Facial Gender Symposium

International Facial Gender Symposium

Announcing the First Annual International Facial Gender Symposium (IFGS) in Baltimore, USA on July 26-27, 2019. This groundbreaking educational symposium is designed to address the lack of structured academic programs addressing this emerging field of craniofacial plastic surgery.

The International Facial Gender Symposium is an immersive 2 day program, with lectures, discussion panels, Q&A sessions, and an all-day cadaver lab.  It is hosted by the Center for Transgender Health of the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital in collaboration with FACIALTEAM Training & Education. In addition, professional networking takes place after the didactic session to encourage thoughtful discussion and innovation in the field. Invited expert speakers from Europe are featured in addition to other leading academic programs and specialists in gender affirming facial surgery from the United States.

Who may attend the International Facial Gender Symposium?

Specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery, reconstructive and plastic surgery, ENT surgeons and any healthcare professional with experience working in the field of gender identity are welcome.

For more information, please visit www.facialgendersymposium.com or email us at info@internationalfgs.com.

Int'l Facial Gender Symposium