Regardless of gender, every single patient has a unique facial structure.

That means that our surgical plans are always entirely adapted to the patient’s personal objectives, while staying within realistic and safe parameters.

To find out the FFS price in your case, the first step is to meet with a FFS specialist.

An orientation with the facial gender specialist will begin with a discussion of your needs and objectives. This helps us to establish the most essential procedures (if any) as well as other surgical options that might be beneficial for you.

The discussion will be focused on finding the optimal approach in your specific case.
We always aim to adapt procedures to be as aggressive or subtle as safely possible while respecting the overall balance of your facial features.

What is the cost of a facial feminization surgery consultation?

Facialteam has never charged patients for any of their FFS consultations throughout the entire facial feminization process.

That’s regardless of whether they take place in person or over Skype.

How much does Facial Feminization Surgery cost?

When deciding who to trust with your FFS surgery, cost is, of course, an important factor.

However, it’s not the only deciding factor, as there are many key elements involved in choosing the right surgeon for you. Franches, a former FT patient, discussed this point in her guest column.

We know that, for many people, FFS cost will always play a significant role in your decision making process. That’s why our priority is to help you become as well informed as possible when deciding on the facial feminization procedures that are right for you.

After a conversation with the gender affirming specialist, you’re sent a personalised evaluation by email which details the Facialteam FFS cost, specifying all the services included and any options in your case.
We want to make sure there are no surprises at any point when it comes to cost.

Types of FFS Consultation with Facialteam

We offer consultations at our base in Marbella and have often provided international consultations around the world. However, we can also offer consultations via Skype so you can speak to one of our specialists from the comfort of your own home.

Over the course of your journey, you may (and should) have multiple consultations. This is just the beginning of a conversation about you!

I´m here to answer any and all of your initial enquiries regarding the ideal appointment options for you.  In the meantime, I encourage you to join our Facebook group, a community of 3000 people around the world who are both researching or sharing their facial feminisation stories. 

Kind Regards,

Carmen Benítez, Patient Relations

Facialteam Videos – Consultations and Orientations

We’ve created a wide range of videos introducing you to our specialists and the staff you’ll be interacting with.

There are also videos to give you an insight into our consultations in Marbella and all over the world, so that you know exactly what to expect, depending on the option you choose.

Worried about travel during covid? The team implemented a strict covid-safe protocol in June 2020, since which we are very pleased to report a 0% incidence of virus transmission in neither patients nor staff.

?FAQs – Facial Feminization Costs

What FFS payment forms are accepted?

You will need to pay a deposit to book your FFS surgery. The outstanding amount should be paid a minimum of two weeks before surgery.

Booking payments are accepted via Visa, MC or bank transfer. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash payments.

Is there a FFS Surgery cancellation policy?

Our rescheduling and cancellation policy is laid out in every quote.

If you’d like to know about the options in advance, your coordinator will be happy to help.

Are payment plans for facial feminization surgery costs available?

At the moment, payment plans via financing are only available for Spanish residents.

Speak to the bookings coordinator to find out what the options are in your case.

Facialteam Cost and Insurance Reimbursement

Insurance coverage of FFS is increasingly available in certain countries, but normally does not permit “out-of-network” reimbursement. That includes providers in external countries.

Unfortunately, up to now there have been very few cases where European patients have been able to obtain financial assistance from public health services for their FFS.

Facialteam is working hard on scientific research to establish FFS as an essential, necessary element of gender affirming healthcare to be included in insurance coverage in the future.

Our surgeons are part of the WPATH 8th Edition Standards of Care Revision Committee for the surgical chapter. This aims to give Facial Gender Surgery the importance it deserves as an effective and predictable gender transition healthcare option.

This will help communicate the value of FFS Surgery to medical insurance companies in future.

How do people save funds for facial feminization surgery?

We’re very aware that it’s not easy to get together the money for gender transition surgery, especially when factoring in travel and time needed off work.

We’re amazed by the perseverance of so many of our patients who save every penny possible for the more expensive aspects of gender transition.

It’s humbling to speak to those who have lived frugally for many years, sold assets, crowd-funded, worked second and third jobs, taken out loans, mortgaged homes, spent their inheritance and more in order to have facial feminization.

That’s why, when in Marbella, you’re always treated like the VIP you are. You deserve it!