates our international events as closely as possible on Skype.

Existing appointments are respected.  Virtual simulations optional.

*Schedule is currently full. Please ask to be placed on the waiting list or for alternative options.

2 June 2020

Stockholm, Sweden

New Virtual Orientations format recreates our international events as closely as possible!

Existing appointments are respected.  Virtual simulations optional.

5 June 2020

New York, NY (USA)

New Virtual Orientations format recreates our international events as closely as possible!

Existing appointments are respected.  Virtual simulations optional.

14 May 2020

Brussels, Belgium

Location: SKYPE ONLY

Meeting with the FFS specialist, with option of virtual simulation.

12 May 2020

Berlin, Germany

Location: SKYPE ONLY

Meeting online with the FFS specialist with optional virtual simulation.

12 March 2020

London, United Kingdom

FULLY BOOKED – request waiting list via email.  Location: Hilton Paddington

Dr. Luis Capitán, FACIALTEAM Director & Dr. Raúl Bellinga, FFS Specialist Surgeon

Includes peer group chat, logistical advice and complimentary photo session plus a meeting with the FFS specialist and Alexandra of Virtual FFS.

16 January 2020

Rome, Italy

FULLY BOOKED – request waiting list via email. 

Location: La Griffe Roma – McGallery Dr. Javier Gutiérrez, FACIALTEAM FFS Specialist.

Includes peer group chat, orientation with a comprehensive care coordinator and complimentary photo session plus meeting with the FFS specialist and Alexandra of Virtual FFS.

15 October 2019 – TBA 2021

Paris, France: FFS Surgery Orientations

Includes peer group chat and complimentary photo session.

Location: TBC